Wednesday, December 08, 2010

8 am


  1. We should be happy that the signal light takes so long. So many more people ride their bikes to work and shopping because driving in Leucadia is such a drag these days.

    Hooray for pedestrian inducing delays!

  2. Put the train in a trench like in Solana Beach then build a coaster stop in Leucadia. Get the commuters out of their cars.

    Leucadia Native

  3. It's worse at night after the loonies come down from Beacons. The green ass!!!!

  4. All the signal timing gos for the commutors on Hwy101.

    Priorities are:

    1. Commutors

    followed by a distant. Resident access needs.

    Hwy101 and Vulcan sucks through Leucadia.

    Things may be different in 2050 when they start the first phase of the Streetscape project.

  5. And it will only get worse!

  6. What do we want?? A streetscape!!

    When do we want it?? NOOOWWWW!!

  7. Those signal lights need improvement. Westbounders see the light on Vulcan Ave turn green and proceed across the intersection as if it's their turn. It's not. But it's a bad illusion and there need to be some idiot-proofing or there will be collisions.

  8. It is by far the worst light in Encinitas. Not only does it give preference to N and S 101 in time but it defaults to this preference every time the train or coaster goes by too. It sucks in the summer, you can be stuck there in peak traffic times for 10 minutes or more. I avoid that intersection when ever I can. Build at grade crossings now!

  9. 840 is right! We should make all intersections take 10minutes to cycle through.

    Then everyone will walk.

    It is some much better for your soul and body.

  10. Today was actually a good day on 101 because the Freeway wss not backed up.

    We must expand I5 or Highway 101 will be gridlocked everyday.

    That and do the streetscape to try to control cut though traffic.

  11. The no car crowd = jobless local trustfunders

  12. wah wah wah... i had to sit in my car for 4 minutes

    are we're supposed to feel bad for the folks coming from their homes on neptune ave?

  13. 2:08

    Go back to la Costa, San Marcos or whatever rock you crawled out from under and stay there. Those that live to the west of 101 have long put up with the likes of you, your trashy mouths and your trash period. Be grateful that they allow you to park across their driveways, block their gates and pick up you trash so that you can enjoy the beautiful beach or sunset. If Woodley avenue hadn't been pushed through to connect with El Camino you'd still be stuck at a Knights football game as your main attraction.


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