Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leucadia Nights & Howl O' Ween this weekend: Sat Oct 30th

Don't stay home this Saturday night! Dress up the family dog in a silly costume and come on down to funky downtown Leucadia.

How it works:
- Owners pay a $5 entrance fee.
- Entry fees are donated in total to Rancho Coastal Humane Society.
- People parade their pets between the participating businesses, which will be judges for the contest.
- Owners and their pets meet at 7:30 pm at Grateful Dog, the contest sponsor, to tally up and determine the winners. Grateful Dog is donating prizes for First, Second and Third Place winners!

Entry forms and pet "trick or treat" bags are available Oct. 16th through the night of the event at the following locations:

- Grateful Dog, 802 N. Coast Hwy 101, 760-943-WOOF
- Embellishments, 466 N. Coast Hwy 101, 760-633-1440
- Leucadia 101 Main Street, 386 N. Coast Hwy 101, 760-436-2320.
(Please call each business for their hours of operation.)


  1. NEW LIGHT - Review this new comprehensive study from Berkeley on our PENSION PROBLEMS.

  2. Is Dalager going to be there as "Dirty Dog Dan"?

  3. My son asked me about Dalager tonight.

    He is 16 and is a student at San Dieguito Academy, he has heard that Dan is in some sort of trouble and he asked me what it was all about.

    So we role played.

    I said to him Seth, you’re a land owner and you have a hotel and restaurant project proposed for your land that is coming before the city council in two weeks.

    You need to get three of their five votes in order for the project to go through. Remember, you and your team have worked on this project for over a year and you have 5 partners with families of their own in this project.

    The Mayor comes up to you on a Tuesday afternoon while you are having coffee with a coworker and says “Seth, I work for a bank in downtown Encinitas and I sure would appreciate it greatly if you would consider opening an account there.

    What do you do Seth?

    His answer was that you open a bank account, because that is not illegal and it will help you get a crucial vote that you need to get the project that you and your partners worked hard for approved.

    I told him that when he opened a bank account, Dan got a commission, did that change his mind?

    He said no, what he is doing is legal and will help his project. He added that what Dan was doing was lower than dog shit and he should be arrested and sent to jail.
    I said, Seth do you understand the issue now.
    “Totally” was his answer.

    I did not feel the need to go into the other issues.

    Dan, this is a San Dieguito Academy kid that understands it wrong to do what you are doing. You’re an alumni for Christ sakes, this is the lesson you want our kids to learn?

    Step down.

  4. I'm looking for a Scary mask can anyone tell me where I can get a Dalager mask as I can't think of anything more scary than Dalager on the council again.

  5. Ok people, enough! Clearly, the bank hired a knife-sharpening guy like Dan specifically for his knife-sharpening skills. The fact that he is mayor is trivial.

  6. I read the New light BS. I have been employed by both. Government pays more and is a cake walk. I was in private sector for 15 years and gladly took the plunge into public sector. Now I have no accountability, I go to every seminar out there, and I only work on what I want to work on if I want to do anything at all. Some days I just shoot the shit with all the other employees who could also care less about getting anything done. Its not like there is any projects or new developments to work on anyway. Plus at the end of my 30 years of watching the clock I will continue receiving full pay for the rest of my life. Public Sector is a cake walk. I recommend it to all you suckers working in the private sector. The only challenge is learning how to fill a day surrounded by the dullest people in the world with negative motivation. I adapted, you can too.

  7. Anon 8:45

    I hate to say this to you, but, you sound like a piece of shit employee whether you worked for the private or public sector.

    Employees like you need to be fired no matter what sector you belong too.

    I don't care if your making $5 or $50 dollars an hour. A loser is a loser...

  8. Peel yourself away from the computer screen and enjoy Leucadia on Sat night. Rejoice because after Gaspar wins her city council seat you can kiss the streetscape goodbye as all city money is shifted to the hall park.

  9. 9:45pm-

    Who cares what you say. I have my cake job and my 100% retirement in a few years. All thanks to you taxpayers.

    Thanks and have a great day. I think I will call in sick today and go to the beach!

  10. If anyone sees a tree costume at the Haloween in Leucadia party, will you please let me know where I can get one, or how I might make one. I want to be a tree in the Holiday Parade. I know-but I do. I also want to decorate my car with some kind of wash off paint and hopefully persuade some of our wonderful artists to help me paint it with a beautiful ocean scene with all the wonderful people who live here. You can e-mail me at: lgreene98@aol.com if you will help. Since my e-mail seems to be public knowledge at this time, thanks to Gaspar and Dalager's campaign, help yourselves to it:) I really do need the help though so please, I am not an artist. But would love to show off the art of the amazing people we have in this community. I am afraid that I cannot pay you No money in the City budget for it,

  11. Cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Del Mar have all oppossed the dirty oil proposition 23.


    Q. What's missing in the middle here?

    A. City of Encinitas.

    The oil "slick wall of sausage" AKA dan/jerome/jim will not agendize this issue.

    Soccer moms and little league moms all support clean energy and should know that he the three guys don't.

    It's a shame that he three guys want to keep us dependent on oil and pollute our future.

  12. Yes on 23!! The job you save WILL be your own!!!!

  13. NO on 23
    The planet you save may be your own.

  14. The planet will be just fine without you trying to save it every day, Al Gore!!

  15. If it's Brown ...flush it.

  16. pro·pri·e·ty/prəˈprīətē/Noun

    to: 2:03> and all those who bogarted the Leucadia Nights/Howl O' Ween info.

    FAIL !!

    conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners. 2. appropriateness to the purpose or circumstances;

    Take a break will ya? Get out and enjoy our fair City on the 30th....while you can.

  17. I'm not worried about enjoying our fair city now Gaspar told me the best is yet to come.


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