Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sign Gate Video

What happened to the video of the incident?

The above video cleverly edits out the sign in question which reads, DESTROY AMERICA

Would you want this man standing in front of your small business with a DESTROY AMERICA sign?


  1. There is already a 2nd video up on YouTube on Tony. This time linking Teresa to Tony's actions as her running mate. Will the other side stop at nothing???

  2. Where did this "hit" piece come from? Notice they never show what the sign said, and if Tony had assaulted the man he would have been arrested. The San Diego Police arrest people for things like that. The man in the car, flipping someone off, doesn't even look like Tony to me, but even if it is, I have done it too. So what! And why did these people come to a Council meeting to share this to begin with. Who paid them to come? Or did a someone on the Council get something from it? They don't even live in Encinitas. This is truly amazing, beyond anything I have ever seen in Encinitas politics. In some ways we are getting a first hand view of how the "big boys" in Washington do it. Hopefully, we will never have to endure this kind of slash and burn campaign ever again. Even if had not already decided to vote for Tony, I would do it after seeing this.

  3. Anon:4:40-I am beginning to think these people will stop of nothing short of murder. Hell, I would not even rule that out with the thugs I saw from the Rotary. If we don't rally for Teresa and Tony and run Gaspar out of town, we are up shit creek without a paddle. We cannot let them take over the Council. They are dangerous. I heard that they were putting together files on all of the activists and are going to use them for something. Anybody know about this?

  4. This guy's allegations are backed by nothing than his version of the events. Let's see the video of the "assault" - Oh, there is none? How strange. And Yoko verifying that the incident occurred doesn't add credibility.
    And what does this have to do with the council agenda anyway? Sounds like the kabal will stop at nothing to maintain control. Jail Dalager and send Gaspar back to the PTA.

  5. I don't think the FPPC or the district attorney is going to be taking up the case of Tony Kranz breaking an Obama-Is-Hitler sign anytime soon. Why? Because the impact on the overall public trust is inconsequential. Dalager's actions go to the heart of the trust implicitly placed by the people in their elected officials. Any suggestion of moral equivalence between these two actions is misleading at best.

  6. This is starting to feel a lot like schoolyard bullying. Remember, when they had you down on the ground and wouldn't let you up? Let's not continue to let the bullies win.

  7. sure I believe it.

    "Yoko" the eye witness was taking pictures a couple of seconds before the "assult" and then a few seconds after the "assult when the cops showed up.

    Somehow her camera malfunctioned during the "assault" so she did not get any paictures of that. Because I am sure the assult happened and unless her camera broke there would be grusome pictures of the epic strugle.

    Also, Hate mongers such as the Hitler/Obama teaparty sign guy are very congeneial when they are protesting. Sort of like Mr. Rogers welcoming eveyone to the neighborhood. Lets see what the postman has for us today?

    And I am sue the cops must have arrested Tony for aasulat because the guy and yoko and the producers of the video said there was an assult.

    File this under rank amature b.s. but the music was awesome, Sort of like the "flight of the valkyries"

    Gosh the good ol boys are desperate.

  8. This is your Tea Party on Thugs.

    h/t Crooks & Liars

  9. Their Photoshop talents equal those of their attempt at satire: FAIL

  10. Check out the sleeve in Tonys cop-shot (banded) vs. the sleeve in the 'bird' shot (unbanded).

    Details, mon, details.......

  11. everything about this crew is projection . . .

  12. someone should make a copy of that video before they take it down too.

  13. Man, are these four candidates the best that Encinitas can set forth? We have a crook, a whiner, a thug and an airhead running. Why must we always choose the best of a *really* bad bunch???

  14. that's what happens when you have David Meyer funding people like Mike Andreen to personally destroy anyone who steps up. Fortunately, this year the candidates made it easy for them.

  15. Hey, that guy with the finger looks like my neighbor after I ran over his Dan Dalager sign!

  16. If this tirade is true, why didn't Mr. Nuts play the video at the meeting?

  17. Doesn't the Obama/Hitler guy hang out in front of the post office on Gardenview from time to time? I flip him off every time I see him. No arrest. No law suit. No issue. LL

  18. I don't get it. How come the Rotary isn't endorsing him?

  19. How ridiculous!

  20. W.C. the teabagger here.

    First, Roger is not a teabagger. He showed up at a few tea party rallies back in the early days of 2009. He was politely asked to leave as most people found his message offensive.

    Unlike the tea parties which are focused on limited government and fiscal responsibility, Roger is obsessed with Obama's racial and religious background, and has signs about "Black Liberation Theology" and such.

    To be fair, Obama did raise his family in the hate-mongering church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but I digress.

    Here's one picture of a typical Roger Ogden sign. Obvious fascism imagery, etc. Other themes are "Usurper," "False Messiah," etc.

    So the tea partiers don't want anything to do with him, and he doesn't show up at tea parties any more. He does stage some of his own protests with a small number of friends, and he shows up to protest at Congressional town halls and such.

    But as you can tell in the video, he's not an aggressive guy. He's a meek little guy. There's no way he shoved the sign in Tony's face.

    Not that any of this is at all relevant when you've got a corrupt mayor and an empty suit being bankrolled by the unions and developers.

    Vote for the thug and the whiner! It's important!

  21. And for those wondering what the sign said, here is what Ogden or his Team Dalager/Gaspar handlers cut out of the picture.

    And here is an even fuller picture of the same sign at a different event.

    It has a picture of this book, Black Theology and Black Power, by James Cone, a favorite of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And it says "Obama's religion / Destroy America!!!"

  22. WC,

    Nice photoshop work!


  23. If I saw a guy waving a DESTROY AMERICA sign I would kick his ass!!!

  24. The Goof has posted another poorly edited youtube on this alleged assualt. I nominate this clip for a SMELLY award, the actors are lame and can't even speak english, the promos don't deliver on the promise to see violence and mayhem, and the production sucks because they couldn't even get the stand in to really look like Tony sitting in a car flipping the bird...look at his left arm, either his shirt got unbelievably stretched by just opening his car door or his bicep suffered a sudden and dramatic loss of tissue. Another flop for the Encinitas Follies.

  25. There are a lot of holes in his story but I bet that dude gets assaulted all the time.

  26. Anyone know what was Tony doing in Hillcrest?

  27. The really interesting thing here is how the pictures and videos are being edited. Roger Ogden delights in provoking people with his extremist views, yet his presentation for Encinitas crops the photos to hide those views. This just isn't Roger's doing. Somebody with better political sense is managing him.

    Further, there was reportedly a YouTube video posted by Roger or his allies, but it disappeared right before Roger's Encinitas appearance. Why would Roger take down his own YouTube video that he'd been proud to post publicly all year?

    Ogden is obviously being managed by the people behind Dalager and Gaspar.

    Maybe I was wrong to think Tony was the aggressor. The deceptive photo-cropping and video memory-holing makes me think twice.

  28. Yesterday I decided to take a nice walk in my neighborhood, which is about a quarter mile from Dalagar's street. I counted no less than 8 of Teresa's campaign signs that had been knocked down, and/or torn in half. All other signs near hers were untouched. This alone ia symbolic of what the oppostion will resort to.

    BTW, since when does going to Hillcrest suggest ANYthing? Oh right, I forgot, that's where men go to pick up 10 year old boys and force them to smoke crack. There. You satisfied?

  29. So many of you on this blog are saying violence against someone whose views you don't agree with is acceptable? Looks like you and Tony deserve one another. Pathetic justification for unacceptable behavior by Kranz.

  30. To 8:50
    Your backing of the individual who believes that our president is Hitler, speaks for itself. Nobody saw or recorded ANY violence. The police, who were there saw no evidence of violence, the video and still photos of the incident showed no violence.
    You should be embarrassed.
    Why aren't you?

  31. An FYI- The San Diego police are notorious for doing all sorts hard ass stuff. So are you telling me that Tony did this and they did nothing. Kind of hard to believe with the record the SDPD has. If anything, they would have cuffed Tony way too hard, and took him to the PD where he would have been booked on assault charges. Now I wonder why that did not happen? Gee, maybe it didn't happen the way Gaspar and company are saying it did. Low lifes! And I don't mean Tony or in this case the SDPD.

  32. The sign-carrying provocateur became a bit actor in a fiction being played out for the voters in Encinitas. The script he read was full of lies and distortions of the things that happened that day.

    For example, the incident did not happen in Hillcrest. It was in front of Queen Bees in North Park. I had decided to attend a Poetry Bomb reading held there. (The Poetry Bomb Couch Surfing Across America Tour of Words 2010 had been kicked off at the Encinitas Library the day before.) Since my dad lives in North Park, I decided to make the trip to San Diego and visit him after the reading.

    But the script changed the location to HILLCREST. As Mary mentions, the reputation of HILLCREST is so much more sinister. HILLCREST, where all the homosexuals hang out.

    Sadly, I will admit to being more in tune with the challenges that living as a gay man presents. My brother Fred was gay and told the family in the late 70's. He died of complications from AIDS in 1987. My mother provided him with hospice care in our home at 463 Ocean View. It is the subject of my Jerome Fellowship artist book titled "A Posthumous Book in Two Parts". Anybody that wants to read it can contact me through my website.

    What the campaign team of Gaspar and Dalager are doing with these hit videos is much more obscene than any of the gestures that I made in the photographs taken in North Park back in April.

  33. I am not going to make a voting decision based on this; unfortunately, many other voters will. In fact, I like the passion evidentially displayed by Tony. I do wonder – why does the message on the sign matter at all in this case? As if the message on the sign determines whether it is okay to behave a certain way. I suspect that Tony blew his top, threatened to kick the guys ass, and technically broke the law. It is curious why the “victim” would go to so much trouble to appeal to the Encinitas city council.

  34. its so funny how mild mannered he is in this video.
    i would ask that he, in open forum read aloud the exact words on his sign.

    i will fight for you right to free speech and i think that tony over reacted.

    at the same time if you are holding a sign that says something like black theology and black power destroy america you should probably be on alert that you might get punched in the mouth.

    he talks about aggression but his whole persona and message is so passive aggressive it invites confrontation.

  35. go get 'em Tony..... You'RRRRRRE GREAT!

  36. Thank you Tony. You have my vote.

  37. This guy looks like he is out to provoke reaction, I bet his sign was designed to break away, Tony your our guy! I don't have the nerve to tell Stocks that I will kick his ass, but he is someone who needs some real ass whoppin!

  38. Tony,

    We are with you 100%

    Teresa & Don Barth

  39. 8:11,

    Ha! I had that same conversation with a friend today. Tony would totally kick Stocks' ass.

    And, yes, physical violence is wrong, blah, blah, blah, but really, wouldn't we all love to see Jerome Stocks get his ass kicked?

  40. teaparty?

    Don't pull the tea party in to this.

    The way I see it. Oboma, Dalager, and Stocks are all crooks and stealing our kids future the longer they stay in office. Everyone that voted for them is responsible for their actions.

  41. More memory-holing!

    In the YouTube comments, the Dalager/Gaspar operative calling himself "EncinitasGoofBuster" deletes all the comments between me and Roger Ogden discussing who put Roger up to this.

  42. I've just received the 3rd slate mailer paid for by Dalager and Gaspar. The 3 organizations are:
    1) The Voter Information Guide
    2) The Council of Women Voters, and
    3) The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security

    All 3 mailers suggest they are supporting the Democratic party and progressive state initiatives. They endorse Jerry Brown for governor, Barbara Boxer for senator, and Prop. 19, the marijuana legalization initiative. One even includes critical remarks about Meg Whitman. And lo and behold, they also contain endorsements of Dalager and Gaspar, with asterisks indicating both candidates helped pay for the flier. This is the height of cynicism. Dalager and Gaspar are willing to totally contradict their basic principles and beliefs, relying on voter ignorance to get a few more votes. All three mailers include a phrase such as "take this with you to the polls" - in other words, if you're in a rush and just want to know how Democrats and progressives are voting, just take this with you and fill in the dots accordingly.

    This is a blatant attempt to overwhelm the voter with misinformation. It is an overt threat to democracy, and a perversion of free speech. We need to bring this to light, expose it, bring it forward for all to see. We can't let people win an election this way. This is a travesty.

  43. Stocked and SabinedOctober 23, 2010 12:16 AM

    Scene: Third party PAC production room on the eve of do or die mailer day.
    Stocked: This here is the slimest, foulest, most grossest piece of crap I have ever seen! Wow, good job boys!
    (Hi Fives -- really just male air kisses from large seated men)
    Sabined: Wull, I am jess thinkin here, kinda...maybe the photo of Teresa photoshopped into cat barf is a little suspect, you think?

    Kristinbelle: Oh no, this image really portrays what I have been trying to say for months, and haven't been able to articulate, I think this speaks to the heart of one of the issues, whatever they are...don't you? (flips her hair to the side and crosses her legs)
    Stocked: (peeling his eyes off of Kristinbelle's appendages) Yup, sure, whatever you said, but of course, if I had to make a speech bout this I would remind everyone that I am a member of SANDAG and ROTERY and RINO and all those other impressive well-funded organizations, harruummpph!
    (All turn to the left to watch Dalablabber enter the inner sanctum, except Stocks who is congentially prevented from turning left so he has to spin his whole cranium counter-clockwise to get anywhere near left)
    Dannybody: Hi he Fiddle De Oh and good blabber yabber y'all!
    Kristinbelle: Danny..he he ha ha (veneer smile activated, appendages spin in unison)
    Dalablabber: Yup, yup, and double yup, aw shuck y'all, uhhh, I'll have to look into that, uhhh... (peering down Kristinbelle's large gaping neckline)
    Kristinbelle: Oh Dan, thanks so much for the lovely leg of lamb your chef prepared at your home the other day, I can't believe that Viking stove was such a, I mean, Deal!!!
    Dannyboy: Aw Shucks, that weren't nothin, wait tills you have the Squireel Surprise cooked over the trash pit on my own rigged RU-Piss-UR-EE.
    To be Continued

  44. The 1st Amendment protects all speech and not just the speech that some group may think is acceptable. Who would want to have a city councilman that tries to physically intimidate protesters using thug tactics, simply for expressing their political views?

  45. Anon,

    I'll take an honest guy with a temper over a couple of crooks any day.

  46. Those are indenpendent issues. If you can prove the others are crooks, then you can disqualify them in the minds of voters the same way it is being done here with Tony Kranz. It is not logical to say, I will accept a thug, because the others are crooks. If both those propositions are true, you should reject both. Both sides should not use this same illogical thinking to polulate the CC with thugs and crooks. This is the result of your way of thinking.

  47. Anon 10:09, you are suggesting a false moral equivalence here. One person is suspected of grabbing and breaking an offensive sign waved in his face, and flipping the sign waver off. The other is suspected of trading a vote on a $250000 fee for a personal loan, and receiving essentially free gifts in trade for his vote on a code violation. The latter activities undermine our essential trust in our elected officials.

  48. Oh boy. How do you have a conversation with a person like this?

  49. I didn't say they are equivalent. I said the two issues are independent and should be judged on their own merits. To say that is is okay to elect someone to an office that is sworn to uphold the consititution, because someone else is a crook is fallacious logic. I believe you call it a strawman argument, that is if you can't argue the real issue, then shift the argument to something else.

  50. 12:07 PM "Tony Kranz" - posing as someone else, and then distorting their views through your values is not something that should be allowed on this blog. I assume your "comment" will be taken down by the blog masters.
    It is unfortunate that the Kranz incident is doing just what it was designed to do - distract the community from the disaster of the Dalager campaign and the total phoniness of the Gaspar campaign. I'll bet she is sorry she choose to be identified with Dalager.
    One last time - Tony did not attack or assault anyone - he broke a flimsy stick holding a sign. He never hit anyone. Though he was angry at the apparent comparison with a sitting President to Hitler, he was provoked by a physical action and responded as such. You can object to his flipping these nutcases off if you want - obviously not the political thing to do, but it doesn't change a thing about his positions and ethics compared to Dalager and Gaspar. regardless of how you feel about the Kranz incident, I find it impossible to beleive any citizen of Encinitas could vote for Dalager and Gaspar. I will be proud to vote for Barth and Kranz.

  51. Here are definitions of assaults and battery. It's a bit different that the common understanding of the terms. You do not have to have contact with someone to be guilty of assault. If you touch them or something in there pssession, like a protest sign, it is legally battery.


    Two separate offenses against the person that when used in one expression may be defined as any unlawful and unpermitted touching of another. Assault is an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact. The act consists of a threat of harm accompanied by an apparent, present ability to carry out the threat. Battery is a harmful or offensive touching of another.

    The main distinction between the two offenses is the existence or nonexistence of a touching or contact. While contact is an essential element of battery, there must be an absence of contact for assault. Sometimes assault is defined loosely to include battery.

  52. Wow, It sure seems like we should see the video of the altercation. Why did Roger take the video down of the whole thing?

  53. I tore an anti-war sign out of a protester's hands once during Gulf War I in front of Vons. He kept shoving it in my face. After three request for him to step back so I could go inside I ripped it out of his hands and threw it in the trash. He cried like a 5 year old and claimed I assaulted him. This was LA so probably not the same guy.

  54. There was another video and you saw it, what was on it that would help explain this incident?

  55. Interesting look at assault and battery by Anon 5:57. Looks like he missed the point though - under the definition he brought forward, Tony may have been "assaulted" first. This will be my last post on this trivial story of "he said, he said" unless further info comes up. I have more important things to do. So far I have 9456 angels dancing on the head of a pin, but I am running out of really small angels. If you run into any, please send them my way. Maybe a government grant ...

  56. 9:22

    Nicely put, by an annonymous person who shares the dreams of the man carrying a sign saying "destroy America". Jerk

  57. Anonymous 9:22, I believe that you are only seeing part of the message on the sign. I don't believe the proetestor was advocating the destruction of America, silly man.

    @Herb, not sure how you figure Kranz could be assaulted first? Good one. Hahaha.


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