Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Patch is Launched



  1. WTF is this nonsense???

  2. Good job, Teresa.

    Creepy that Jerome Stocks was a contributor and Dan the first interviewed. He has such arrogance for no apparent reason. Love the last bit when asked if he has a job, ". . . One of these days I'm going to have to get an honest job . . ."

  3. Don't forget to leave comments on the dalager/gaspar campaign.

  4. FYI - I had the city website tuned in for an hour before the start of the city council meeting and the audio was on the whole time....could hear some people talking about "pensions, benefits, won't spend any money on dogs, UT and the Watchdog," and someone that sounded exactly like Dalager making some very interesting comments! Is the audio recorded?

  5. Dear EncinitasGoofBuster,
    We are not going to embed your crappy videos anymore if you keep impersonating people, thus killing your views. If you want to gravytrain our web traffic then you need to chill out. Nobody cares about poor nazi boy with his sad face and his broken destroy America sign. Your profile says you are 55 years old.

  6. Here is a tidbit for the news. I just came back from the last Encinitas City Council meeting before the election. Tony Kranz was there as he usually is but there was not sign of Kristin Gaspar. I am sure someone will correct me, but understand she has not been at the last few meeting or ever as far as I know. I also heard that she did not attend any of the General Plan disusssion meetings. I am wondering if she knows this is the City Council she running for. I would think that she would show a modicum of interest if just for the publicity. I know this is a small thing but sometimes the small things are the most telling. She demonstrated a lack of information at the forums and now I see why. Uninformed, uninterested and unqualified....another one nailed by her own actions.

  7. It's not a small thing. Gaspar was not at the council meeting last night and has not appeared there in some time. Is she really this disinterested? Or is she ashamed to show her face?

  8. hey leucadia blog,

    this is goofbuster.

    i know the posts you are talking about. that was not me.

    i'm the guy busting people for making accusations without proof. though i admit, i thought the kranz impressions were funny.

    i'll post this so you know this is the real GOOFBUSTER.

    Goofbuster is a patented trade mark of goofbuster enterprises and plantations estates.

  9. From the real Teresa Barth.

    LB...please take down the fake Teresa Barth post from October 29 1:39am

  10. I will take your word for it Goofy.

    Dear Good 'ol Boys, please stop imping people in the comments section. You are only hurting yourself.


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