Friday, December 03, 2010

RTV Estates Update

Here is some happy news from the Planning Commission meeting last night.

The Planning Commission meeting concerning the topic of the ol' Barratt development took a bit over 2 hours to discuss tonight.  The PC was concerned that the affordable unit allotted on Sheridan was not part of the build out by ELN...and they had some concerns about the 2 units proposed for Andrew - plus other problems in the proposal.

Remarkably they seemed to have read the emails sent by us. (I know it's hard to believe. I was impressed that the commission had done their homework - and told them so.)

In the end they voted NOT to approve the application of ELN.

You can be proud of the excellent speakers tonight -- each highlighting different elements of this very complicated situation.

Thanks to all who participated and supported this effort to make things right in the hood.



  1. And now the council will overturn their recommendation

  2. I watched the planning commission in action on TV last night. I was shocked to hear that the David Myers - Barrat American project on Andrew and Sheridan streets was the first density bonus deal made by the city. "...and we've learned a lot since then" I heard someone say.

    The actual shock came when I heard the staffs' recommendation to accept the proposal by ELN to build out the old Barrat property YET HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO FURNISH A 1500 sf LOW INCOME HOME ON LOT 4 of their subdivision.

    Seems like the city's staff haven't learned anything about holding builders responsible for their density bonus contracts over these last 6 years.

    Here is another example of how the planning staff works directly in favor of developers over the needs of the community.

    Poor Encinitas.


  3. The term low income housing is an oxymoron in Encinitas. We all know where low income housing is: Tortia flats. 10 people living in a 3 bedroom house.

  4. Have you noticed that having three families live in a two bedroom house drags the whole middle class down to third world status?
    People who interbreed, are always drunk or never get an education are never going to advance the USA.
    Because of liberalism and the "I got mine" attitude we are sunk. Thanks a lot to all the takers and slackers.
    Democrats are usually people who don't work, or don't have to work,(have a gov position or a spouse who does) retired or on some type of welfare and expect the very people whom they despise to work harder and pay more taxes to subsidise their existence. Sickening.
    All that is good is derived from the middle class and it is their responsibility to stop looters from taking their rightful birthright. By not speaking up we have let this get close to the tipping point where the country cannot recover. Now all good men need to stop this takeover of our liberty. Stop paying taxes by quitting work. Collect all the welfare you can. Encourage others to do so also. Its the American way, be part of the society that relies on government for your every need.

  5. Yeh, like Greece did.


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