Monday, November 08, 2010

Stone Steps Contest Tribute Video


  1. Next year when they legalize Weed for more taxes, I'm going to hold the 44th annual Beacons Surf Contest... before each heat, you need to eat a 1/2 nickel bag of pot.

  2. What a great little video from the wayback machine J.P. I was just a grommet when these contests were run but I do remember that it was a fun time for all who showed up. A truly unique contest that will never be seen again. Good times. Thanks for posting this. LL

  3. Time to bring it back along with the Flower Festival....

    Leucadia Native

  4. I flew in from Hawaii to be in the contest. The problem was you had to be 21 to drink alcohol. I was only 18, it was legal in Hawaii for 18 year olds but not Cali. I went home and practiced real hard but by the time I was 21 they didn't have the contest anymore. But I was in the back ground.



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