Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Best Friends!

Guess where I now?


  1. You too JP. You and your family are true Leucadians and have high integrity. God be with you.


    Us Leucadians

  2. Happy New Year and hope you find your verb:)

  3. I love toshiba and nivea. Whatever the fuck they are.

    I guess they pay the pensions of all the government sloughs.

    Let 2011 be the year of change. Out with the government shit and in with American originality.

    Its time for change!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

  4. The I in the sign is usually burnt out - ENCINTAS - next it will flicker like the Bates Hotel sign......

  5. Yep, Happy New Year, your taxes just went up 35%. Is this the HOPE and CHANGE you voted for?? Idiots!!!

  6. get over yourself 10:30
    taxes DID NOT go up 35%

    i have not given up on hope (sad for you if you do)

    and change is always good

    so for 2011 maybe you should change to another mantra... and try not to be SO divisive in 2011.

  7. Let make this a good year and reach out to the slugs and idots east of I-5.

  8. Hey I'm east of I-5 and I think most of these people are idiots too.

  9. Anon10:42- estate taxes went from 0% to 35% over night, that's a 35% increase.

    I guess that is the HOPE and CHANGE you were looking for...

    And no I haven't given up HOPE that things will get better in this country and the world, I just know it won't come about until we CHANGE the assholes in govt.

  10. Hope and Change,

    There's also a $5 million exemption ($10 million per couple). Most of the readers and commenters here are probably not multi-millionaires who would be affected.

    I'm far more concerned about the job-killing health care cost increases of ObamaCare, as those will affect most everybody.

  11. Estate taxes are the most wonderful form of taxation.

  12. Why can't we just all get along?

  13. because we are human Beings and will always fight.

  14. WC Varones was blessed to have kids without pre-existing conditions denied by ruthless health insurance companies.

  15. 10:14

    I think you mean the Bates Motel. Unless they went upscale to mixed use.

  16. 1:47,

    Pre-existing conditions could have been covered without a backroom deal protecting the profits of trial lawyers and big pharma.

  17. Hope and Change said, "Yep, Happy New Year, your taxes just went up 35%."

    That is an outright lie. One particular tax on estates above a certain value may in fact have gone up.

    However, overall taxes did not go up 35%. And certain not MY taxes.

    This is the kind of devisive lie that over-simplifies with poor logic, and, sadly, wins elections.

  18. 147,

    It is not preexisting if you are covered before you get sick.
    Insurance is just that.

    WC was wise and honorable enough to ensure his family was covered before having children. Even if he wasn't his children would still get treated unless WC was evil. WC could pay for the care himself and at the point he could not pay for the care the County of San Diego or State of California would pay if the children's lives were in danger.

  19. happy happy joy joyJanuary 01, 2011 7:40 PM

    Geez... Aren't we all a happy bunch of idiots! Love and Happiness to all!

  20. W.C. what profits for trail lawyers are you talking about, compensation from medical malpractice?

  21. W.C.- let me see if I understand you correctly, if my grandmother is alive it's her money, but when she dies 35% of it becomes the governments money. Why??

  22. Estate taxes wonderful!!!!!! I'll say it again until I'm blue in the face. They are the best form of taxation. I hate taxes but if we must be taxed, then tax me when I die.

    For one, it incentivizes me to educate my kids so they don't depend on my wealth after I'm gone.

    Trust fund kids and the families they perpetuate usually don't turn out to be society's best assets (if ya know what I'm sayin!).

    The government is our partner. I don't like big gov't but that's not the issue here. The issue is that the next best thing to NOT paying taxes is to delay taxes to the last possible moment (when I'm dead!).

    If you are depending on your inheritance then shame on you. Get off your ass and work.

    The government is big. They got nuclear bombs, fancy airplanes, submarines, scholarship programs, schools, policemen, etc. etc. etc. It has got to be funded somehow. Taxing the dead people is by far the fairest way.

  23. Our national debt is around $13 trillion. Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg is worth $6 billion. He's 26 years old now.

    If he grows his $6 billion nestegg at 10% per year until he dies, at age 80, then he will single handedly payoff about 4% of our national debt assuming a 50% death tax.

    It is human nature to "over-save". No one wants to outlive their assets. A tax at the end of a person's game is a fair way to tax.

  24. 1eyedmike,

    Yes. Two of the things that make health care much more expensive in the U.S. than elsewhere are lawyers and the price we pay for drugs.

    No country that has successfully implemented universal health care has a malpractice lawyer problem anywhere close to ours. Malpractice lawyers create not only direct costs (legal costs and malpractice insurance), but they also cause doctors to practice "defensive medicine" where they prescribe far more test procedures to rule out obscure things than they would otherwise for fear of being sued. So any comprehensive health care reform should obviously include tort reform.

    As for big pharma, other countries like Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany negotiate discount pricing for drugs. The U.S. pays a far higher rate for drugs made by our own drug companies.

    Obama made backroom deals with the trial lawyers and big pharma that he would keep tort reform and drug price negotiation out of ObamaCare. So it was doomed from the beginning as far as cost control goes.

    So we now have the worst of all worlds: still no universal coverage, the highest costs in the world, and employer mandates that encourage employers to ship jobs overseas where they don't have to pay for ObamaCare.

    You could not design a worse health care financing system if you tried.

  25. Just Wondering,

    I'm not defending the estate tax, but to say "your taxes just went up 35%" when addressing a general audience just isn't true.

    And I do agree somewhat with Huntington Hartford that there are worse taxes than estate taxes. That which you tax, you discourage. Income taxes discourage work. Capital gains and dividend taxes discourage investment. Corporate taxes discourage corporate growth and investment. Payroll taxes discourage hiring. So I'd rather tax consumption and death than any of the above.

  26. Yea, the legal system is a parasitic maggot feeding on the profits of the biggest industries. Lawyers produce nothing, add no value and charge outrageous fees for givng you back nothing. Some are required to mediate disputes, but the profession now creates the very confusion that it attempts to feed upon, thus swelling to inordinate numbers. But the host eventually dies and the parasites die - or morph into politicians!

  27. Amen! Consumption taxes and death taxes are the next best thing to no taxes.

    Amen! Lawyers are the worst! I love how they make young lawyers work 12 hours/day, 6 days a week. They're forcing them to give away the best years of their lives.

  28. W.C. in 1975 a cap was put on medical malpractice awards in Calif. This cap has never been adjusted for inflation however the insurance industry has raised there rates most every year and the cost of medical care has gone thru the roof. These cost's aren't do to medical malpractice. In Calif. if your unemployed,elderly, or retired you'll have a hard time finding a Lawyer to take your case do to the costs involved the system in place in California works for all but the victim where's the fairness in that. We do need reform the system needs fixing so less people become victims. The right wing wants you to think tort reform is the end all for fixing health care but malpractice is only 2 to 3% of all costs while the insurance industry is30% we need to remove the 30% if we really want to reduce costs. Malpractice kills and maims I lost 65% of my vision to malpractice it changed my whole life. Malpractice is not the victims fault unfortunately lawyers are your only recourse. Don't buy into the tort reform B.S. California' Micra Law is what W was holding as the gold standard and it hasn't been adjusted for inflation since enacted in 1975 the victim gets hosed . Tort reform is being lobbied for by the AMA and the insurance industry there isn't a lobby group for victims of medical malpractice . Follow the money.

  29. Hey I've already paid taxes on my income and savings, now you want to tax the money I leave to my FAMILY??

    So what you yahoos are saying is, it isn't my money(although I earned it), it's the govt money and they are loaning it to me at 35% interest!!

    To think that the Govt is entitled to any amount of money after someone dies it crazy talk.

    And no HUNGINGTON I'm not lazy and I'm not a trust fund baby either, I'm one of the hardest working people I know. And I know a lot of people.

    You two yahoos should be happy there is NO tax on stupidity, you'd both be taxed at 100%

  30. If they taxed stupidity or laziness in California there would be a state surplus!
    Democrats were elected top to bottom and down we go.

  31. We had the terminator CA Governor and the Bushes for all those years and we still pointed straight down.

    Republicans are the Same as Democrats.

    Just ask Jerome. They are all Replicrats. Looking out for their personal gain at the taxpayer and countries expense. I am sick of it all. I hope Ron Paul runs again in 2012. the existing political make up the two parties gets me sick to my stomach. What a lesson in personal greed and system failure.

  32. The political system is corrupted by lobbyists on both sides of the isle. Term limits must happen soon and no one who serves their term can lobby for anyone after they are out of office for five years. It's the only way to clean it up.

  33. Arnold was among the worst governors we ever had. What he did in cutting short Nunez's sentence should land him in prison.
    Being Republican or Democrat makes no difference if they are bad politicians or human beings.

  34. Cutting the sentence on Nunez shows that you can get away with murder. Swarszenagger takes it upon himself to upsurp the decision of the courts and give this guy a pass. I guess Swars owed Daddy a favor. So Nunez will walk in 5 years after being involved in a murder - that's a cake walk in prison time. I agree - he was one of the worst governors that this State ever had.

  35. Capitalism is on the edge at the moment. Greed and self-enrichment are the hallmarks of politicians and they no longer even pretend to represent the people at large. The unprecedented Federal bail-outs made it a policy to privatize profit and socialize loss. The Wall Streeters haven't missed a beat on bonuses or perks - they now operate in a risk free environment. Perhaps the American experiment is beginning to crumble? Tax cuts for the rich, while the debt ceiling constantly has to be raised - incredible folly! Here comes the wall - SPLAT!

  36. I agree and love the last post. Thanks. I will not feel bad when bad things happen to these bad politicians. Karma Baby Karma.


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