Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rancho Tyvek Estates

From the In Box:

There are two important quality of life issues for Leucadia that need citizen attention right away.

# 1 - More about the famous Barratt-American business at the corner of Sheridan and Andrew:  There is an agenda item before the Encinitas Planning Commission this Thursday Dec. 2 at 6 PM that needs our attention.  Brief summary of case # 10-150 RA  (the full and very involved agenda item is at:

A company called ELN, LLC has purchased the remaining home in escrow on the western Nantucket property. It can't be sold until the affordable home is built on Lot 8 along Andrew Avenue. They propose to increase the square footage of what is required to 2000 sf and add a 600 sf additional unit for affordable income families. Two units would be on the same lot. That would free up the existing home in escrow to be sold.

ELN also is proposing to the city that ELN be allowed to build out all of the eastern part of Nantucket WITHOUT HAVING TO BUILD THE AFFORDABLE UNIT designated for Lot 4 - along Sheridan. They are asking for a change in the contract with the city to get out of building the affordable home.  They say they do now own Lot 4 and are therefore not responsible for the affordable unit on that property.  This plan if passed on Thursday would allow the complete build out of eastern Nantucket, and would not provide an affordable unit there.
ELN proposes that the additional 600 ft unit on Andrew would fulfill their obligation. That property would also not have a 30 year time limit and would be managed by a non-profit in the city.

Many people who attended the CPP on October 25, 2010 opposed another higher density housing unit on Andrew. We already have enough.  And many also spoke up against allowing ELN to build out a density bonus development without having to build a proper affordable housing per the city's contract.  The city would be breaking it's contract, many believe.

If you can weigh in on the subject please send an email to Kerry Kusiak at the city and have him forward your comments to the planning commission.


# 2  There is a CPP (citizens "participation" ) meeting on the proposal to build TWO 30 ft high cell-phone towers at the RE/MAX office site on the corner of La Costa Avenue and Highway 101 - Thursday Dec 2 - also at City Hall.  This proposal would also build a utility building 12 ft high x 12 wide x 50 long on the site.  (That's almost the size of railroad box car)  This is the gateway to Leucadia.  What an ugly image for us.  The city has said in the past they will not fight the increasingly possible severe health hazards of cell-phone towers in the city (even though they don't allow them on fire houses). The only way to fight these tower monsters is from design and neighborhood eyesore issues.

If you can weigh in on the subject please send an email to Kerry Kusiak at the city and have him forward your comments to the appropriate city planner:


Many thanks,

Ron Ranson


  1. I am confused - do you want the affordable housing unit to be built, or do you not want the affordable housing unit built?

  2. I want the city to uphold the agreement. The developers thought they could finagle they system that they designed. They know what they have to do to proceed. Any new contract should have a clear benefit to the city and the neighborhood.

    The city is already entitled to two low income units, so they offer nothing new.

  3. I want the affordable units build as per the original contract too. One on Andrew and one on Sheridan.

    Why should ELN be allowed to receive a density bonus when they are overloading one lot (on Andrew) and walking away from an affordable home on Sheridan?

    We've been told for years those two subdivisions can't be blended (they were split to allow more homes per subdivision and receive a huge density bonus - thanks David Myers). Now the city is saying, sure, mix it all up and let's give ELN what they want.
    Doesn't anyone follow the rules at City Hall?

    If the City lets ELN wiggle out of building a unit on Sheridan, then to be fair, ELN shouldn't be given the right to build all the homes in the Eastern subdivision. Only those allowed before the density bonus is applied. (Maybe it's 6 instead of 8, I forget).

    That's fair. (But the city and Planning Commission don't like the word "fair."

  4. Cellphone towers = Visual blight

    That is your best argument since, unfortunately, the negative heath impact of them has not been universally accepted.....

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  6. 10:41- and for 90 years, cigarette companies said for years that cigarettes are relaxing and not bad for your heath. Trust your instincts on this one. You wouldn't place your head in a microwave everyday.

  7. If cell towers are so safe, put them in all the fire stations right next to the sleeping quarters if they are so safe, and right above the council's and City Manager's offices at City Hall.

  8. Wow - the stock market goes up 250 points in one day and the economy is back! It did not take long for the traffic to back up on I5, which then causes cut through traffic on Highway 101 through Leucadia. We need to expand 15, and do the Leucadia Streetscape to try to control this or we will be gridlocked everyday from now on...

  9. Who is ELN LLC? Jon Rodrigue is named as the applicant. I remember him speaking at city hall in support of various developments. Little Point LLC of La Jolla is named as the owner.

    All of this is more of the byzantine maneuvering that has characterized Nantucket from the very beginning. It started with David Meyer, who pushed the development plans through the Planning Department, then builder Barratt American, who ended in bankruptcy, and ended with switching ownership of the two affordable housing lots so both Meyer and Barratt American escaped responsibility.

    Nantucket was two separate projects from the beginning. Projects I and II should not be combined to give an economic advantage to ELN and allow the second low income unit not to be built. Both units need to be completed as separate projects in order to satisfy the concessions that were given to the original developer. Otherwise the Encinitas taxpayer gets screwed.

  10. 835,

    You just don't get it. All the gridlock will make people want to ride bikes and take the bus.

  11. 7:03 I agree completely, but unless you have conclusive evidence
    the protential hazards will be swept under the rug. Room deodorizers probably kill as well, but who can prove it?

    BTW: The fire station on Mt. Soledad has a lead roof...what does that tell you?

  12. ...there once was a man from Nantucket........

  13. Cool.... I have a metal roof... maybe it helps deflect all the invisible rays! Nice. The demand for metal roof and siding is going to rise. I predict it. this one is free the next one will cost you!

  14. I keep aluminum foil in my clothes to ward off the evil spirits! And under my hat. It works!

  15. You have a metal roof cause you sleep in your car.
    Apparently you have a bigger problem than EMFs.

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