Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Choke Point

Enjoying the new traffic light at F St and 101 at the new Pacific Station development?
Some of the supporters of PS called the proposed Leucadia Streetscape roundabouts "choke points".


  1. Leucadia Streetscape haters get nothing from Santa this Christmas!!!

    Choke on it.

  2. If timed to sync with D and E street lights, the new light will not add anymore delay. If timed to make it pleasant for PC shoppers and residents it won't be nice.

    It was the roundabout lovers who were saying roundabouts would send traffic back to the I5.

  3. This is the beginning of the parking nightmare. People will shy away from a shopping center whose parking is too complex to navigate - an underground arrangement is a formula for chaos. The limited parking in the adjacent shopping centers is always crowded, so it will only get worse. Ace Hardware is a good example - difficult to turn into, and very limited parking. They will have to demand "Customers Only" parking slots to survive. Whoever dreamed up the Pacific Station wasn't thinking - this ugly, decco-modernistic style is non-compatible with the previous ambiance of the old-style downtown area and is so high intensity as to bring excess traffic to a confined space. Ugly monstrosity - and it is here to stay. Say goodbye to the unique architectural features of a once historic town..

  4. How is that so many of the Leucadia Blog respondents hate developers yet 100 per cent of them live in a house that a "developer" built. Sounds like hypocrites to me. I thought housing was supposed to be built tightly next to mass transportation and employment opportunities. Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.

  5. We in Leucadia support dense development near transit locations - we say bring more PS development to anywhere on 101.


  6. 5:04- Spot on. There is an underground parking garage in the alley next to Road Side Park off Leucadia Blvd. No one will park in it. In the summer when there's no place to park at Beacons, I always find a spot to park because no one can figure out how to park without denting your car. I want at grade crossings and a bike trail so I can ride my bike without going down the deathtrap on N. Vulcan with my family. Step up Jerome! You have the keys to the Kingdom, so no more excuses please. Get it done.

  7. Still no signs of Whole Foods moving in...

  8. good project. good design. it will make for good community.

    get over your selves.

    raise your hand if you even remember the original encinitas lumber yard, actual construction of the dispatch building or the moving of the train station. all changes that were for the better given the alternatives at the time and over time.

    Leucadia Native

  9. makesnosense-I use that parking garage quite frequently and many days it is fully occupied. So you are correct in your title, you makenosense.

  10. 6:58 lol

    I love annonymous spokesmen who speak for all Leucadians!

    Dense development is good in some places, if there is ample parking, good circulation and some open space where you can catch your breath. But historically, the more humans you cram together, the more problems you create for a long long time. Consequently, money talks and quality of life walks. I like the PS, but not a continuous PS as far as the eye can see - as our planning commisioners seem to endorse. Take the new construction at Phoebe St and 101. Please!

    "Say goodbye to the unique architectural features of a once historic town."
    I said good-bye and good riddance to the cheap, ugly, big box, tin Coast Dispatch building of historic Encnitas. And I meant it. There was nothing architecturally interesting nor attractive about the place. The PS is too big. But from what I see with the parking they have provided underneath and the new parking lot across the tracks, I'm glad they did that much. Things seem to find their own level sometimes. Like the behemeth next to me that hasn't sold. People come in my shop who are interested in the place and say "Where am I supposed to park?" Not too surprisingly, none of the 12 places next door have sold. But that's not stopping their new neighbor to the south from building a replica of that mistake.
    Not a spokesman for all Leucadians here, obviously. Just Fred.

  11. Fred has his points down.

    Development and redevelopment will always happen. Dense people are fine if you give them places to walk and enjoy life.

    If you’re going to pump massive high density into Leucadia put the open space and walking areas to support it.

    Its that simple.

    Fred could sell his multi million dollar property on 101 and walk away. Yet he doesn't.

    The reason is he loves Leucadia.

    Fred gets it. Rachelle gets it. Mary gets it. Mike gets it. Many others get it.

    What the f;OU(U! Just start making properties put there their parking on their own property, and make the architecture worthy of an Art District. Its that simple.

  12. The new massive pop-out development downtown does not fit into the area and the traffic is going to suck. Roundabouts are great. You never have to stop. Why would you choose to stop at a bunch of lights that we all know will not be timed well over just cruising at a steady clip and never stopping. Those who hate them don't understand their functionality and are probably the ones in their Range Rovers with the surfboard wax-up on the Encinitas Surfboards racks (just to claim Encinitas) on their cell phones wishing the scary Mexicans were gone and hoping for that local cost-co and heading to one of the 12 starbucks and stopping at every round-about because they are too consumed to have awareness for others on the road .....

  13. I was at the Whole Foods in La Jolla twice this month for a couple items I can't seem to find in local stores (and I was already in LJ - I don't make a special trip to the LJ WF). The guys at the WF meat counter seemed to think the WF store is opening in Encinitas perhaps not until July, but they thought that there were occupancy regulation issues slowing the process. Heresay, of course.

  14. Fred,

    I thought more parking was bad. We need less parking and need to charge people for parking. That is the most environmental and health friendly policy.

    Did the city pay for the new parking lot across the tracks or did PC?

  15. Fred is wrong:

    " but not a continuous PS as far as the eye can see - as our planning commisioners seem to endorse"

    The Planning Commission has NO SAY on this. The zoning, backed by the general plan and specific plan are what sets this and the California Density Bonus laws.

    We get what we zone. We are zoned for a wall of Pacific Station all the way from Swamis to Ponto.

  16. On Pacific Station the Planning Commission could have said No to the project. There will be health and safety issues with PS.

  17. Parking along the street is bad. Parking along the back and hidden is neceeary given our dependence on the Auto. You people who don't get it are retarded.

  18. Any person that likes a traffic signal over a roundabout is a complete RETARD and should NOT be driving.

    Signals suck and are a complete waste of life.

    Over the next 40 years, all the signals in downtown encinitas will be converted to roundabouts. Its that simple.

  19. Dense people Bad, Thinking open minded people good

  20. St worker retired in NewportDecember 22, 2010 9:48 AM

    I live in the OC but have a house on Neptune. Is it still there??

  21. 9:48 "the" OC? AAAAArgh
    I hope it's NOT then you can slum somewhere ELSE

  22. Why are so many Leucadians fighting the new 101 streetscape?

  23. The cost of the new parking lot across the tracks from Pacific Station was shared between Pacific Station and the City, and I believe the city used grant money for its share.

    It's amazing how fast something can be done with NCTD, with Jerome as our representative, when Jerome wants to help developer John DeWald or other special friends. Don't hold your breath for wayside horns or grade separation at Leucadia Blvd. and Chesterfield.

    The downtown Encinitas and North 101 Specific Plans allow for 3-story mixed use all along Highway 101. There is nothing to stop a solid wall of these kinds of buildings in the whole area.

  24. Wayside horns will help DeWald sell his railroad condos.

    For that reason, Stocks and Gaspar will go full speed ahead for taxpayer-funded wayside horns, even though Del Mar got wayside horns 100% privately funded.

  25. "The Planning Commission has NO SAY on this. The zoning, backed by the general plan and specific plan are what sets this and the California Density Bonus laws."

    The PC has the descretion to keep building within the confines of the Specific Plan. Density and aesthetic issues with all development rise and fall with the 3 vote majority of the Planning Commssion. If there is a dispute with the outcome, one can file an appeal and go directly to city council with their issues. Anything can happen. When the units were built next door to me, they were in violation of Specific Plan in several areas. For example, a 3 story struction should not be built next to a one story structure. But that's exactly what the PC approved. When Gene Chapo was on it, he looked at the enormous mixed use plan (with inadequate parking) and said "Is this what we want on every lot in Leucadia?" Then the majority of PCer's went ahead and approved the project. The builder did make concessions that improved the design and cut back on the area of the third story. But my point is that the PC has the power to follow the specific plan or not. And at the next level, so does city council. God (and PC members) only knows why they bend the rules for big time developers, but they do. Like building big box warehouses in flood plains, etc.

    You say we get what we zone. I say we get more than we zone. And as Michael Turko would say, it aint right.

  26. 10:53

    You should have attended the last council meeting on the Streetscape. There was overwhelming support for it, even from people who previously had issues with it. You can't please all the people all the time of course, but I think this project might be the exception to the rule. (Bring on the eggs!)

  27. Where to start:
    1. PS is big. What was there before was big, especially in the context of what was there before that. Get over it.
    2. Sending traffic to I5 is a good idea. Just don't oppose widening I5 by at least the minimum proposed.
    3. That 'underground garage" next to bum park is private property and for the tenants and their customers only. Stop freeloading.
    4. Leucadia streetscape will be a good test for whether roundabouts can work along 101. I look forward to the test. It will eliminate a lot of rhetoric on the issue.
    5. the post on cell-phone grasping, Range Rover-driving, Starbuck-seekeing drivers was hilarious.

    Party on Garth

  28. I never freeload when I park in the plaza. I always go up and buy a bar of wax first.

  29. That parking lot across the tracks is worthless, especially for a grocery store. People will not walk the distance to get to a store. The rail commuters should be directed there first. The parking behind the commerical district starting at La Paloma is always jammed with rail commuters' cars - it is inaccessible for shoppers on the main street. Certain sections should be dedicated to the restaurants and shops to facilitate easy access - I have diverted from shopping there due to inaccessible parking, as have others.
    Anyone who likes Pacific Station probably peaked in the Disco Era - it sucks! Ugly and jammed - maximizing the high value real estate. Just like the Lofts - another sore thumb development that fizzled. Does $tock$ wear polyester at the Grand Opening??

  30. I love PS. It is a great improvement from what was there.
    DeWald has done an excellent job and it wil be a great new addition to our town.
    The additional parking on Vulcan was paid for by DeWald and the city. It will certainly help.
    Whole Foods will be there and be good for us.
    Merry Christmas.


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