Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caltrans to Leucadia: Don't Send Regional Traffic to the I5

Dated March 2010, Caltrans sent this letter to the City.

Update at Patch: Council moves forward. According to patch the new contract approved was for work to be done in response to Caltrans and Carlsbad. Did they say why it has taken over 8 months to decide to do this?


  1. Let's abolish CalTrans, right after we abolish the TSA.

  2. you have to be kidding. I5 was built to take commuter traffic. Their meter ramps, prohibit interstate flow and push traffic to our local streets. Let have them do an EIR for that issue.

    Eliminate Caltrans. They are the biggest waste in government right behind the border patrol.

  3. looks like they will want the City to tear out the streetscape and new streetlights in Encinitas. That project really slowed commuter traffic cutting through downtown.

    Fuck Caltrans. Communist red pussies.

  4. Don't forget about the railroad. They should be replacing the tree canopy and fixing their sides of the track. Vulcan should have a walk/bike trail from La Costa to Manchester. They should also approve at grade crossings.

  5. Where was Caltrans when Scripps had its expansion approved by council and the traffic analysis showed a "F" for the exit ramp off I-5 onto Santa Fe??????? Which one of the councilmembers is fueling this fire? Sandag/Caltrans.....hmmmm.

  6. Geesh. Caltrans blocking our Streetscape? If they had attended any workshops they would know that although traffic will be slowed down on 101 (which is essential for safety and beneficial for commerce), the roundabouts will actually increase the flow of traffic through the same distance. Guess they want every local street more congested and to have a faster speed limit. We don't.

  7. Caltrans people are the lamest humans on earth. complete workfare.

  8. The best way to redirect traffic off local streets is to widen the freeway. Period. If we stop fighting Cal Trans and work with them we will get a lot more for our town. They do not need our blessing to do anything they want. They look at it regionally, not from our little perspective.

  9. Yes! Bow to our new CalTrans overlords!

  10. Good! The streetscape plan sucked anyway.

  11. Who let the crotchety person in here?

  12. Wow,
    Encinitas sues Carlsbad over the development of Ponto because it will impact La Costa Ave. Caltrans does the same thing, as shrinking 101's capacity will cause additional traffic to detour onto I-5 and they're a "waste" "communists" etc. Hello Kettle, this is Pot.

    How about the Leucadians tell their city council to support the I5 widening so that through traffic stays on the freeway and we keep 101 as more of a local arterial? Del Mar has regularly messed with signal phasing, installed stop signs, etc just so that through traffic would stay on the freeway. Their hipocrisy is in their opposition to the freeway project. Don't be as ridiculous as them.

    BTW, Caltrans did not oppose the 101 project. Read their letter and inform yourself of what was said.

    Peace and happy commuting!

  13. We who love LeucadiaNovember 18, 2010 10:13 PM

    The grouchily old misinformed old fart; Is that LA firefighter that loves wide straight roads that kills children and wants to kill Leucadia's children.

    Why don't you see people walking along Leucadia Mainstreet?

    Answer- Because its unsafe and sucks!

    In his small mind, the more children that die, the more calls for firefighters.

    In reality, our fire chief understands that designing roads that prevent deaths is part of the purpose of his oversight.

    What the hell is wrong with that guy anyway? If he loves wide open roads so much up in LA, why doesn't he live up on the 101 in Long Beach or Malibu. Instead, he lives in a town with a much lower speed and capacity along Hw101. He is sick. Just like the losers who developed LA.

    Loser. Can you Say LOSER?!!!!

  14. Why do kids and people walk in downtown Encinitas, but you don't see anyone walking or shopping in Leucadia?

  15. Maybe because other than Just Peachy, Leucadia doesn't offer anything to shop for. Old crap from antique shops, getting your car fixed by a pedophile, staying in one of many bedbug motels, a few dive bars, terrible eateries, Apu's cali-mex grocery, a burned out restaurant, head-start school, Karina's, 7-11, car lots, trailer parks, Beacons, Leucadia Roadside Park, the lawnmower shop, La Especial Crappie, a couple of liquor stores, Duckywaddles. Wow, Leucadia has an abundance of services!

  16. That sounds just like downtown Encinitas BEFORE THEIR STREETSCAPE.

    Implement Leucadia's streetscape, make it safe for people to walk and the area will prosper with functional businesses serving the community. Until then, you wont catch me walking along that dump.

    To Gasper-

    We are waiting and we want a safe town much more than a huge sports complex which will serve Carlsbad as much as Encinitas.

  17. 11:20,

    Wow.If you hate LEucadia so much and feel it is not good enough, why don't you move?

  18. I would never move!
    I love Leucadia just the way it is.
    By the way, I didn't move here.

  19. We That Love leucadia,
    You must be the Fire Chief Mark Muir throwing yourself a prop...

    Your the only person I've ever seen with all three-mustard, ketchup and jelly donut filling smeared on your uniform shirt at one time... I'm embarrassed for you.


  20. Anon 5:51- I am curious as to why you felt compelled to trash Mark Muir on this particular post? From what I have read, Muir is not involved in this posting, but for some reason, you felt a need to trash someone. In this case Mark Muir. I wonder if that is not what happens a lot of time on this blog and other blogs. Are people really that negative that they almost don't feel good if they can't trash somebody? This is one for Dr. Lori.

  21. 1120 It's not 4:20 put the bong down dude.You are not getting out much in the community lately. Le Papagyo is world class and many walk to enjoy the nightlife there. We also have many other worthy places to shop and gather at. SurfySurfy, A Little More even that little market that you put down has incredible food. Soon we will have a padaria. Many walk to the Leucsdian, which is not a dive anymore by the way. So go and drive to Carlsbad if you don't want to walk down 101. We need at grade crossings and sidewalks NOT A BIGGER HIGHWAY!

  22. Wait until that eyesore of a monstrosity called Pacific Station opens - traffic chaos will ensue! Underground parking - the local body shops can hand out their cards to the cars entering that destruction derby. Downtown parking was horrible before this abomination was built - it will deter anyone from attempting to shop downtown again after they've experienced the mayhem about to occur. Thanks to $tocks, Bond and Dalager.

  23. Muir played a role in this project. Yes, Muir got his job because of political reasons and he make decisions on political grounds.

  24. I love Leucadia, and "We Who Love Loeucaida" is a bully. I am grateful for David, the firefighter. He echoes the concerns of many residents that traffic will be dumped into our neighborhoods from the highway. And also that response time for emergency services will be slowed.

    No one has shown where any other cities have only 3 intersection roundabouts. This plan is to primarily benefit a few long time commercial property owners, such as Fred and Charles Marvin, who pay low property taxes due to Prop 13. They will get substantially more parking, and anticipate more business, and higher rents, or a higher selling price, should they sell, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Over 1000 people signed petitions AGAINST the roundabouts including biz owners of Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace. Petz and Associates essentially was paid well over $400,000 to LOBBY FOR ROUNDABOUTS. They offer sleek promotions around the country promoting roundabouts, and are paid handsomely to do so. The majority of people turning in surveys taken at City Hall at the third workshop did not want five roundabouts and do NOT WANT NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAY 101 reduced to one lane, only.

    North 101 is a historic highway. To take out a lane will cause traffic to clog up and slow down, particularly during the hours around rush hour, when traffic is already slow. CalTrans may have legitimate concerns regarding reducing traffic flow on a major artery, a main highway because the population is being manipulated by fear. We could ENFORCE our speed limits, use the police to establish a presence on that stretch of highway, instead of spending millions on something the majority of residents, and commuters DO NOT WANT.

  25. 8:21
    That's just silly.

  26. 8:21 - COME ON! We have had this debate, and the Council has voted for Alternative 4(A). This will be a great addition to our city and community, and Neptune is not going to get overflow traffic. That is fear mongering.

    What you should be spending your energy on is making sure I5 gets improved, so we don't have even more cut through traffic from the freeway.

    Stop "re-trading" this deal. MANY, MANY people want Leucadia to improve, and to slow the traffic down and make it more pedestrian and bike friendly. More cops won't do that - stop suggesting that as an "alternative".

    Most people would agree that the Downtown Encinitas streetcape was a success, and now it is our turn.

    It is all good (if you let it happen).

  27. It is OK to be like downtown encinitas?

  28. Roundabouts in Leucadia suck!

  29. LA needs smarter firefightersNovember 21, 2010 9:21 PM

    Firemen that like wide straight roads suck and must be retarded because they can't figure out a simple roundabout. Everyother person in the world can figure it out, but the retarded LA firefighter can't. What the hell is wrong with that guy?


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