Sunday, October 17, 2010

We're Not Along


  1. Who in the hell is BRATHKRANZ for city council?

    It sounds like a new sausage.

  2. Running as a slate is going to backfire on us!

    Citizens want independent thinkers.

    Teresa is independent and that's why I'm voting for her.

  3. Along or Alone?

  4. Kranz is a certified failure! Living in his mother-in-laws home in Leucadia as a paper salesman without ONE job as as a community volunteer in any capacity! This is unacceptable and looks like a remake of Nick "NOBODY" Liebham (remeber that young feller with all the big fancy degrees and not one ounce of experience anywhere outside the classroom)?

    Kranz aims low when he posts photos of his father as a Iwo Jima veteran to what try and bolster his own pathetic military record (National Guard, airfield maintenance hack).

    When I was accosted by the Socialist Kranz/Barf team marketeer at Ralphs on Sunday (openly soliciting a handout on private property without permission-known in other parts of the country as TRESPASSING) I asked him "what has Kranz ever done professionally that would prepare him for local politics?" His reply was that he raised three kids (wow, I love kids and have two myself but let me get out my sticker book and grab a gold star) and that he pays his mortgage...that was it!!! The sad thing is Kranz pays a mortgage on a home that was given to him by his mother in law do what all good socialists do for their kids...sharing the wealth...instead of making ol' Tony boy go out there and make it himself like a big boy instead of trying to make it so hard as 'an artist' because someone told him many years ago to follow his heart. Heart is for art which is a great hobby, tell me you can raise a family of three doing it and who wouldn't be outside sittin in the sun painting tropical flowers??!

    Krantz is not to be taken seriously as one with ANY experience to lead the caliber of citizen that demands more from those that speak on their behalf.

    Tony, please go sell some more paper, volunteer somewhere for at least 1000 hours (preferably with wounded veterans after riding your dad's Iwo Jima coat tails) and then come back and tell us how much you know about the Encinitas, business, and how we should position ourselves on the issues moving forward.

    And ask your socialist partner in crime Teresa Barf, how much does her tax-payer funded lifetime union pension from Del Mar pay...let's spread that around a bit and tell her that she can start by cutting a check to the City for the $15,000 that she bilked because her feelings were hurt. Pay up Barf!!

    October 18, 2010 3:06 PM

  5. Thanks for good stuff


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