Monday, November 01, 2010

And now, watch this...

I shall think of this video as the caboose on this year's crazy train.
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  1. I like it. I think its saying, "Make Leucadia Safe" "Vote for anyone but Loser Dalager"

    "Vote Kranz and Barth"

    Dalager, Stocks and Houligan spiked all the pensions and spent all the future money, so the City can't afford to build the Hall property, improve the safety of Leucadia, or improve the RR crossings.

    Nice Movie.

  2. Nothing like seeing an old soap opera actor reading cue cards. Good point about Beacon's, and Teresa did offer up a possible solution, something that was done in Santa Cruz, planting certain native plants that shored up the bluff without the need for an expensive seawall. She did her research and came up with an idea worth pursuing.

    Just checked out this posting It displays another recent mailer from the Lincoln Club of San Diego.

    The mailer basically implies that Teresa went to fabulous resorts on the city's dime, while she was actually attending meetings and workshops that the other council members unanimously voted to send her as the city's official delegate because they didn't want to go. It also states "Tony Kranz and Teresa Barth are an explosive combination Encinitas cannot afford."

    Watching this election process has been truly stomach churning. If Dan Dalagar or Kristin Gaspar had an ounce of integrity they would speak out against these types of mailers, instead of sitting back and playing dumb. I would respect them for that.

  3. Do the Gordons have other business at city hall? How exactly did the city blow the beacons money again? Is our flooding fixed or are they going to keep that over our heads for the next decade?

  4. Turnout in Cardiff is heavy, and that is a good sign for TnT.

  5. Clever collage of soundbites from city hall etc. From what ALL four of the council members said praising the planter, who would vote against it?

    Also notice how far beyond the "right of way" on Neptune that Maggie's truck was for 45 minutes. That tells me there was PLENTY of room for that planter and it didn't inhibit the public right of way whatsoever, if her vehicle was an extra 8' beyond the planter. And not one orange cone. Last time I looked at the front of the Gordon's house, the city left it in shambles - just like Beacon's will look soon from being neglected.

    And to answer your questions 7:01,
    "Do the Gordons have other business at city hall?"

    Yes. The Gordons are very active locally. Matthew has been a contributing board member of Leucadia 101 for years. He's drawn up excellent ideas for example to make Leucadia Blvd from the Hwy to Beacons a SAFE walk. Anyone who's ever been through that stretch knows how treacherous it STILL IS. He's had other excellent ideas to improve Leucadia's business economy with our own cool looking personalized currency: "Leucadia Bucks". More less a coupon or way to save money at shops while at the same time stimulating local business, and adding to the betterment of L-101.

    Robin was to sponsor that world's largest green jade statue of Buddah that was on display in Escondido last year to be displayed at our own Library. WHAT a unique opportunity and a draw to Encinitas that would have been - and the folks who manage the statue gave her the green light(No pun)allowing her to sponsor it in Encinitas.
    I'm not a Buddist, but you can imagine how other religions would be jealous of that happening - demanding equal time and such, so the Library declined the Gordon's generous offer.

    "How exactly did the city blow Beacon's money again"?
    For that we don't need to know the motive. What did happen though is that nearly 3 million dollars that was ear marked for improving Beacons was transfered to Moonlight Beach instead. I don't care what politics were involved, I just believe that that was very wrong, and anti-Leucadia, much like the removal of the Gordon's beautiful planter right next to Beacons.

    "Is our flooding fixed or are they going to keep that over our heads for the next decade?"
    Our 5 million dollar drainage fix was another boondoggle. NO ONE took the blame for not allowing a pipe larger than 24". It was claimed by some engineers at the city that the state would not allow a pipe larger than 24" dia. That was NOT TRUE. As a result, our flooding became worse than ever on the highway. Fortunately, Rick Engineering came to our rescue here in the valley of 101 and put diverters that slowed the flow down. Now our drainage is the best it's been in 50 years. But the problem is FAR from fixed with all kinds of new puddles in places where there never were puddles - not to mention all the other adjacent areas that still flood. A 48" pipe would have worked 4 times better than what we got. (And just as a note, let's not forget that Rick Engineering gave us an outrageous price for a permenant fix costing 40 million and that would have taken down all of our trees. So, good thing the city saw through their thin veil of outrageous cost and didn't hire them to do that IMHO).

    No, Leucadia is blessed to have people like the Gordons as neighbors. And I'm not just saying that because my folks got a refrigerator from Aztec Appliance darn near free!! But they did. So can you. Check out their ad this week.

    That's right, Aztec Dog! Arrrrf!

  6. i had no idea i lived right at THE GAUNTLET and that i was always in danger at Beacon Beach.

    why are the cue cards above his head?
    was this like a one take sort of deal? because he didn't seem like he had read what he was reading before the rolled tape.

    i'm 39 and a movie and tv buff... and i have no idea who this guy is which leads me to think he was hired by REALLY old folks.

    and i would argue the assertion that the homeowners cliffs are "healthy." they clearly skipped over the ones with catamarans embedded in iceplant and the ones covered in black plastic.

  7. I voted Cardiff Kook for council. Can't be any worse than what we have now or will have by morning.

  8. ummm, way to waste your vote

  9. No worse than all those nuts that voted for Bob years ago.

  10. Leave Bob out of this. He always was able to listen to the other side of the argument with respect to those who did not agree with him. It would be nice to have a sidewalk up the hill to Beacons but who will give up their property for it? I don't think Murphy would. That leaves the trailer park and the house on the North side. Good luck with that. It will never happen. If you want safe acess go to Moonlight. Beacons should remain feral. It is the last wild beach we have around here. That's why it's special and why we love it so much! LL

  11. Interesting how the Leucadian blog completely SHUT DOWN and CENSORED all commentary on the blog leading up to the election in a move to reduce the number of people seeing what a kook Kranz really is. Not only was the ability to post comments suspended but even the ability to become a member and log-on was unavailable. Shame on the Leucadian for taking away the communities ability to communicate freely. Take a screen shot of this comment because when the editor sees it, it too will disappear along with all of the other constructive criticism written herein. The editor is an obvious fan of Saul Alinsky's book Rule-for-Radical...rule #27 silence your critics!

  12. Feral- You are a loser. I'm sure you wont mind if a kid gets killed or our kids cant walk to their local beach because its not safe. That right, everyone pack into the Hummer so we can drive 3 blocks to the beach.

    Feral- haaa. the only thing feral is that air between your ears that god entended to put some brains.

    Your a feral dick head.LL

  13. I want my kids to be safe too. The question still is who gets screwed by emenent domain for them to get to Beacons? How much will that cost the taxpayer? Look, I just don't want stairs or a seawall. I do think they need to do something to stabilize the trail and fix the storm drain. Go to stone steps or grandview if you need stairs. Feral was a joke dude. There are no wild beaches any more but it is all we have. Some times less is more. LL

  14. LL- Less is more, I agree. Especially at Beacons.

    The pedestrian improvements needed are between Vulcan and Neptune. Read this three times.

    No one will get screwed by eminent domain for them to get to Beacons, because the City has all the existing right-of-way needed to build a fine walkway for children and all to get to the beach.

    No one will get screwed by eminent domain for them to get to Beacons, because the City has all the existing right-of-way needed to build a fine walkway for children and all to get to the beach.

    No one will get screwed by eminent domain for them to get to Beacons, because the City has all the existing right-of-way needed to build a fine walkway for children and all to get to the beach.

    Less is more at Beacons- Less asphalt slab, less cars parked right at the edge of the bluff negating any use of the bluff for pedestrian vistas. No seawall needed.

    no more stairs- there are currently stairs at Beacons, more pedestrian vista area to enjoy the beautiful ocean vista, and more landscaping. Encourage more biking and walking to Beacons and less driving. Keep it simple. LL.

  15. If there is no eminent domain issue for a walkway from the park to Neptune, than why can't it get done? Personally I think the road is too narrow as it is.

  16. Money, Political will, the hall sports complex is all consuming. There are many reasons. LL - your comments and your support for Dalager prove your a true loser.

    From my limited observations from your posts, you are a classic victim mentality and in my opinion you will never realize the state of even semi complete complete happiness that comes from internal peace and liberty of ones mind.

    Best of luck on your journey. I hope you find your way to a more peaceful, thoughtful existence so you will find more happiness.

  17. Thank you for the pep talk. My life is soooo much happier now! You're the exact reason I chose this handle. The word loser just makes your skin crawl, doesn't it? You could just never do enough for mommy and daddy could you? It's just, I want it, I want it, all the time with you. Your superior me first attitude is lame. I am not the only one on this blog that likes Dan personally. I did not vote for him this election because he fucked up. We all do. How about you?

  18. When I fuck up, I admit it. Unlike you and your kind. Whatever victim...good luck.

    I wish you to find true happiness. What that may mean is next time your on top of a mountain, think about what in your life make you happy inside. Hint- Its not government give mes.


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