Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hermes Commotion

This just in:

Major commotion with a dozen plus law enforcement officers rolling on Hermes Ave, one block off Leucadia Blvd. Who was on the scene first to cover the story? Watch for their report to appear here.


  1. Its not there.......snorrrrrreee!

  2. NCT beat the patch.... snooze you lose.

    ENCINITAS ---- A woman with at least one outstanding federal warrant for her arrest was barricaded in a Hermes Avenue home, authorities said Thursday.
    The woman barricaded herself at about 1 p.m. inside a room of the home at 1026 Hermes Ave. after authorities tried to serve a federal warrant, said Lt. Mike Munsey of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.
    Munsey said sheriff's deputies and the county's fugitive task force were awaiting more information before trying to take the suspect into custody.
    The woman has a criminal history that includes narcotics and weapons-dealing violations, according to emergency radio transmissions, which also indicated the woman may be armed.
    Call staff writer Morgan Cook at 760-739-6675.

  3. 610
    it is there and it has the rest of the story.

  4. It's really sad there are people like that in our community.

    DEA agents, that is.

  5. I like the Encinitas Patch website but crime blogging is wack without all the facts.

  6. I agree with WC.... look at all those fat pension sloughs.... sitting there waiting for their $3,000,000 pensions.

    Why aren't they arresting the bankers and the Feds. They are the real crooks to us tax payers.

  7. Was it Dalager, hauling another appliance?

  8. Спасибо понравилось ! Thanks !
    Заходите и к нам! Идет?

  9. kind of off the subject, but maybe one of you social conscious people can do something with this: After City of Encinitas booted most surf schools off Moonlight beach, then charged the rest that they left there to use the beach, the city then put there own junior lifeguards and Encinitas kids camps on the beach, probably 150 kids covering the beach during august. So they kick the private surf camps off the beach, then put in their own camps, and it's even more crowded with city run camps than before? I didn't like all the surf camps there before, but now it was even worse, with city run camps. No one even noticed.


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