Friday, October 22, 2010

Who in the world is Jane Blair?

The UT just ran this bizarre story about the Gaspar/Dalager mailer and a lady named Jane Blair. The UT couldn't contact her and the phone numbers on the records didn't work.

According to the UT, Gaspar said Blair is her former client. Blair gave $5k for the mailer. You'd guess she's more than a former client? Also, I thought that Gaspar's job was to sign the checks not interact with the clients... and by the way I think it is against the law for Gaspar to identify Blair as someone with a health issue, without her permission. She just happens to have her permission?

A lady wearing a Gaspar shirt who had been seen in the Gaspar booth came down and was hounding the ETA booth during Octoberfest. I'd say she was as disturbed as Tony with what she saw. She didn't like Gaspar getting a bad grade from the ETA. She had been there for a long enough period of time when I came back from lunch that ETA members were considering contacting security to help avoid a scene. I thought that would be a scene itself, so I went straight to her and asked her what we could do to make everyone happy (and avoid a scene).

She introduced herself as Jane Blair and gave me an email address for Jane Twining to contact her. At that point she seemed very reasonable and probably supports most ETA actions.

She said that Gaspar had not said no to the ETA's invitation to address policy questions and thought we were making it up. I told her that we had wanted to work with Gaspar and that it was not good for the ETA to not have her participate and have all the candidates treated fairly. I asked if I could send her the emails and if she decided that Gaspar had not brushed off the ETA that we should take action to reconcile any misunderstandings. The emails are below.

This is a photo that of a lady an ETA member says was the Jane Blair (-Twining) that was hounding the ETA booth at Octoberfest.
Here are the related emails [i've changed all the private email addresses].

From: KMC
Date: October 1, 2010 2:25:08 PM PDT
To: Kristin and Paul Gaspar ,
Subject: Fwd: ETA Candidate Interviews


One of your (apparent) campaign workers came down to the ETA booth area at Octoberfest. I was happy that when I arrived that she was willing to work with me to avoid an incident. She also seemed very willing to help work to fix any misunderstandings and to get you on record for your positions.

I sent her the email below. She has not responded or acknowledged receiving it.

If you want your positions known or believe you have been represented unfairly now is a good time to have any outstanding issues reconciled.

K Cummins

Begin forwarded message:

From: KMC <>
Date: September 26, 2010 8:45:09 PM PDT
Subject: Fwd: ETA Candidate Interviews


As we discussed, there seem to be two things to reconcile: 1. the root of the misunderstanding and 2. where to go from here.

Below is the last email between Kristin and ETA officers as far as I know. I can confirm that no response was sent back to me from Kristin. The last email I got from Kristin was July 14th.

I was stunned that you took issue with the statement that she refused because she wrote to ETA President Sheffo, "While I will not be participating in the interview process, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to review the listing of topics which are of importance to the ETA." [bold added] Both Joe and I took that as a "no I won't participate" and sent her emails to that effect (see below). I was even ready to put my ETA membership on the line if Kristin would work with us on her participation. At least I wanted to come up with a system that would make all participants comfortable. I was very unhappy that we went through all the effort to end up with a product that could become something about the ETA ratings rather than what the candidate's positions are, and I knew this risk would worsen because Kristin didn't participate.

Kristin did not respond to:

Speaking for myself, I really don't want to report that you refused to participate on any terms. What do you need from the ETA, us, or the process, to have you come out and speak to a panel of ETA members about your view on fiscal and management policies?

I hope giving you this information (see emails below) will help us find a way to clear up our (possible) misunderstanding. If a mistake has been made it is time to identify it, fix it, and make up for it.

Where do we go from here?

We could start by posting Kristin's response to the grades online and noting it in our literature? That is already built into the approved documents that we have. Whether or not she can be interviewed now will have to be decided by the ETA board, if that is what she wants to do. I'm for it, however an issue with fairness to the other candidates has already come up. It will probably need to be addressed and suggestions will be appreciated.

I don't actually know your connection to Kristin's campaign. I'm going to be asked. What is your role?

K Cummins

Below was attached to the same email so Jane could see that we had let Kristin know that we took no to mean no.

From: KMC
Date: September 2, 2010 7:17:22 PM PDT
To: Kristin and Paul Gaspar
Cc: Kevin Cummins , J. Sheffo
Subject: Re: ETA Candidate Interviews


I hope you will reconsider. We have a diverse set of members who are ready to participate in the interview process. There is a consensus among them that we will end up with a product that will help the public know about the positions of the candidates on fiscal issues. At the very least, we want your position to be known so that people can use your stated position to make informed decisions.

We are not a disinterested organization. We do want fiscal and city management issues to be discussed.

Many, but not all, of the active members do have a history at city hall. The ETA will be fair to all participants and there are a number of approaches we can take to ensure that. I wouldn't be involved if the process wasn't going to be reasonable, fair, and useful.

Months ago you refused to give me your perspective on an important council vote. It was one that you had even said you researched (ERGA). At that time, you wrote as a candidate all questions would be "free game" and that you would be happy to answer questions as a candidate.

Speaking for myself, I really don't want to report that you refused to participate on any terms. What do you need from the ETA, us, or the process, to have you come out and speak to a panel of ETA members about your view on fiscal and management policies?

K Cummins

On Sep 2, 2010, at 1:54 PM, Joseph Sheffo wrote:

From: Kristin and Paul Gaspar
Sent: Thu, September 2, 2010 1:21:44 PM
Subject: RE: ETA Candidate Interviews


Thank you for your email. While I will not be participating in the interview process, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to review the listing of topics which are of importance to the ETA. I am hopeful we will have a chance to discuss in the future.

Hope this email finds you well,


  1. Who the f are these people and why are they spending so much money to buy our city council?

    $5000 is a lot of money for a small city council election -- and that's just from one suspicious woman, not to mention whatever other fake entities are involved.

  2. It's pretty clear from her performance at the various town forums she was not prepared to answer any policy questions, all she had to offer were vague platitudes. With all this mysterious money and backing it's pretty obvious she's a figurehead.

  3. jen,

    She would have done poorly having someone asking her to clarify her vague responses.

  4. jane twining-blair phone number is 619-818-1944

  5. Jane Twinning-Blair's facebook page is here:

  6. In fairness, I would doubt that Jane is aware of Gaspar being utilized as a puppet for the Boys in order to maintain their strangle hold on our city.
    Be nice, unless you have a legitimate reason to stoop to the low bar that the gaspar/dalager machine has set.
    Well, there should be no reason to stoop so low.
    Be fair and fight.

  7. Is a complaint to the FPPC warranted here? The way I read it, since the contribution was intended directly to benefit Dalager and Gaspar, the amounts should be allocated $2500 to each, which would violate the $250 individual limit in both cases.

  8. In fairness, when you put your name all over a BS mailer and contribute $5,000 and you don't know who's doing what, u are not a good citizen.

  9. Regarding the HIPPA issue: It is against the law to talk about, use a person's name, or give out any personal identification regarding a person who has come to a health care provider, unless the person has signed a release allowing the health care provider to do so. One can lose their license over this and it is taken very seriously. I have no idea if Jane Blair gave her permission. I am assuming that she did. It would be interesting to find out, however.

  10. I've just received the 3rd slate mailer paid for by Dalager and Gaspar. The 3 organizations are:
    1) The Voter Information Guide
    2) The Council of Women Voters, and
    3) The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security

    All 3 mailers suggest they are supporting the Democratic party and progressive state initiatives. They endorse Jerry Brown for governor, Barbara Boxer for senator, and Prop. 19, the marijuana legalization initiative. One even includes critical remarks about Meg Whitman. And lo and behold, they also contain endorsements of Dalager and Gaspar, with asterisks indicating both candidates helped pay for the flier. This is the height of cynicism. Dalager and Gaspar are willing to totally contradict their basic principles and beliefs, relying on voter ignorance to get a few more votes. All three mailers include a phrase such as "take this with you to the polls" - in other words, if you're in a rush and just want to know how Democrats and progressives are voting, just take this with you and fill in the dots accordingly.

    This is a blatant attempt to overwhelm the voter with misinformation. It is an overt threat to democracy, and a perversion of free speech. We need to bring this to light, expose it, bring it forward for all to see. We can't let people win an election this way. This is a travesty.

  11. KC,

    You should be prepared for a transparent review and education of you and your wife's background.

    Sliming people and placing people photos and contact information on this blog is pathetic.

    What's good for the goose is good for the chicken.

    A friend of Jane's

  12. if you donate to a political campaign you don't have any right to privacy about your contribution, your name, your address, etc. which is all on the campaign forms, and everything posted about Jane Twining-Blair was found on the internet -- she already put it into don't cry foul, grow up.

  13. oh, and KC was very circumspect in the photos he posted, just google her name and click on will see what I mean

  14. 10:36,

    If you know Jane, why is she spending so much money trying to buy the election?

    Does she have development interests, or does she get some kind of kickbacks from the political machine?

  15. And 10:36,

    Why is she hiding from reporters?

    What has she got to hide?

  16. Dear Anon 10:36,

    Jane Blair is at the middle of this story. Jain Blair sure seems like she is on the Gaspar team and I don't see how you give $5K and not know what the product is going to be. Jane Blair is not responding to me or even to the Union Tribune. It looks like Jane Blair didn't want to be contactable. Why not?

    That makes Jane Blair part of this story. The UT thought so too.

    Please reread the post. I actually removed the personal email addresses.

    Some anon posted Jane's phone number. Jane's number is suppose to be on her filings, a public record, so is there a problem leaving it here?

    It comes across like you're trying to pressure me into submission. If you know something about my wife that I don't, I'd like to know.

    I suspect you know. Why is the campaign funding being conducted in such a cloudy manner?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Anon 1036,

    The photo was emailed to me. I have no idea what your point is regarding the photo. Please explain.

    What is your view on who will provide the most transparent city hall?
    Who will do the best job addressing the pension problem?
    Who will do the best job funding the Hall park?
    Who will actually protect our basic services?
    Who is most likely to try to push deceptive tax increases?
    Who will make sure that upzoning windfalls are not subsidized by the taxpayers?

  19. Jane Blair lives (or lived, but it appears she's still there) in Escondido and she and her husband are part of a multi-level marketing travel scheme.

    Why she wants to buy the Encinitas city council is a complete mystery

  20. Holistic practitioner? Please. Scam artest is more like it. Nice work W.C. LL

  21. Check out what her husband says about their string of frauds:

    "We started network marketing quite by accident in 1996. We very quickly became the #1 distributor in the entire company, but we ran into some unethical corporate practices and left the company. We then joined another business and became #1 rather quickly, earning the top enrolling position. Regulatory agencies shut that business down and we took the next four years off."

  22. KC,

    You have mastered "Character Assassination".

    You reap what you sow...

    Jane Doe

    PS, I will pay for it myself.

  23. What's character assassination?

    A donor unknown to local council watchers dumps big money into a sleazy mailer, hides from reporters, and is so suspicious that the Gaspar-endorsing Union-Tribune smells a rat.

    And K.C. is a character assassin?

    I think not.

  24. anon 929,

    Anon detractor,

    What do you think about the lack of clarity in the campaign financing of gaspar and dalager's mailer?

    The character assassination started several years ago. That's how I knew I was starting to uncover real trouble at city hall.

  25. Oh geez. Give me a break! Not even worth commenting on.

  26. Aversion to yellow journalismOctober 23, 2010 11:40 AM

    Isn't it interesting with all their picture taking, they have no pictures of Tony assaulting this nut job? If he was truly assaulted why would the police not have taken a report? This is an assault alright, on the intellect of the Encinitas voters. Are we going to buy their distortions to distract from questioning their true agenda which is financial gain from the contacts gained on the council. Do we really believe that old Danny Boy doesn't know what conflict of interest means? Do we believe that Kristin Gaspar doesn't have some very big donors trying to avoid public scrutiny about their business dealings? For the future of Encinitas, look beyond their glossy, misleading fliers and both their failures to clarify their very self enriching agendas. Cast your vote for transparent council members and for citizen participation in open government. The Coast News has endorsed Barth and Kranz.

  27. Anonymous said...


    You should be prepared for a transparent review and education of you and your wife's background.

    Sliming people and placing people photos and contact information on this blog is pathetic.

    What's good for the goose is good for the chicken.

    A friend of Jane's

    October 22, 2010 10:36 PM


  28. 12:16
    All KC has done is ask questions and you are the one calling names, now that is pathetic. For all we know, this Jane Blair person is a schill for the developers who funded the $5k "she" donated. When people insert themselves into politics they should expect some scrutiny. Her contact information is required on the donation disclosure form but it was glaringly absent. What is she trying to hide -- why won't she answer some relevant questions.

  29. The Blairs's need no help in assassinating their own character. This all seems to be web printed information of their own doing. Nobody's privacy has been compromised here. KC is just keeping it real with the facts and timeline. W.C. has exposed you for who you really are. Deal with it! LL

  30. W.C.-For a teabagger. you are not too bad. Love what you said about Kevin to Jane's shill.

  31. Thanks, Anon 4:43!

    We teabaggers get a bad rap in the press I think. We just want a little freedom and opportunity.

    And the Barth/Kranz ticket of open government and transparency is totally in line with the Tea Party.

    Kinda weird, huh? Right-wing teabaggers supporting greenie Democrats Barth and Kranz? Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    Please check out this video that explains it.



  32. VC,

    Who should I vote for in State Government?

    Teabagger Wantabe!

  33. Anon 10:02,

    I've got my state election picks here.

    I'll add that I'm voting Libertarian in the Bilbray-Busby race.

  34. I've never been so disgusted at a forum than I am right now. I'm actually sick to my stomach after reading all this. This is like mass hysteria. Would you want to step into an attack like this if you were jane? There's nothing civil or decent about this.
    I'd rather look at the picture of the Blair's than your picture KC. Because she doesn't answer your email....why should she have? You have a Blog and automatically qualify as a must reply or else? I guess so! Watch out
    everyone - you may be next.
    The issue is you don't know all of the facts and you have your sleazy investigation and start're reel good at that. You must be so proud!!!
    Go and publish her phone number so she can be're walking a real thin line.


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