Sunday, October 10, 2010

Encinitas Citizens Step Up

It's about time that the public stands up and tells the city council that they work for us. We have one chance to get the city council majority to tell us the truth and be accountable, and it won't take much from you to help.

From the Inbox:

Friends and neighbors,
I ask for your support by attending a press conference that at city hall. A watchdog group of Encinitas community members have been auditing the city's policies and business practices.  They have uncovered wide spread corruption and mismanagement by city leaders.  We, as taxpayers, are being fleeced by their misconduct. 
A press conference to reveal the findings will be held Wednesday, October 13, 5pm on the steps of city hall prior to the City Council meeting.

We are marching city hall to hold our city leaders accountable for their actions.  We anticipate a large turnout from the media and want to make sure our city leaders get the message. You will see that the people involved have varied backgrounds and party affiliations.  We are just average citizens who have uncovered questionable business practices and misconduct that have lead to systemic corruption. 

More information will be available Monday and at the press conference.

We ask that you help us in uncovering the truth and holding city hall accountable. You can do that by attending the press conference as an interested citizen.

On one hand this is occurring during an election so people are going to be overloaded. On the other hand the council will be worried the public is going to figure out what is really going on, so they just might do the right thing.

For what its worth, this is going to be a really interesting event and because Dalager is in trouble there is a chance for making a big impact.
Be there, bring your issues, and bring a friend.


  1. Sounds like some people are putting their money, time and intelligence where it counts. Let's see how this plays out.

  2. I'll take my afternoon walk to city hall on Wednesday afternoon. See everyone there.

  3. Let's not be grumblers, whiners and pity-party people -- get active and do something to make a change just by showing up. See ya there!

  4. El Tocayo will be there.

  5. Craziness!

    "It's big! It's really big! I can't tell you what it is but it's big! Come with us, form a large group, march on the city hall and our big news will appear even bigger than it really is!" Drumroll, drama, etc.

    Hello? How stupid do you think we are. If you join this "Walk on City Hall" without knowing what you're walking into, YOU ARE A BOOB! Why not just tell us in advance? Could it be that the news is a wee bit trivial.

  6. What if you show up and the news is that Dalager's appliances are really only worth $150?

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  8. How about we boycott those businesses and professions of the people who should up?

  9. R U kidding me; you know that they'll take our names down don't you!

  10. Stupid idea, it'll look like an election stunt - it'll backfire.

    Let me get it out of the way now - I told you so.

  11. Tony for Council!

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