Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leucadia Flooding not so bad so far

It just dumped crazy rain. I heard that the coast highway in Carlsbad is closed due to flooding. Leucadia seems to be doing well so far.


  1. You need a drain in front of your business. Go talk with that frame shop guy, he knows the people at the city to get the job done.

  2. That storm drain, south of Diana, was put in to help solve flooding from water coming down Leucadia Blvd and going across 101flowing north. It has helped solve flooding from Leuc Blvd to Diana.
    A lot of the fixes the city put in have worked or helped. It still is silly to direct all the water to Roadside Park. Those guys in the alley behind Leucadia Plaza are not happy.
    The big flood problem south of Diana never occurred until the city did the econo-fix with a smaller pipe than recommended on the east side. Stocks blamed the coastal commission in a variety of news articles and said the would not let the city put in a larger pipe. Turned out that the city never asked for a larger pipe.
    It sure is better now than after the city spent millions for the too small pipe.
    I saw some skim boarders at the Park the other day.

  3. More and more it appears that Gary Murphy was correct all along.

  4. Murph is the MAN!!!

  5. Murphy is one drink away from another crazy episode. I heard that he drinks like a clean drain.

  6. Everything government does they do carelessly. Hiring to many employees, paying them too much, letting incompetent drones decide what size pipe to install for drainage, no responsibility for errors, never, never letting an employee go for any reason. Idiots keep electing the idiots we got so we will have to wait for the inevitable complete failure of government.
    Fail to prepare,prepare to fail.

  7. 4:27 You're such a dick. That kind of hearsay should be banned from this blog. Murphy has alot of passion on the subject of flooding. Murphy has only pointed out the obvious flaws that the city ignores, deflects and never really fixes the problem for decades.

  8. That was one hell of a storm. One for the ages. Mother nature is awsome isn'nt she? We dodged a bullet today. What a difference 45 miles can make. The OC got crushed.

  9. I remember watching a canoe paddle by on 101,
    not being able to see the street, waves on the highway and having 18" of water in my business flooded three times.
    It's better.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. 4:37 Oh look, we have another candidate for a city council "majority"...or cabal. Same thing.

    Gary is a good guy. What have YOU done?

  11. Why doesn't Gary run for office?

    Maybe, its because of what we all know about him - not very flattering.

    Please run for council in 2012 Gary, I can't wait to reveal what I know about you.

  12. Gary doesn't need anyone to defend him. All I'll say is I've known him for over 10 years. Never seen him smoke anything, drink so much as a beer. You may not delight in his straight on approach to problems, but he makes his POV known where you like it or not.

  13. if your so proud of your friendship with Gary, why are you anonymous - nice try Gary, have another drink.

  14. Murph truly is the MAN! In the 25 years I have known him he has always been a great neighbor, friend and community activist. We are lucky he is involved and cares about our city and beaches. Why are there so many mean morons writing in to the Leucadia Blog? Go away!

  15. About a year and a half ago a decision was reached to do whatever could be done to destroy the Leucadia Blog.

    We will continue to bomb the Leucadia Blog with nasty comments until we have total domination of Encinitas.

    Your friendly neighborhood crony.

  16. The flooding in Leucadia was much less severe than it used to be. Not perfect, but better. Hey, it is nice when things work out! When they put in the streetscape with enhanced drainage control features, it will be even better.
    It is all good.

  17. anon10:56- Bah Humbug to you. You will receive a lump of coal in your stocking.

    Choke on it, dick!!!

  18. 725,

    Don't choke on the propaganda. "enhanced drainage features". Oh really. What exactly is that and % of the water will be diverted?

    Did things work out as well as they should have? The city spent 5 million on the drain and immediately declared the drain too small. Jerome said it would take another $20 million to fix the drainage, but all we really needed was drainage swale for the streetscape?

    Come on man.

  19. The drainage pipe was supposed to be 36" diameter and some moron government employees decided that a 24" pipe was better. (what were they smoking or are they just that stupid) To be approved Jerome and council had to sign off on it. Shows how incompentent everyone in government is.

  20. The fact is that Leucadia's terrain causes all the water runoff to the highway. It is a tough challenge to get this problem fixes. While the drainage is not absolutely perfect, it is much better than it was. It handled 5 inches of rain in 5 days.

  21. St worker retired in NewportDecember 23, 2010 10:13 PM

    Good news my house on Neptune survived the rains. No cliff failure. I'll come down in a few months to check it again. I only come down to check the house then go home again same day. No time to stay and spend money.

  22. My prediction for 2011 is Murph kicks the crap out of Mike Andreen for all the shit Andreen posts about Murph on the internet.

    I would pay big money to see Murph crush Andreens fat face and knock out all those nasty yellow teeth.

    Maybe it will improve that fat evil mans breath.

    Cheers Andreen. Hope you have a pleasant 2011. Pfffff. Good luck.

    My bet is your going down again.

  23. Mike Andreen is a notoriously mean drunk. Where he gets off accusing Murphy I don't know. Andreen have your heart attack already so we can be free from your hate




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