Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Groovy new building planned for Leucadia coast hwy

Stoked to see they are keeping those impressive twin palm trees.
Read about it via Encinitas Patch: Panaderia Planned for Vacant Lot in Leucadia


  1. Free Geert WildersNovember 09, 2010 4:03 PM

    Well it might work seeing as the bidness will be run by the family of the owner. No rent to pay. Other than that it will be impossible for them to pay rent at the going rate, triple net.

    I wish them good luck and I will give them a try.

  2. the streetscape will increase the curb appeal.

  3. real shoe boxes have more style than this, pathetic

  4. A pandaria will be a welcome addition to the hood. LEED is good too. We need more buildings that are LEED certified in this city. I hope it will not look anything like Pacific Station. It does not fit well with the rest of downtown. Try to keep it a little bit funky Mr Church. LL

  5. I like the architecture. Its beautiful... not the same old crap put up in every stripmall.

    Thanks for the nice architecture!

  6. The smell of baking bread!

  7. That is a nice looking building!!!

  8. WOW! I can't WAIT! I'm gonna be hanging around eating, drinking, and Wifi-ing in the near future...

  9. Well... I hope they make it, but it sounds like a pretty stupid idea to me.

    BTW, I'm predicting Jawz will be gone w/in the next year. That building should just be dozed.

  10. I was there when the neighbors got to look at their plans. Overall, I think it's a great addition to Leucadia. Why?

    1. It could be double the size, exacerbating parking problems in our area. It's not.

    2. It's a stand alone business with no residential, creating more parking problems.

    3. It fills in another large gap in our business district. Currently there are several dead zones that do not attract trade. This one definately will.

    On the downside:

    1. It looks like Solana Beach 70's architecture.

    2. The same builder will exacerbate parking problems with his other project being built one block south on the corner of Phoebe St. and 101. Nice people, but come one. They don't give a damn about the neighborhood parking problems. No one uses those inconvenient tandem garages for parking. They use them for storage - forcing more cars on the street. And there is and shouldn't be any ordinance forcing owners to use them for anything else. The design of the place is definately interesting and Leucadia should encourage interesting, but the Phoebe project is being built strictly for moolah, and it's just too friggin big.

    Love, ur neighbor, Fred

  11. PS. Thanks for saving the palms too!

  12. Why Are they breaking ground on the Phoebe apartments when the adjacent live/work units are still unsold?

  13. A fancy new building for a panaderia? Something does not compute.

  14. 6:55

    Different builder.

  15. I think this is a GREAT idea. What a nice treat for us Leucadians. Hurry up and build it...I'm getting hungry.


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