Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ch 8 News looking for Leucadia Flooding


  1. Check out the major bluff collapse - SurfRiders are dancing in the mounds.

  2. It's the failed State of California that is to blame for the regulation of sea walls not Surfrider. This is a natural process and has occurred many, many times and will continue to do so. There used to be a 5th st in Old Encinitas. Gone to the sea.

  3. So when do we stop the march of the sea? When it reaches 101? The Railroad tracks? I5? Your house?

    The new engineered seawalls work better than the one that just failed, and they look much better.

    Let's quit being jealous of the "rich people" who live on the bluffs. Let them protect their property. We should not have to answer to the almighty Coastal Commision - they clearly don't have our best interests at heart.

  4. build a better mousetrapDecember 29, 2010 2:30 PM

    Who are we to think we can stop it from happening again. If you believe that sea levels are indeed rising, then you better get ready to lose some more land to the sea. Even the Horns sea wall will fail some day.

  5. It's called natural retreat, Surfriders and Enviors support the natural erosion process. We shouldn't allow any walls, period.

  6. SurfRiders support the "natural" erosion process. How convenient that they are so environmentally correct. They surf on plastic/polyform boards that are an environmental abboration and wear synthetic petrol based wetsuits - why not surf in the buff and surf on carved wooden logs? Seems that the SurfHypocrites adopt policies of jealousy towards a group that they resent for their good fortune of owning land by the ocean. The sea walls are not the issue - it is the massive upstream development that has changed the sand deposition along the coasts. I don't see the
    SurfClowns protesting that action. Wannabe environmentalists that cherry pick whatever is convenient to their limited understanding of the bigger picture. To them, the world is still flat.

  7. 2:03
    there still is a 5th st. in encinitas.

  8. 5:04,

    Surfriders and Enviors

    Heh. Freudian.

  9. Free Geert WildersDecember 29, 2010 9:24 PM

    The Coastal commission sucks!!!

  10. people chose the risk to live on the coast. Let them live the stress of living on the coast.

  11. 2:03,

    You're out of your mind. The Surfrider Foundation is filled with nothing but nutjobs. What is so bad about putting up a nice, quality seawall?! It basically looks the same!

    This homeowner has been waiting for YEARS to put one of the good ones in....but it's Surfrider Scum like yourself that eschew common sense in the name of "environmental responsibility", yet do your surfboards live up to that?

    I doubt that they do!

    What a joke.

  12. Armoring the coast is bad for the coast and beach unless you're the own who wants to armor it.

    This debate has been on this blog many times.

    The east coast of the USA doesn't allow it. I don't think we should allow it.

    We don't allow 5 story apartments on the bluff either. It just makes sense.

    Although people have a right to protect their property. So if the state is going to deny a seawall, I think the state should buy all properties subject to failure for fair market value and tax every person in the state to pay for the newly created state beach park.

    It beats paying taxes for the government slough pensions.

    Its that simple.

  13. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Get over your self. It is the State and the CC that regulates what can be built on the bluff. Surfrider has many different types of people in their ranks. Not all of them are surfers. Also there are new green technologies in the surfboard industry and wetsuits and surfboards can be made without petroleum products. I have a biofoam board and a wetsuit made out of chalk.

  14. Most enviro orgs and most environmentalists cherry pick their issues and actions.

    It is a problem fueled by an over reliance on ideology and alliances over analysis and leadership.

    Not sure their is a good solution other than a broader willingness to really analyze issues and take on things that aren't going to be win-win.

  15. The coastal comm is nothing but a ENVIROterrorist organization in which we the people have no say. They are not accountable to the people of this state. But they are accountable to the courts, and consistently get their rulings overturned.

    Support the Pacific Legal Foundation.
    The job, house, freedom you save may be your own.

  16. Yeah let's hire some more lawyers and sue somebody. Lawsuits fix everything. Sounds like someone is in need of clients.

  17. Lawyers are just as useless and harmful to our country as Government employees. Both are the ticks of society.

  18. Remember without the Coastal Commission houses could be more than 30 feet high. Are you sure you want that?

  19. Its all going to go without the coastal commision. The state of CA is broke. All the money is going to pensions. Its time for the law without government.


    you will need to cut and paste. This video is a must for every citizen in the USA. This video will be shown in History classes for the next 50 years in America. Its that big.

  21. We'd be a lot better off without LAWYERS and REAL ESTATE AGENTS.

    They just take take take. Net detractors to economic value & society at large. Yet they'll spin the story of their existence as high and mighty.

  22. Then theres LAWYERS that ARE
    REAL ESTATE Agents.

    How scary is THAT?


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