Monday, October 11, 2010



ENCINITAS- Our Mayor, Dan Dalager, has shown us the tip of the iceberg of corruption at the “pay for play” City Hall.   

LB COMMENT: Dalager bro-deals are an institution. 

Documents show that salaries are inflated, fiscal mismanagement is rampant, pensions are unsustainable and state laws are being violated.

·            Do you know Mayor Dalager has not fulfilled his promise to explain his trading votes for gifts?
·            Do you know city officials delete their emails and label reports as “draft” to avoid public scrutiny?

 LB Comment: Kevin C has been hounding this for years.

·            Do you know citizens cannot put an issue on the City Council agenda without the agreement of at least three council members?

LB Comment: Its on the agenda Wednesday!

·            Do you know the City’s Director of Parks & Recreation makes $162,000 and will enjoy a pension worth millions?
·            Do you know city employees can spike their last year’s earning using vacation pay to raise their pension earnings?

Come learn the facts about these issues and other questionable actions and tactics, before you vote.

Encinitas residents will no longer tolerate corrupt practices and city officials must be held accountable.

Concerned community members to hold press conference at
City Hall
505 S. Vulcan,
Encinitas, CA 92024
Wednesday, October 13th at 5 p.m. just before the regular City Council meeting.


  1. This is the BIG NEWS? This is all you got? I hope there is more than this on the so called corruption at City Hall. We have seen all of this already and nothing has stuck to the wall yet. Why will it make a difference now? LL

  2. Hazeltine making $162,000 plus a pension in excess of $4,000,000 all the the public dime! If you don't call that corruption, I don't know what is?!!!!LL

  3. Yeah, I agree. $162k is a lot of money for a public employee. Pension is crazy. Have a look around at what the rest of the world earns...

  4. Most people don't make $162,000 for a cake job with some pissy degree. And most people aren't handed $4,000,000 dollars in bonuses pension. Anyone who thinks this is acceptable is a public employee or a union who makes their living off siphoning public tax dollars.

    Either way its criminal!!!

    Throw Duke Dalager in jail next to his big brother Brother Duke Cunningham.


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