Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Roundup

Encinitas mayor voted out of office

You know, I always like Dan Dalager as a person and enjoyed talking with him. But he drove me crazy with the way he tried to achieve things. I think he made things harder than they had to be sometimes. It was hard to blog about him sometimes because I always liked him growing up. I wonder what he will do now?

Encinitas City Council, two seats open

Unofficial Results with all precincts reporting

• Kristin Gaspar, 8095 votes, 28.73 percent

• Teresa Barth, 7292 votes, 25.88 percent

• Tony Kranz, 6419 votes, 22.78 percent

• Dan Dalager, 6368 votes, 22.6 percent

A lot of people are having a panic attack about Kristin Gaspar sweeping into a city council seat out of nowhere. Cynics say she is a puppet with no real ideas of her own. It is astounding she got over 8,000 votes. I mean, that is pretty epic.

I say give Kristin a chance to let us get to know her. Because now it is real. Now she is an actual city council person and that comes with serious responsibilities. The big money and prestiges people and groups that backed her, they better hope they bet on the right horse, because if she does poorly it reflects poorly on them. And after that ugly campaign a lot of people in this town are not willing to cut her any slack. I personally believe she will prove to be more of an independent thinker than people believe. Some people say she will just do what her husband tells her to. Those people have never been married.

In a weird way she is like Obama, coming in full of hope and promise. Now Obama has gray hair and has to deal with crazy people screaming him at 24/7. Welcome to your new life Kristin!

The Leucadia Blog will give you a fair shake (remember the anonymous commenters are a whole separate deal) but we are taking to heart that you reminded us again and again that you are a CFO who can make responsible money decisions. Plus, you like comic book superheroes which is a-okay with me. Good to see geeks and nerds infiltrating mainstream society

Teresa Barth: No good deed goes unpunsihed. Face it mudslingers, Teresa is a really good council person and your disturbing and low class smear campaign failed. Your bizarre lies about Teresa have put your golden girl Gaspar in a tough position (like mistrust and now Gaspar can never attend an important conference due to hypocrisy over using the city credit card). Congrats to Teresa on her second term and taking the high road this summer.

Tony Kranz: Tony is a cool cat and has lots of contributions to make to the city over the long run. The whole Obama is Hitler sign guy probably did nothing to harm Tony's run, but it sure was weird and lame and distracted from important Encinitas issues.

Hall Park: So, Gaspar was elected to build the Hall Park. Great! Time to create a solid and realistic financial plan that doesn't involve a ponzi scheme or raising taxes. The city can't hide behind it's phantom NIMBY opposition anymore. This will be interesting to watch.

Billionaires Fail to buy California: Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina you both suck.

Prop 19 Fail: I knew Prop 19 was doomed when a stoner kid who just moved to Leucadia from Poway came into my store on Monday and tried to sell me a bag of weed. I asked him if he was looking forward to voting yes on Prop 19. His response, "Whatcha' you talking about dawg?"

Republicans retake House: Thank god Pelosi is no longer speaker of the house so now I don't have to listen to those fat old grumpy retired city workers that hang out in the Swamis parking lot complain about her anymore. Man, dudes of a certain age really have a creepy obsession with Pelosi. Please never speak of her again and try to enjoy your pension for once dudes. Go see your grandkids you fat lazy slobs. And try wearing a clean shirt for once. That VG's coffee stain has been there all year.

And, John Boehner cried not out of joy but out of fear. Because it was easy to snipe at Obama from the sidelines day in and day out. Now he has to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. And he has no plan and now has an impatient unemployed American public as a monkey on his back. Have fun with that Boehner!

The Leucadia Blog: I started this blog in 2005 because I was pissed off about the redevelopment district scam. Since then the blog has become a weird part of my life. I get a lot of grief about this blog. A lot of it is because the internet still scares some people. Interested parties who once tried to pretend the blog didn't exist now use the anonymous comments feature to try to push their agendas. I'm not sure just how effective these agent provocateurs are, personally I think they are just spinning their wheels. The mainstream press even acknowledges the blog from time to time. I just want everyone to know that this blog is a hobby, Kevin and I don't make money off it. In fact it's a pretty heavy time suck. We will keep it going though and should probably upgrade to the new Blogger platform soon.


  1. Nice job, JP. Good summary, and thanks for doing the blog.

  2. Nancy Palosi was bad. John Boehner is worse. He scares the shit out of me even more than Palosi. The next two years is going to be ugly in America. J.P. love the blog. Thanks. LL

  3. This quote sums up the local election

    QUOTATION: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
    ATTRIBUTION: Remark attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

    Apply each section to the appropriate candidate as you see fit

  4. And after that ugly campaign a lot of people in this town are not willing to cut her any slack. for good reason, she caused and paid for the ugly campaign. When you have never attended a council meeting, could not answer any questions about relevant questions about Encinitas, and except huge contributions from out of City interests, special interests like paid sports leagues and Developers, and run on semi-attractiveness campaign; you deserve all the screwtiny you get.

    JP- You can pretend she can do as she pleases, but the reality is the money that put her in office including the dude that paid for the internal plastic and pays for the external plastic everymonth have pretty strong pull.

    You can hope for something all you want like Obama knows how to fix America or the bimbo will chose the right course, but in the end ----Reality sets in.

    Welcome to Reality!!!

    PS- LL your a government tick, so change your shirt and shut the fuck up. slouch!!!

  5. Fwiw, I hate it when book keepers call themselves CFO.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Theresa is still on the council so she will insist on transparency. I am willing to give Gaspar time to show her Merle.

  7. Why must I be censored? Just because I support our firemen and lifeguards. Why? Because I have friends who live in and work for this city who care about it and are just like everyone else who work hard and pay taxes too? Who are you to tell me what to wear? LL

  8. LL- Just because your comments are soooo fricken lame and you are the kind of American that is destroying our country. I know you won't STFU because you can't. You have no common sense and you know it. I know your type, I see them at the DMV.

  9. Please run some ads so you can contribute more time to the blog. I'm sure most readers won't mind and the ones that do would have a really entertaining fit about it.

  10. The dumb blonde has a mandate, I don't believe it. She has proved to be the strongest new candidate in the history of Encinitas. WOW!

  11. You forgot to add that Busby has lost for the third time!

  12. Busby couldn't win a foot race against a dead turtle - even if Busby was given a half hours head start! Please BuzzBomb- don't ever run again for anything - you are a proven loser!

  13. It doesn't look promising for Gaspar. 30 years old, no political experience, inflated credentials, inability to articulate any game plan or awareness of issues, endorsed by $tock$, funded by secret special interests, WonderWoman - shall i go on? Yea - give her a chance; but the writing is already appearing on the wall. Only good thing is that she replaces Dalager - he was equivalent to a potted plant - one that was wilted too boot!

  14. Who will be less educated about City issues a burned out pothead that failed to launch and leave mommas nest, or a MILF who was hired as a receptionist with a communications degree and ended up the CFO after marrying the owner, with 3 babies at home, and doesn't have a clue about how a City even works, and still needs to learn the defination of an ordinance?

    I think the MILFs better but still deep in the pockets of special interests. I would have said "in bed" but I didn't want old chunky monkey Stocks to shoot a load.

    Waite until you see how much Stock begins playing pocket pool at Council. He is really going to act like a tool on the dais now.

  15. el Tocayo says,

    Hey LovinEncinitas I think you mean "accepting huge contributions" not "expect"
    "Screwtiny"? really? Are you being funny? Let us in on it.

  16. Maybe Gaspar can be like that gal on Channel 5 (Crissy Russo) and just come to the meetings in a new outfit every week - then you'll see cardio $tock$ sweating worse than he normally does. She can utter "OH my God!", put her finger to her chin and smile - her contribution to the brain trust. Pass the aspirin - we'll need it...

  17. This blog is a breath of fresh air - at least you let the droids speak their minds or what's left of it.

  18. JP and Kevin: I want to than you both for the time and effort you put into this blog. It remains the only forum for so many to just vent if that is what they need to do. I agree with the one poster who said, put up some ads and make a little money on it. How about some local businesses who want to advertise. I would be happy to be the first. Although I have no idea how to put an ad together. I think I speak for some, when I say, this blog is a breath of fresh air here. When people post things, even crude and nasty things,I believe it is because so many of us are frustrated with so much and don't have an avenue to express it. That is why this blog is so crucial, especially in these times. I don't agree with a lot of the posters, and they don't agree with me, but so what? At least we can vent, laugh, trash, and even get news, especially about the City. Thank you for keeping it going. It would be easier to close it down, but we have all grown to know and love you, at least I have.

  19. Thanks for this blog ! Without it, a lot of valuable info would have never gotten out to the public - not everyone yells at each other, many actually contribute.
    Another election demonstrating the total weirdness of this city. This reminds me of the election when Maggie and Jerome had about the same amount of votes -there had to be some overlap. The top two candidates in this election are the same situation. If you voted for Barth, how do you also vote for Gaspar ? How can the NCT endorse both ?
    Does this election prove money can buy anything or does it prove the voters thought enough about the issues to vote for Barth ?
    I'll give Gaspar the benefit of the doubt when [if] she earns it. So far all we know is she is backed by tons of money and will do or say anything to win. New boss, same as the old boss...

  20. JP- so you don't like Meg 2010, well tell us in 2 years how you like Gov Moonbeam and his team of tax raisers and union hacks. Can't wait.

  21. Brown and Boxer will reinforce our position as the worst state in the union to do business in and business means jobs.

  22. If you want jobs go spend money it's what drives jobs. Since the privite sector has been shiping jobs offshore more are unemployed thus less money is spend keep the jobs here and the money will be spend here. The country needs to grow from the bottom up trickle down doesn't work it only enables those at the top.

  23. Prop 19 failed not only because of short term memory loss, but also because there are far too many Californians who benefit from weed remaining an outlaw industry. And then you have the whole 'don't let the corporations take over weed' faction. In short, 19 failed because it was not a 'grass' roots movement. A joint in one hand and a no on 19 in the other...

    This blog does a great service to democracy. Cheers to raising rational and informed opinions amidst an ocean of well funded nonsense.

  24. Does anyone know how to access election results by precint? I can not find these on line, though I recall seeing this in the past.

  25. LovinEncinitas, you don't know shit. You think your so all knowing but the truth is you're a cyber bully. Your rants about government workers is boring and full of half truths and made up crap. What kind of America do you live in anyway?

  26. Schmitty-How right you are. The "grass" industry is a powerful lobby unto itself. Let's face it, the Feds don't even want to mess with them. They know where it grows and once in a great while they do a sweep, just so the public can think they are trying to do something. Truth is even the CIA transports and sells drugs to pay for other things. God help them if it became legal. Where would they get their revenue? As far as local stuff, how many believe that if the sheriff confiscates your stuff that you are ever going to see it, except up in smoke by them. Lots of money for the powers that be. It will change when either the tobacco companies or pharm companies get on board and can sell it. Not till then.

  27. Thanks for the blog. Please keep it going!

  28. Hey, no worries. We now have our own little mom and pop pot store just north of plant lady.
    Get your script and cruise on by.

  29. Will they take my EBT card at the pot dispensary?

  30. How about my WIC card or my food stamps?\

    How about my fresh printed on semi Recycled toilet paper- US currency?

  31. Info by precint will be available after the Registrar certifies the election at the end of the month.

    check out

  32. KC and JP - thanks for keeping the blog going. I know it's a lot of work and must be frustrating for to you to read at times. But you are the ones who finally nailed Kristin's Rotary Club as a bunch of losers and an embarrassment to the city.

    You are cutting Kristin way to much slack. She said publicly she would not listen to community members and other activists. That is exactly what Stocks told her to say. They have one "brain" between them.

    You are doing the community a valuable service. Keep up the good work.

  33. I don't trust anyone that abuses the term CFO. Smells like some more scandal and bad policy might be in store for the good people of our City. Gaspar is hereby sucky until proven tolerable based on her campaigning alone.

  34. PACK her first Council Meeting, and the second, and on and on.

    Put the pressure on from her FIRST day in office.

    If she thinks "gopher-faced tool" is bad (thank you one of the Anons) she will no doubt be referred to by a few more unpleasant tags if she fails in her elected job.

    Don't seat her next to Jerome. He'll pass her the 'answers' under the dais.

    We're in for a ride.

  35. Sdjase - You obviously have no idea what Kristin's position as CFO entails. Have you ever signed the front of a paycheck? Or are you just used to signing the back not taking the risks of a business owner?
    She's been an integral part of the business for years.
    What have you accomplished? I suppose you can tell us all about being a CFO from personal experience as one? Probably not.

  36. Are you kidding me? Jerry Brown was the worst Governor in CA history! As Attorney General he has decimated businesses and has driven work out of CA. Check out his history on suing businesses operating in the state. He sues big businesses so they settle for millions. Funny they don,t want to stay in CA. He and Boxer will nail the final nails in the coffin.
    Meg may not have been good but she would have been a heck of a lot better than Moonbeam. CA is the least business friendly state. We can't climb out of the mess we're in if we keep voting in the ones creating it.
    There's a lot to be said for business experience. Why must we continue voting for attorneys who don't know the first thing about balancing budgets.

  37. November 10th - $tock$, Bond and lame duck Dalager vote to rezone the Pacific View School site - delivering it to the developers and forever ending the possibility of the city acquiring it as a beach front park. This is their legacy - mass development, kick-backs and sell out to the highest bidder. Can we still tar and feater Dalager?? $tock$ must go in 2 years!

  38. Savage is right.....Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  39. Hey,

    I heard that Tony beat the crap out of a Barth supporter on election night.

    Any truth to this?


  40. How about adding something to address these made up groups (citizens united, ethic council, etc.)to support their own agenda or candidates?

  41. Very amusing post and right on the moolah...Logan Jenkins, watch out! You have competition!

  42. At least Dalager lose. There is a god.


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