Thursday, December 23, 2010

NCT Times Calls out Barth for Petty Politics

NCTimes gives Bond and Barth a lump of coal:
Having been snubbed by her colleagues for the mayoral spot, she did something of a turnabout-is-fair-play by announcing Monday that she thought fellow councilman Jerome Stocks should be removed from his appointment to the San Diego Regional Association of Governments. Other council members didn't support her in this effort.

As far as I know, Barth had never voted against the mayoral recommendations for the appointments and had always voted for Jerome to be the NCTD and SANDAG rep. She has not demonstrated to be above what looks like petty politicking.

Kevin C


  1. Barth called out Stocks on his poor representation of Encinitas. Look at Stocks voting record at Sandag. Does he bring back the issues at Sandag for public input and Council advice? Big, fat NO!
    Other Council members didn't support her? Two them are part of the cabal of Stocks, Bond, and Gaspar.

  2. Petty?
    What we have now is a council that controls the agenda and the majority does not care what you think, if you do not agree with them.
    Bond wants " like minded people" representing Encinitas. (not anyone who disagrees with him)
    Stocks says he will not listen to decent. (anyone who does not agree with him.
    Caspar said she will not listen to 'activists'. (anyone who does not agree with her)
    Our city government has publicly stated that they do not care what anyone thinks if it not what they, the likeminded, think. They have made this very clear.

  3. •An activist is a person who lobbies for the rights of citizens.

    As we all know, this is a DEADLY SERIOUS threat to those like Gaspar who fancy themselves "In Power".

  4. Barth is standing up to Stocks. He isn't the best representative and she voted to remove him because he isn't doing the job. She isn't afraid of taking heat for being an independent thinker.

  5. I'm ready to support a recall; this has gotten out of hand...

  6. Why should Stocks be on SANDAG? He does not represent Encinitas well. You will note his vote is never in line with Del Mar and Solana Beach, which have much more in common with Encinitas than Vista, San Marcos, etc.

    He said, freeway expansion as much as possible, max it out. Where Del Mar, Solana Beach, and La Mesa, said let's review carefully and plan.

  7. Stocks doesn't respect or represent the citizens on the coast one look at the rail corridor tells the story. As for Sandag he's a sad sack there as well, no pubic discussion of the I5 expansion. He's simply the wrong man in power.

  8. Stocks does not care about seniors. While he has sat on the NCTD board he has let NCTD take away the bus stop at the Community and Senior Center and the stop on Balour forcing seniors to navigate Encinitas Blvd and a very steap climb up a hill to get to the Senior Center. This is shamful and should not be tolerated.

  9. Maybe seniors could use the exercise.

  10. Maybe seniors could use the exercise.

  11. 11:43 & 11:44
    Redundancy is a sign of advancing age as well.

  12. The point is, transparently, Teresa began to fight back using the same methods as the Majority; now she has a chance. This is politics, not red-rover.

    Repeating the Satanic Verses against Stocks might taste yummy and make you feel good, but they are empty calories.

    Saint Teresa of Cardiff Cathedral is doomed; Battling Terri B. the Bad-Ass at least has a wild puncher's chance.

    The very idea that some bloggers hold that the Majority of voters were fooled into voting for Gaspar is elitist at best and the heighth of denial at its worst.

    If Battling Terri B. shows up at Encinitas Council Goal Setting with a real list of priorities and treats Gaspar with some modicrum of respect, there is a very good chance that together they could find a third vote on things they agree on; but, if this two-day tribunal is nothing but more finger-pointing and blame-placing; the public will continue to be deaf to her as she is drown out my her louder temporary ally.

    Activism is for one-termers, leading is for the re-elected.

    Happy New Year!

  13. The very premise of campaign finance limits is that votes can be fooled. In this last election Gaspar raised huge sums of money outside Encinitas, and from people who did business with her husband's practice. In addition, she got "help" from 3rd party mailers financed by developer interests.

    Do we believe she would have won spending as little money as Tony Krantz raised?

    Every weekend we saw Barth and Krantz supporters canvasing - grass roots support that Gaspar did not need. I got at least 5 glossy mailers from Gaspar and 3 or 4 from her developer friends. Had I not known better I would have been "fooled" too.

    Money buys elections.

  14. She has not demonstrated to be above what looks like petty politicking.

    That's some tortured sentence structure.

    1. She has demonstrated she is above petty politicking.

    2. She's not above petty politicking.

    I pick #1. Or was there another option I'm not seeing at all?

  15. K - Not sure how you come up with those. The sentence is quite clear: She has not demonstrated to be above what looks like petty politicking.

    The writer is saying that Gaspar has yet to demonstrate that she is above petty politicking.

    This gives her far more credit than I would. Her first motion on council indictes to me just how petty she is.

  16. 12:07 PM The public was indeed fooled into voting for Gaspar. What is the denial factor - that she is supposed to be a competent candidate? She is 30, no experience of any kind, faked CFO credentials and supported by out of town special interests that maintained their anonymity.
    She is a stooge for the Stocks kabal - the informed electorate realized this and it was confirmed by her very first council action. The voters react to false advertsing because they don't care to investigate the candidates - as someone said - MONEY does buy elections.

  17. I agree.
    All who know what is going on in city politics know this.
    We got what they paid for.
    A Stock Puppet.

  18. In response to Coastal Eddie's comment, how many signatures do we need to get a recall. I was is it possible to go after Stocks and Bonds, and if so, how?

  19. So.....everything Barth votes against Stocks (and Gaspar and Bond) is going to be considered petty politics? Barth is able to articulate a reasonable and logical basis for her vote, unlike the other three.

  20. Gaspar the unfriendly ghost
    The unfriendliest ghost we know
    The citizens might look at her with fright
    But Stocks and Bond love her so!

  21. The answer is 10%; 1)% of the registered voters in Encinitas; if a Stcks recall committee gets roughly 3400 signatures, they can put a recall on the ballot; but when you look at 'where' the votes come from, meaning the eastern precincts, you'll find that you'll have to convince mostly coastal voters to sign at a very high conversion percentage; because the voters in New Encinitas voted for solidly for Stocks and voted for solidly for Gaspar; and YES, Gaspar would have beaten Tony if he had triple the money to spend.

    And the out of town money that the minority keeps talking about are college friends of Gaspar's husband.

    When is someone going to finally ask where all of Audet's money came from?

    Glass houses?

  22. I threw the rock at Audet's house and it bounced back.

    Audets money did not come from people who are trying to profit from city connections or out of towners.

    What were the reasons so many people voted for Gaspar? What were the issues? You've got nothing and that is why bloggers side the way they do.

  23. Audet formed a political committee and filed with the city. Check out the website to see where his money came from.

  24. As far as I can tell, Audet and the many citizens who gave their time and energy were motivated by nothing more than good government and keeping 90-foot stadium lights from drowning out the Cardiff sunset.

    Contrast that with Gaspar's developer and union backers who are in this purely for personal enrichment.

    Audet should be applauded for the money, time, and energy he gave on our behalf.

  25. I also concur with WC comments.

  26. Look what the recall did to Jerry Kerns of Oceanside. It actually made him more popular. I'm now convienced his opposition have place him in a good position to become the next Mayor.

    Be careful of what you ask for...

  27. don't do a recall unless you are committed and have enough resources to get the job done. Otherwise it will backfire, because the dark side has so much more money to spread half truths.

  28. 659,

    Audets money is transparent.

    Gaspar's big supporters funneled money through back channels.

  29. Yea, trying to recall Stocks would be futile. Most voters in Encinitas are absolutely clueless about the real situation in City Hall. He's only got 2 more years - defeat him at the polls, unless he leaves of his own accord.

  30. "Like minded" is great for a dictatorship, but I think that we want a diversity of views represented in Encinitas!


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