Thursday, November 25, 2010


What are thankful for on this day?


  1. Thanks God I live in this town and don't have any family over fighting an occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan or some other made up war with no purpose other than to make a profit for the defense industry.

    Thank Goodness- I have minimal debt.

    Thank God, I was born in America a nation with Liberty.

    Thank God my family and I are healthy and on a trail towards internal peace.

    Thank Goodness for the blog which produces more truthful news than the AP or other local rags that are swayed by local politics and real estate money.

  2. Amen to the above.

  3. I third that motion.

    Except for the debt part. I got lots of that due to buying a house here.

    Thanks also to the citizens who give their time and energy to improve our town in groups and as individuals.

  4. I'm thankful for the blog, too. Thanks JP!

  5. I'm Thankful for our wonderful Nation

  6. Thanks to God and my uncle (and mother)for finding this place called Encinitas. I am truly blessed with family and health. Plus I got to go surfing at my favorite break with my family this morning! It was pretty good but cold.
    Now to eat turkey like its my last meal!
    God bless all.

  7. For being alive on this glorious day!

  8. Thankful for family, friends and a beautiful sunset at Cardiff Reef.

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