Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Press Conference Clips Part I and II: Dalager Ethics Violations and Open Gov

Part III on pensions and finance can be seen on the ETA blog.
You can go through years of open government posts on the ETA website here.


  1. Dalager is now and has always been, unfit for office. He should have been thrown out of office; instead he thinks he can pull off a third term by ignoring his transgressions.
    Gaspar is a Trojan Horse, rolled in to take Dlager's position should he fail in his bid for a third term. She is inexperienced and unqualified for city council; she obviously will be taking her marching orders by the secret kabal.
    Will Encinitas continue in the disasterous path it has been on with the Stocks, Bond and Dalager power grab - or will we elect independents that listen to the community?? Dump Dalager and goose Gaspar.

  2. Who is this guy Andrew Audet? My guess is that he has lived in the city for less than a year and he either a.) was denied by the city for something he wanted (development permit, business license ?) and/or b.) is raising his community presence in order to run for office in two years. I consider myself an ethical person, but come on, is newbe Andrew Audet really that worked up about Dalager’s yet-to-be-proven ethics violations?

  3. just looked at andrew audet's three websites: encinitascitizens united, saveelcaminoreal, and encinitasethics...I think he is a paid elecioneer...what's in it for him?

  4. sorry 152,

    You've not spent enough time at city hall. Audet has been around for years and he's seen what kind of BS happens in the planning department.

    Look in the city's public documents which are super easy to search. He must be in the minutes of dozens of meetings.

  5. thanks 2:03. I stand corrected. I am happy to read that Andrew has paid his dues and done his homework. I was thrown off by the thick bostonian accent.

  6. Men in suits always have an angle to play. What's his profession? Is he going to run against Stocks in two years? LL

  7. The truth about Audet will come out soon.

    What's the old saying; Those in glass houses shouldn't throw shit...

  8. First of all why is a pensioned LA Firefighter and trust funder commenting on a running a business? He needs to work on his English instead of playing so much guitar! Another meathead Krantz type 'big guy' bully.

  9. Love the liberal elite attorney with the choppers. So entitled the enforce change on her underlings. Andrew Audet is one big mystery man. Venture capitalist/private equity mystery man with a HEAVY Boston accent. Let me guess, since VC funds dried up he's now going green and trying to only fund 'green' startups? $10 bucks anyone?


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