Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Message Delivered

The press conference was very interesting. There were at least 100 people and the three papers were there and 10News.


  1. 100 people out of 60.000. 20 of them from this blog. Get the word out. The lynch mob is out for justice. Run Dan Run... Hey guess what? Anon is back. Let the hounds loose. Run Dan Run. LL

  2. I don't know one person in that crowd, but they all look like they're from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Everybody, RUN!!

  3. As predicted, the whiners, grumblers and nay-sayers sat home with Homer, cracked a beer, and opened the season on their neighbors, offering nothing but ad hominen attacks. So much for democracy, debate and life without TV. Anon, LL and Meathead, you deserve the YAWN! There was more energy in the gathering than you will ever experience. Must be hard livin' large as a D battery.

  4. Looks like a good turnout.

    Is that a picture of "the kitchen" I see there!?!

  5. How do you know where I was tonight? I was in the crowd for about 10 minutes. That's all I needed to see. Same bullshit. Nothing new. You seem to be the whinners and grumblers going after your neighbors. You have no tolerance for anybody who doesn't share your view. I'd rather be a goat instead of a sheep. I don't need a shepherd. I will decide what's good for my children, not a mob out for justice. LL

  6. And the best part was Maggie pacing the parking lot frantically calling people to show up. She is the chief nut in town and yet her followers would drink her cool-aid in a minute. I say drink up and let's raise the intelligence level in Encinitas.

  7. Unfortunately when you are going to have a thing like this at 5PM many of us can not come. I work and I do not get off at 5PM even if I want to. If you are going to do something like this, please have it when more of us can arrive. I know it may not always be before a Council meeting but you may have more show up.

  8. This staged political event and its mean-spirited attack on Dan Dalager will backfire due to the inherent hypocrisy. While Mayor Dan Dalager has been accused of FPPC violations by people who are his political opponents, Deputy Mayor Maggie Houlihan was actually FOUND GUILTY of violating FPPC reporting rules by the FPPC, yet nobody asks her to "step down" or resign!!! Explain that if you can; further,more corruption dirt on Houlihan is coming soon, and I bet your fake group will ignore it as well...
    What a crock!!!

  9. Wow. The defenders of the junta are coming out of the woodwork.

    I hope that's a sign they know they're losing.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. News links here from U-T, NCT, and 10 News. There's video at the 10 News link.

    Sounds like pretty good turnout, enthusiasm, deep and wide factual basis, and good coverage, to me. Not the same picture you get from the naysayers on this blog.

    So Houlihan and Barth and Kranz aren't perfect. That doesn't mean you excuse obvious, widespread corruption.

  12. Posewr Loser- You are no Leucadian. Your just a Loser. 60,000 but 33% of those according to Gaspar are children and are in school.

    Of the other 40,000. 20 thousand are in shock at the corruption at City Hall and are vegetables. The remaining 20,000 were at work so they can continue paying their mortgages and taxes and enabling the slackers at City Hall can get paid and enjoy their huge pensions.

    Move to Bell if you like corrupt City Governments. We are tired of it.LL


    Dan can't reply because he knows every viewer can see the alligations are true. He can not defend his corrupt actions.

    He can not defend spiking his own pension along with every other employee and councilmember 40% and giving all employees 14% raises in 2005 costing tax payers hundreds of millions in the future. He screwed our Kids, Grandkids, and future generations to come.

    Step down Duke Dalager. Go take a seat next to your mentor Duke Cunningham.LL

  14. The last speaker who claimed to be some type of accountant talked about pensions. His presentation was full of lies and embellishments to make some kind of point. Because of his poor presentation it cast doubt on what everyone said. Lose the loser in future presentations. Get someone that either knows his material or at least wont give out bad information. This presumes that the guy wasn't purposely trying to mislead the crowd. I know I wouldn't invest or be involved in anything his company does financially.

  15. These are the citizens who are aware of the realities of the political situation in Encinitas and care enough to demonstrate their concern. Gaspar and Dalager are poor choices for city council; Dalager is proven to be corrupt by his actions. Is he the best that the community can muster??? I don't believe so. Gaspar needs to bake cookies and forget trying to play politics - she is not well informed enough to serve the greater community. She will only do what Stocks tells her to do - no independence.

  16. The Dalager supporters are and will offer name calling and diversion.
    They will not and can not dispute the issues addressed at this citizen's protest.
    Dalager has shown that his vote can be influenced, there is little open government in Encinitas, he is backed by developers, he has not addressed complaints, he has sent out political fliers that are misleading and untrue.
    Even Gaspar admits that their joint mailing is not factual and says she did not review the information on her own political hit piece. This further indicates she is a pawn for the group that wants to maintain the strangle hold on Encinitas government.
    Support open and ethical government. Vote for Barth and Krantz.

  17. 7:01,

    Is that you, Judith Bumann?

    He had the facts and you didn't.

    Anyone who denies there's a pension problem is either a pension beneficiary or an idiot.

  18. Anon 12:59 has his [or her] facts wrong. First, the allegations against Dalager didn't come from his many [and growing] detractors, but from the Union Tribune. The Union Tribune has supported Dalager in the past and currently supports Gaspar. So why would they not support Dalager ? Read their editorial of 10-1 where they didn't support Dalager because they found "ethical lapses" "troubling".
    As far as Houlihan is concerned, I believe her problems were with how her campaign donation list identified the occupation of the person listed. Hardly taking heavily discounted appliances from someone with matters before the Council, failing to report the transaction and failing to recuse himself when the matter came up. Oh, and then there is the $100,000 loan. Houlihan's screwup is not comparable to Dalagers in any way and the poster obviously knows that.

  19. I don't see any pitch forks or flaming torches. I doubt anyone at city hall gives a (yawn) damn.

    They know their pensions and salaries are secure. They are laughing at you.

    Better get really angry if you want results.

  20. I have one of those businesses that Harry Henry misrepresented on Maggie's hit piece last election. Talk about a crock. His multi-page complaint to the DA was the biggest waste of time Bonnie could involve herself with - if she even bothered. I'd put my name, but it would just give him a new cause to destroy another local who doesn't agree with him! With neighbors like Harry, who needs the antichrist?

  21. anon 7:01,

    Charlie did his homework and when questioned he was even able to cite the bloody page numbers where the information could be found!!!

    So, what do you think was incorrect in his presentation?

  22. I heard someone in the audience was taking pictures (on their phone) and listing those in attendence.

    I also heard their selecting individuals to background and report out on to the public and their employer.

  23. big deal. Like Encinitas has any big brother authority. what a joke. I will start taking pictures of a the slacker City Employees sitting at bars and taking long lunches and coming into work at 10am and leaving at 3:30PM. Pathetic. You want to play. Get ready to pay. Bitch.

  24. I lurk because it's funny. But what I've noticed is that it's the fourteen crazy Leucadians that post and attack the outsider that presents an opinion unlike their own crazy opinion.

    Leucadia bloggers are like Joy and Whoopi screaming and whining when O'Reilly takes a seat at their stage.

    Oh yes, and 10 news showing two of the craziest Encinitas residents taking up their cause against Dalager at Council doesn't help the cause. In my lurking opinion, it probably hurts the cause.

    Either way, keep it up. This is entertaining.

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