Friday, November 12, 2010

Streetscape: 11 months later

 On next week's council agenda the streetscape planning contracts will be considered for extension and expansion. See here. Below are excerpts.

On January13 2010 City Council directed staff to move forward with
Alternative 4A as the preferred alternative for the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Project and to initiate the required discretionary permit process Plan 4A consists primarily of roundabouts reverse angle and parallel parking and at hree lane road configuration with one northbound lane and two southbound lanes City Council also directed staff to further explore alternative phasing options for the North 101 Streetscape Project As part of the original scope o f work the detailed design and ultimate construction of the first phase was designated from A Street to North Court However CityCouncildirectedstafftoexplorethefeasibilityofextendingcertainelementsand return with are fined Phase1 that focuses on walkability the tree canopy and traffic calming measures Staff will present the phasing options and feasibility analysis to the City Council on December15 2010

Authorization for a contract amendment 4 with MWPeltz Associates for additional traffic analysis in an amount not toexceed 17570 and authorization t o enter into a separate contract with AlternateStreetDesign PA in an amount not toexceed 19810 for refined traffic analysis and preliminary design work regarding the North Coast Highway 101

Any deadlines in the contract?

An application to amend the GeneralPlan GP LocalCoastalProgram LCP andNorth101 CorridorSpecificPlan N101SP Case No 10036GPALCPAN101SPA was also filed on March 15 2010 given the proposed three lane configuration for Plan4A  North Coast Highway 101 is classified as a Major Arterial in the Circulation Element of the CityofEncinitas General Plan which is d escribed as a four lane divided roadway Additionally the N101 SP provides cross sections and design recommendations for North Coast Highway101which depict a four lane configuration and a righ t of way width of 90 feet TheGeneral Plan and the N101S Pare components of the Local Coastal Program The amendments as requested wil l specify via text that a Major Roadway may be authorized as a three lane road as long as the operational characteristics are adequate Both discretionary permit applications including project plans and traffic report were distributed to internal City departments and to the State of California Department of Transportation Caltrans North County Transit District NCTD and City of Carlsbad for review and to provide comments Staff received comments from Caltrans and the City of Carlsbad Based on the complexity of  comments received additional analysis is required to adequately facilitate responses to comments received.

Carlsbad sent us the letters from Carlsbad (from April 2010) and the July response from Encinitas. It took just a few minutes to get the letters, which were digitized and obviously archived in a well organized and easily accessible location. They didn't make me drive to city hall. It is rare in the City of Encinitas to ask for and get a file immediately.  I sent an email to the Encinitas Planning department for the same and the Caltrans correspondence Wednesday evening. Encinitas City Hall was closed today.

I've asked Carlsbad staff for  documents several times over the years. There is a qualitative difference in the customer service orientation and open nature of Carlsbad city hall when contrasted with Encinitas. KC.


  1. Nice plan. Too bad we don't have the support of council to make anything happen sooner than ten years from now and after they build a huge sports complex for Carlsbad.

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  3. dontcha just love a hooker with a heart of gold?

  4. Hey! I clicked that link that there were pictures of naked women. Did anyone know that there were pictures of naked women on the internet? I am writing my Congressman. Or city councilman. Someone needs to be informed.

  5. Let's look at what city staff and Council have given us these last few years:
    A new library for $20,000,000. $11 million over budget!
    The Hall Park we owe $31,000,000.
    A public works yard for $9,000,000 with over a million dollars in changes for a facility that was supposed to be turn-key.
    Three new fire stations at 5 to 6 million dollars each.
    A bond we did not vote on for $20,000,000.
    More than likely over $50,000,000 for the improvements for the Hall Property with over a million dollars a year in operating expenses. All for a regional sports park for Carlsbad with no access.
    What about our City Manager who held the job for just a few years and will now retire at $250,000 a year at our expense. Plus lifetime medical benefits 100% free. Plus we are paying him twice now until a replacement is found. More than likely that guy will last a few years and then retire at our expense.
    Streetscape? Dream on.
    The city of Bell doesn't have much on us!
    When is staff and Council going to jail?

  6. Anete, go finda a rolling donut, you fembot, you.

    I wouldn't touch your link if you paid me.

  7. The PWY was millions over priced. We've only built one of the three fire stations.

    Where did you get 1million in operations/year for the Hall park?

  8. Staff at the City has something to hide.
    Pretty funny that the first phase in entirely in Encinitas and not Leucadia. It benefits car lots, Keno's, Encinitas Surfboards, an auto body business, Juanitas, a massage parlor, a tatoo parlor, etc.
    Why not start further north?

  9. Since we have missing sidewalks at both ends of the Hwy why not start at both ends and meet in the middle. Maybe just maybe by the time they get to Leucadia Blvd. they'll be a solution for the intersection.

  10. Build the streetscape!!November 14, 2010 8:19 AM

    Build the streetscape, build it now!!
    Build the streetscape, build it now!!
    Build the streetscape, build it now!!

  11. The City recently refinanced the Hall Property Bonds. The original 2001 bonds were for $22,645,000. The new 2010 bonds are for $19,530,000. The City will save some money, but just how much is not revealed yet. The final payoff is still 2031.

    There is some interesting information in the new bond material. It is stated that the City has spent "approximately $2.4 million on environmental review, design and site preparation costs" and that Phase I construction "is expected to cost between $12-16 million." There is no mention of park maintenance costs. Something in the range of $0.5-$1 million is realistic.

    The City, of course, always puts out the lowest figures, but has proven to be wrong on all recent projects, sometimes by many millions, as on the library and Public Works yard projects. There is absolutely no reason to trust cost estimates put out by the City.

  12. Kc, could you consider using punctuation instead of one long sentence? It would make reading less distracting.

  13. I agree. To clarify, that text is from the city staff report which does not nicely cut and paste. I did not write those sections.

    Please, do the edits and paste them here in the comments and I'll copy and paste them up in the main post.

  14. KC, thanks for the info.
    Staff treats us like mushrooms.
    Keep us in the dark and feed us s**t. Shame on them.
    Someday, someone with a conscience on the inside will come forward.


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