Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rotary Warriors

The only thing wrong with Encinitas City Hall is Teresa Barth's attitude. If we could just get rid of her the city would be in great financial shape, no more debt, no more pensions, the roads would pave themselves, and Dan, Jerome, Phil and Jim wouldn't need to hide public documents or make backroom decisions anymore.

If all you heard was stuff that Cotton, Stocks and Dalager were telling you then you might think Teresa was a whore, or at least a horrible council person. Stocks has the most difficult time with the dissent. The boys are very manipulative and have a hard time remembering to tell people all the important facts. So, if I were in the Encinitas Rotary Club with Jerome and Cotton I'm sure I would have heard a lot about how evil Barth is.

I doubt Jerome ever tells anyone that SANDAG's transnet is billions in the red under his watch, that the Sprinter was mismanaged (A LOT), the city had to borrow to avoid cutbacks (and that was right BEFORE the financial meltdown), and the Hall park is officially underfunded and there is no money for its operation (half a mill/year).

So, you can understand why these folks might have the wrong idea or maybe they know something we don't. They have positions that are so strong they would speak vulgarities during a public meeting. We'd like to know what their position is and whether or not it is the Barth or Gaspar supporters are the ones who haven't done their homework.

(this clip was sent to us this morning) 
(clip has been updated to show the complete footage)

We were asked to post the raw footage. We've also heard from a Rotary member who reports that the men did not use any vulgarities.


  1. almost the same tactics the Nazi party used back in the day, ya?

  2. they look like some of Jerome's drunk croonies

  3. When these guys came into the room they drug extra chairs up from the back and took over two seats reserved at the front by event organizers. So, sitting behind them it was clear they were beligerant and bullying before anyone even started to speak.

    Did anyone else notice (or get video coverage) of one or two taking off the Gaspar shirt while walking out? Was that an attempt at stealth or a rejection of their candidate? This same crew were at the Olivenhain forum.

    It is clear to anyone who has heard the candidates respond to questions at each and every forum - Gaspar's responses are thin gruel. Her answers are a mix of revamped Barth positions, homilies and platitudes. Yawn. The only strategy her puppet masters seem to have is spending a lot of money, bullying, lying and trash talking. The same backers that brought our community Dan's incompetence/dishonesty and Jerome Stocks' gigantic ego. The similarity to the tea party haters is no accident. Manipulation of personal rage instead of civility, heart and mind.

  4. Yes, the same goons were at the Olivenhain forum. Before the Olivenhain forum, I was sitting in the car next to them as they put their Gaspar shirts on. They were in a fullsize Ford truck. I also recall one of them making some reference to drinking before they arrived at the forum.

  5. Tea party haters?? Keith Olbermann why don't you just announce your presence.

  6. Pink Shirt Über Toddlers

  7. I believe they were Rotary members. I say lets take down the Rotary. Boycott the Rotary. Kick them out of our city.

    Next, let's boycott the churches they attend, we'll show them.

  8. I want to personally thank Maggie for organizating the citizen revolt!

  9. maggie can't organize a trip to the restroom.

    Are we a little sensitive this morning?

  10. 1:06 JUST the ones they attend?
    I KNOW you were being facetious.
    But I'm NOT.

    Religion controls through fear.

  11. 10:55
    are you suggesting that it is ok to call candidates a "whore" in an open forum. you are acting like the act is defensible. if these 2 fat, old, name calling white men are truly representatives of the so called "tea" party it speaks volumes.

  12. 1:06,

    If Rotarians show up to disrupt public forums and call people "whores," by all means, let's shun them.

    What's more, we should report them to the regional or national Rotary bodies. Rotary International is a good group with noble intentions, and I'm sure they would be ashamed of the Encinitas band of small-town crooks and thugs.

  13. I think people should be careful about painting all Rotary members with the same brush. I know one Rotary member, in particular, for whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration. He cares a great deal about our City and our communities. He also cares more about helping others than about making a name for himself.

    There are jerks in every organization. Identify and discredit the hateful individuals, not the organization.

    C.J. Minster

  14. I agree with C.J.
    Rotary is a worthy organization. They do a lot of good for our community and deserve praise.
    If the, alleged, comment was made, the knucklehead should be called on his inappropriate behavior.
    I talked to someone that was in the front of the room that was not convinced that that was the actual comment.
    I would hope that anyone who offered this accusation was very sure that was what was said.
    Thank you C.J. for offering reason.
    I am not fond of the crazy season that arrives every two years. It can be very unattractive.


  15. Good points CJ and it is incumbent upon an organization that prides itself on the INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL actions of each of its members to stand up for the ideals that it espouses. Kristin was voted president of the local Rotary club and has been waving her Rotary membership around town.

    What would it take for the Rotary members to ask their membership to behave?

  16. morgan,

    What did they say the men said, and why did Dalager ask for some decorum from them?

  17. ¡Qué brutos! Que bestias! Is this what Kristin Gaspar's election to the city council will bring? She needs to call her thugs off. First the flyer filled will lies and now this.

  18. I do not know what they said. I only was told by an individual that was in front that they were not clear that was the comment. Teresa seemed like she did not hear the comment clearly or did not believe someone would say what was said. The gentlemen left after their offering, though.
    Clearly inappropriate.
    Did anyone clearly hear the comment?

  19. If those guys were so innocent, then why did they both leave together, (with their white haired friend who was standing in the back where I was. He was also being a rabble rouser and not respecting the requests of the moderator to keep it quiet).

    When I got to the forum at 5:45 pm, I saw and heard those three talking in the hallway outside the Community Room, and it looked like they expected a few more thugs to show up, and seemed clearly annoyed by those who bailed.

    "Yeah, Jay didn't show!", I heard the one with the dark moustache say.

  20. I have known some really wonderful Rotarians in my life. I personally have never been a member, but have been to a couple of meetings. The Rotary stands for good things. I am saddened that these men, if they are Rotarians, would sink to this level. I hope the Rotary itself deals with them and throws them out of their organization. It does not do the organization's mission any good to have these kinds of people as members, IMHO.

  21. If the comments are true I am completely disgusted. For someone to say that to Teresa is out of line. This is shameful and should not be tolerated in any form. Some don't like me on this blog and think I am behind Dan. That's fine I'm a big boy. I like the man but I have issues with him too. I have always had the utmost respect for Teresa. I voted for her last term and will again. LL

  22. Thanks for the confirmation of what was said.
    Find out who they are. Pile it on.
    Unfortunately, the crazy season gets ugly.
    I don't recall it being this ugly.
    In all fairness, it sure appears all the ugly and deceit is being offer from one side. I kind of feel bad for Gaspar. She is the offering of the big money political machine. If she and Dan lose, it will be the end of the strangle hold of the city. There is a lot of money being spent to keep their reign.
    She seemed embarrassed by her deceitful mailing, saying she was not really responsible for the content.
    I would be embarrassed for out city if she wins a seat.


  23. I think those guys are up to publicly expressing their views and I would like to know their side of the story.

    I don't know who they are but if I could find out I would ask them and even see if they would post their position here.

    I'm sure they could handle this crowd on anons, but we might have to agree to find the time to moderate the comments (you guys don't set the best of examples).

  24. Not fair Kevin. A lot of posts have names on them with this particular post. Why are you so angry and scolding us? Seems like your anger is out of proportion to these relatively low key comments, at least for the LB. Think I will post as anon. on this one. Don't need any scolding from you, or anyone else for that matter. Pretty sure you know who I am anyway.

  25. Kevin, to express one's point of view in a civil manner with tolerance of an opposing viewpoint is a lost art in the political environment we live in today. Baseless accusations,slander and smear tatics are what we are left with from those who wish to divide us. LL

  26. Poser Loser. You are no Leucadian, so quite using my post and call yourself just loser. I could care less if you live in Cardiff or Carlsbad. Just don't say Leucadia. Later Loser.

  27. Please, you make me laugh. just proved my point. I WILL ALWAYS BE A LEUCADIAN! See you in the line up kook! LL

  28. Please, you make me laugh. just proved my point. I WILL ALWAYS BE A LEUCADIAN! See you in the line up kook! LL

  29. kevin -

    i find it sad that our society has devolved to the point that calling another person a rude name, out of turn, in a civil debate, warrants the need to give a person a forum for their opinion.

    it really is the breakdown of society when you have people shouting over other people just to drown out a message. not really an opposing viewpoint, just childish noise.

    if those chubby cowards were man enough i'd love to see them sit in front of a crowd and field questions. but they won't because they have zero answers for anything.

  30. This obnoxious trio sporting Kristin Gaspar shirts attended at least 3 of the candidate forums and were in my estimation the few people who clapped for her responses that were vague and platitudinous. When responding to questions, her manner was often haughty, condescending and disdainful towards the grassroots activists who have far more political experience in city matters than she does. Take away her valley girl demeanor and she's got an awful lot in common with Guerin and Jerome Schlock.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. The anon blog comments are not always civil and are sometimes hostile, no???


    Unlike most people running for office I want to understand where people of differing opinions are coming from. I find it very rewarding and useful to reconcile differences of opinion.

    8:19 your comment totally baffles me.

    You've jumped to so many assumptions about these guys.
    Inviting them to the Leucudia blog is sort of what you are proposing, isn't it? Put their positions up to scrutiny, no?

    This blog has been pretty lopsided toward Kranz and Barth, but there are lots of Dalager and Gaspar supporters. I'd like to hear from them, and so far I have not been able to get any to participate. Like many Barth and Kranz supporters, they don't have the courage or conviction to do so.

    These guys seem like they have the conviction and guts to go public with some rational thought, given what they were willing to do.

    Anybody can submit and be published on the Leucdia blog.

  33. Well-said Kevin. The journey to enlightenment does not come by filtering and editing your intellectual input from like-minded sources.

    Understanding the core frustration of these individuals would certainly give us a better understanding of our community as a whole. While their public outburst was rude and inappropriate. They obviously have some have some very significant issues and disagreements with Teresa Barth.

    If these individuals could take the time and better articulate their issues, it would only serve to better enlighten us all. I agree with you Kevin. If anybody knows these individuals please take the time and have them share their perspective.

    If you have information on Teresa Barth or any body running or holding public office that would warrant such a negative outburst. Please take the time and articulate it. It would only better inform and enlighten us as community and help us make the right choice on election day.

  34. Those guys have nothing to stand on and have no idea what is really happening in Encinitas.

    I've seen enough of Gaspar and she is going to be a bigger lighting rod than christy ever was. If she gets elected, the Gaspar name will be associated with contempt, shallowness and divisiveness withing two years.

  35. While there are some similarities, Gaspar is nowhere near as knowledgeable about the community and her own views as Christy. The comparison is not really fair. Christy would at least answer the question. Gaspar knows who her masters are and will do their bidding. The better comparison is with Dalager when he first came on the scene.

  36. Poser Loser. If I see you in a line up it will be a joke. You would obviously be one of the fat old guys on a 9 foot foamy, or a sponge screwing up the line up and everyone elses waves. Stay out of the water for your own good and quit calling yourself a Leucadian. Your own ID says Location: Cardiff. What a stupid kook. Once thing says it best. Your a Dalager lover.

  37. This video is worthless - you can't understand any of the dialogue. Dalager is hilarious though - he's chewing on his finger and grimacing like a baboon. I think he is so dumb, that someone is telling him to blink. WHAT!! ME WORRY????

  38. 11:34 oh yes, I agree. Let's give these guys a "Special Forum" for their pent up rage and try to understand their issues and what led to their uncouth behavior...after all it's only fair, and when you think about it, SOMETHING must've drove them to act out their CORE FRUSTRATIONS.

    After we wipe them, then we can give them a cupcake, OK?

  39. The fat old men are a joke. Probably trying to sneak a peek up Kristen's dress. next time I see them out, I'm going to pound them.

    Disrespectful fools will get what they ask for.

  40. Who said anything about a special forum? I want them to be invited to defend themselves and when they chicken out that only makes them look worse.

  41. Being fat, old or a man - or bald or white or Christian or even a Rotarian isn't indicative of bad behavior. Behaving badly is the issue. All else is just ad hominem attack which should be beneath all of us.

  42. Having been at last week's candidates forum (not in the front row), I find it very troubling that an inappropriate and vulgar comment was identified as coming from a member of the Encinitas Rotary Club.

    As a proud member of the Encinitas Rotary Club, I can assure you that this comment and type of behavior is not a reflection of the opinions of our club as a whole and that our organization, per it's bylaws, is nonpartisan in nature and aims to promote "service above self" for the benefit of our community at large.
    Respectfully, Bill Sparks Encinitas Rotary Club

  43. Has it been 'determined" if the guys were really Rotarians or just hired goons?

    Either way it reflects badly on Gasper.

    Do her handlers realize what a faux pas this really was?

  44. 2:00 I HAVE a Mother thankyouverymuch


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