Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Press Conference
Addressing Ethics Violations and Wasteful Practices at City Hall

Meeting at
Encinitas City Hall
505 S. Vulcan Ave, Encinitas CA 92024
OCTOBER 13th, 2O1O
5:00 -6:00 PM


DANNY DALAGER HAS NOT ADDRESSED HIS VIOLATIONS  … Danny’s campaign sent a large campaign postcard to Encinitas households proclaiming “You deserve a full, impartial accounting of these matters.”  Unfortunately he has not addressed his ethical lapses or disputed their validity.  Furthermore he has failed to open his records, emails, kitchen, appliances or the terms of his $100,000 loans to public scrutiny.

Absentee ballots, which account for 40% of this year’s vote, were mailed to voters last week and are being cast.  The timely accounting which we all deserve has not occurred and the voters need to understand this.  We must act now!

Encinitas mayor got appliance deal,  Store owner had an issue before the council, but mayor says the transaction was unrelated.  San Diego Union Tribune, August 24, 2010

“Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager accepted a set of kitchen appliances “darn close to free“ and then sided with the store owner in a dispute with the city, The Watchdog has learned.”

Read the whole article at: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/aug/24/encinitas-mayor-got-kitchen-deal/

Encinitas mayor didn't report $100,000 loan,  On developer fee issue, Dalager sided with the person who loaned him the money.  San Diego Union Tribune, September 8, 2010

“Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager borrowed $100,000 from a resident (local developer Dan Shelley) in 2007 and then voted to cut fees for a housing project after (Shelley) testified in favor of lowering the payment, The Watchdog has learned. …

Three months after borrowing the money, Dalager cast the only vote to allow a builder to avoid $225,380 in development fees.
The council majority was unswayed; it rejected the fee-reduction plan 4-1, with Dalager opposed. …

…the mayor abruptly ended the interview when he was asked about his vote to reduce the fees following Shelley’s testimony.
“I don’t have too much of a memory of this. I’m going to have to go down and check on those records,” Dalager said just before hanging up a telephone. “I don’t want to talk anymore.””

Read the whole article at: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/sep/08/encinitas-mayor-took-undisclosed-loan/
Two question Encinitas mayor's bank role, One complaint to state says he strong-armed potential clients using city post.  San Diego Union Tribune, September 11, 2010

“State officials confirmed this week that they opened an investigation into Dalager after The Watchdog reported that he purchased deeply discounted kitchen appliances from a constituent and later voted in the store owner’s favor in a long-running dispute that landed before the City Council in February. …

In a follow-up story, The Watchdog reported on Thursday that Dalager failed to disclose a $100,000 personal loan from a longtime Encinitas resident who received Dalager’s support of a reduction in city fees on a proposed development.”

… complaints (were) filed against Dalager under the California Public Records Act… (alleging) Dalager uses his elected office to solicit business for California Community Bank, an Escondido-based lender that retains the mayor as a consultant. Another alleges he failed to disclose his consulting work until last month.”

Read the whole article at: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/sep/11/encinitas-mayor-solicited-bank-business/

DANNY’S ETHICS VIOLATIONS ARE THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG …  Our Mayor, Dan Dalager, has shown us the tip of the iceberg of corruption at the “pay for play” City Hall.

Do you know Mayor Dalager has not fulfilled his promise to explain his trading votes for gifts?

Do you know city officials delete their emails and label reports as “draft” to avoid public scrutiny?

Do you know citizens cannot put an issue on the City Council agenda without the agreement of at least three council members?

Do you know the City’s Director of Parks & Recreation makes $162,000 and will enjoy a pension worth millions?

Do you know city employees can spike their last year’s earning using vacation pay to raise their pension earnings?

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT in getting these issues addressed… Come learn more about these violations and abnormalities at City Hall.  Show the city that you care.
See you there.  It’ll be an hour well spent.

“We in America do not have government by the majority.
We have government by the majority who participate.”

.                                                         Thomas Jefferson

Bruce Ehlers


  1. I applaud your continued work detailing Dalager's wrongdoings. Couple quibbles:

    1. The $162,000 salary for the City’s Director of Parks & Recreation seems to be sufficiently in-line with other SoCal cities. (the pension is a separate issue already addressed)

    2. I urge you to exclude any claims (or even insinuations) of developer deals, cronyism, "tip of iceberg", etc. that lack solid documentation. Accusations without evidence weaken the case.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Anything interesting happen at the candidate forum tonight?

  3. The final statements were telling:
    (in order of appearance):

    Tony: he wants the job, and he's not afraid to call BS on the city staff. He also called BS on that slimy flyer of innuendo that excluded him as even being an Encinitas candidate. You know the one I'm talking about.

    Kristen: a master of multi syllable catch phrases, feel good metaphors, and did you know she's a Mother of Three? We only had to hear it ten times. She knows how to answer a question by NOT answering a question. You don't need a degree in Communications to spew that kind of trifle-talk.

    Dan: candy coated hokum, again and again..."We're so blessed"..."It's a blessing", and "Thank the Lord".

    Teresa: she has class, and exhibits a willingness to learn and get informed. And she wasn't afraid to call BS on that silly flyer, either. "Sure, Dan only spent $81.00 dollars...that oughta tell you how involved HE is"...which was met with much applause.

    Teresa: A
    Tony: A
    Dan: D
    Kristen: F

  4. The $162,000 salary for the City’s Director of Parks & Recreation seems to be sufficiently in-line with other SoCal cities.

    And totally out of line with private sector pay for a small director of a small group without highly specialized training.

    Just because other cities overpay their bureaucrats doesn't mean we should too. Hire a competent manager from private enterprise at $90,000 and they will do twice the job.

    The master's degrees in "public administration" are a complete scam and meant only to make ordinary bureaucrats appear to have some qualification that private sector people don't.

  5. Hire a competent manager from private enterprise at $90,000 and they will do twice the job.
    No, they'd do half the job (I can make crap up, too).

    This is not an example of financial mismanagement.

  6. Mary Fleener summed up tonight's forum perfectly.

    It was fun to see Kristin squirm when Teresa and Tony called her out on that "slimy" mailer. That was the only time she forgot to wear her smile.

    Teresa has facts at her fingertips, is well versed in the issues, offers solutions and has enthusiasm for continued learning. Most of her campaign money comes from individuals within the city. In contrast most of Kristin's campaign money comes from groups outside the city, which she arrogantly claimed to be proud of (since she has so much support) never once considering the phrase "conflict of interest."

    Tony has done his research, answered all questions directly and free of meaningless feel good platitudes.

    Kristin would make an excellent sportscaster.

    Poor Dan, seemed to know he was done. He even seemed bored by the "lived here his whole life" speech.

  7. thanks for the update. The blog comments are more real than the propaganda news anyway. too bad the blog masters are stifling comments by making more difficult to post by having the ridiculous sign in.

    Were kristen's babies there or with there nanny again? they better get used to it with a Mom like that.

    Kristen better start putting money in a fund for the childrens psychiatrists. Then the kids will have someone to talk with and listen to their concerns as they grow older. She obviously wont be there for them, being superwomen and all.

    Babies we don't need to care for no stinking babies. That's what nannies are for!

    I already mailed in my ballot on Monday. Tony and Teresa all the way.

    The election will be interesting. We will see the percentage of informed citizens, verses the uninformed citizens. I hope there is more informed, but we'll see.

    Get the word out to 5 people that can vote. Only 15,000 people vote in in Encinitas, so each vote counts.

  8. "The $162,000 salary for the City’s Director of Parks & Recreation."

    Are you kidding? that job is almost as easy as being a firemen. Please.

    This is a perfect example of our Government's mismanagement.

    Whats the qualifications for that position? Oh never mind, I found them on the City's website. they are as follows:

    How many live trees can you direct your vendors to cut down in one week?

    How many dead trees can you leave standing in one year?

    How many times can you ignore the planning commission recommendations and not care what right or wrong?

    How much would you enjoy sitting on Councilmember Stocks and Dalager's lap while having them spoon feed every action you take every day?

    Are you OK with consistently doing the wrong thing if the majority of councilmembers wants you to do the wrong thing?

    If you answer correctly to the above questions, you could easily do the job.

    I am surprised they haven't created a City positions for Mike Andreen. He would jump at the chance to sit on Stocks and Dalagers lap and be spoon fed.

    Looks like Gaspars up to the task as well.

  9. Yeah, $162k is way out of touch. Along with the lack of tangible skills required to fill these jobs, look at the easy hours and job security that come along with them.

    Last week I happened upon a large auditorium of people taking a test for the San Diego Harbor Authority. At least 500 people, for 4 positions. You are overpaying when that many people turn up. I went to the website... I couldn't find details on that job but I see they're hiring interns for $10-$14 per hour. $14 for an intern? Yes... if it's the government.

    But who cares?!? It's your kids money they are spending. Taxes aren't covering.

  10. Dalager must have the Midas touch to be able to pay off a $100,000 loan in only two short years. Maybe he shouldn't be booted out of office if he can perform similar financial miracles for the city of Encinitas.

  11. If he had the midas touch, he wouldn't have had to sell his soul to the developer for $100k. The man ran a well functioning business given to him by his dad to the ground. the lawnmower shop in Leucadia is thriving.

    Dalager will do the same thing to Encintas. Run it to the ground.

    He has no financial capabilities.

  12. Who said the 100k was ever repaid. I have seen no proof. More likely it was gifted from the developer for past and future favors regarding zoning.

    Dalager is bad for your kids future.

  13. I wasn't transparent enough in conveying my incredulousness of Dalager's miraculous ability to pay of his loan so quickly. To be more direct, how did he repay the loan so quickly? Is there a paper trail proving a legitimate repayment of the $100,000.

  14. I read somewhere that he refinanced his house to pay the loan.

    Good American. Use the old homestead ATM.

  15. If Dan did a cash-out refinance in 2007 at the peak, he's probably way underwater and facing huge mortgage payments.

    Maybe that explains the motive for the dirty dealings.

    Anybody on here in the real estate business who can look up the loans on the property?

  16. so how was the press turn out. Should we watch any specific channels. Tell us the raw details. The news always taints the issue.

    I am waiting to hear from Mary F.

    She gives the best reports.

  17. Did you see the Bumann woman asking questions at the end? She didn't have any facts, but she was quite vehement and that there wasn't any problem with the pensions and that city workers already paid for their own pensions.

    Are the Bumanns in the unions, or are they just defending pensions because Dan is their buddy?


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