Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Sign of Things to Come, Coming

We will get a glimpse of what is to come, just in time for the holidays. We will have a new council member and a new Mayor.

Tuesday, 6pm the new council will be sworn in and the new Mayor elected by the council.

The following week on Dec 20th, 6pm the council will elect OUR representatives to regional boards like the Water Authority, SANDAG, and NCTD.


  1. Gaspar will fix everything.

  2. Gaspar ran on a platform of reducing division, so she is motivated to at least try. Let's be hopeful.

  3. Is the mayor purely ceremonial, or does that position have extra say over the agenda?

    If Gaspar really wanted to walk the "uniter" walk, she would take the high road and put the dirty campaign behind her by voting with Maggie to make Barth mayor.

  4. I agree. Make Barth Mayor.

    If Gasper was worth anything, she would address the biggest problem at City Hall- The huge pensions that are spending all our tax money - leaving nothing for projects like the hall sports complex.

  5. Gasper- Ask Jerome Stocks why he pushes the union agenda and ushered in the huge pensions of today back in 2005.

    He is the Queen RINO.

  6. Does Dan Dalager get a ceremonial Christmas fruit cake as recognition of 8 years on the council? Whatever happened to the DA's investigation of his activities concerning "gratuities"? Appears Dumanis is quietly letting it fade away - maybe her "Christmas gift" to Danny boy. The law only applies to certain peasants - Snipes goes to jail while Rangel is mildly rebuked, then applauded by his political colleagues. Both accused of tax evasion - repercussions vastly different. Freedom and justice for all - that myth is shattered.

  7. It is the mayor who sets the agenda, which gives power to control agenda items and presentations in election years. This is why Jerome Stocks was made mayor in 2008 and Dan Dalager in 2010, Three votes decide. Stocks is up for reelection in 2012, so watch for him to be made deputy mayor this year and mayor in 2012.

    Rumor has it that Stocks wants to run for State Assembly in the seat now occupied by Martin Garrick, who will be termed out. Will he do it? He's not liked by some of the Republican power brokers and has accumulated a lot of baggage. But he has gone to great length to ingratiate himself with fellow Republicans.

    Long shot for mayor would be the inexperienced Kristin Gaspar, as she did get the highest vote total. She would need to vote for herself. If she does, it will show her true colors and does not bode well for open government in Encinitas.

  8. Taxpayer not a parasiteDecember 11, 2010 4:15 PM

    When the hell are we going to get some elected representatives that have common sense? Maybe clean house of city employees who do little or nothing. Or make them pay for their retirement and benefits. Or for Council to stop getting medical benefits free for life. That's right, they all get free medical care for life. Check out the article in the UT.
    Getting into politics or a government job is corrupting just about 99.9% of the time. From the Executive Branch, Congress, State, County and City they are all dishonest, rotten, unethical vermin only looking out for themselves and their egos.

  9. The perks and benefits of the city employees need to be examined and put in accordance with common business practice. No permanent medical benefits - that should only come with 25 years minimum employment. Sounds like this group has made working for the city a cake run!

  10. Gaspar as mayor?? It's Barth's turn, isn't it? It is hard to believe she'd want the front runner's position, as she has zero experience. The only saving grace was that Dalager was the last mayor and a seagull could make a better showing than him!

  11. If Stocks and Bond confer and decide who they want to make mayor, and Gaspar and Stocks confer and do the same, this will be a violation of the Brown act. "Serial Meeting" If they do the same through 3rd parties, it's the same thing. Keep your ears open.

  12. Although in the past I voted for
    Bond, Houlihan, Barth and Stocks, it is time to kick them out like Danny. We are in this mess because they voted in favor of huge give aways to the employees and borrowing for all new projects. We are broke and will never get a park or Streetscape. And our City Manager gamed the system to the max. He gets his retirement of about $200,000 plus, (never paying in) AND a salary of $200,000 yearly. Council thinks its a good bargain though. When he came here a few short years ago his salary was $30 to $40 K.
    Isn't everybody sick about this?

  13. I am. Stock and hooligans get me sick.

  14. I voted for Gaspar and not Barth. If she nominates Barth for anything, I will no longer support Gaspar.

    If you voted for Kranz and Barth you know what I mean. You would be pissed if they were elected and voted to put Stocks and Bonds in "any" real position.

    What does our President say "elections have consequences."

  15. If you didn't expect Gaspar to work with all the council why did you vote for Gaspar?

    Barth and Houlihan have both voted for putting Stocks in position of real influence. Maybe more people should be pissed.

  16. The state employees would love it if Stocks get elected to State Assembly. 40% increase in pension for all state employees. Yeeee Haaaaa. Best part yet, he approves his own pension increases.

  17. The city manager gets a retirement of $200k a year!! Can this be retroactively retracted by a vote of the citizens? This is not all that different from the situation in Bell! Simply outrageous!!

  18. Barth and Houlihan both blasted Gaspar during the election, along with most of the "Leucadia liberals" on this blog.

    Do you really thinks she should follow your recommendations?

  19. Since Gaspar is the clear favorite within our city (blowing away Barth) - she should be appointed Mayor!!!

  20. If Gaspas really wants to unite the community she'll step down and allow Kranz to become Mayor.

  21. Cityhall's Rumored Prediction:

    Houlihan as Mayor
    Gaspars as Deputy Mayor

  22. Houlihan has been mayor once..It is clearly Barth's turn.

  23. 10:01
    Stocks is our next mayor, and Gaspar is deputy. Sweetheart deal.
    But if Houlihan has a crack at Mayor, I think she'll be in there with all fours. I was surprised she didn't insist Barth be deputy mayor the last time she could have made that call. Don't think this time will be any different.

    There was blasting from both sides, but I still agree with you about that. Gaspar's allegiance is to the good ol' boys and the outta towners that funded her campaign. Duh. But if she's an independant thinker, she may help make some good choices. Public attacks on people's personal lives are never good though. But to resolve that, every citizen would have to grow up.

  24. The number of votes earned as a gauge for who should be mayor has been dismissed by the boys for years.

  25. Leucadia ConservativeDecember 12, 2010 11:29 AM

    Gaspar should do what she promised to do. Unite the council. She promised.

  26. What Gasper blew away was how much special interest she openly accepted before the election. A bought Ho. Nothing more.

  27. Barth and Kranz ran a clean campaign. Gaspar and Dalager did not, buying filth called "slate mailers" and then trying to distance themselves from the fallout. Gaspar won on the mail in vote, the republicans have a higher mail in percentage and this sealed her fate early on. She didn't even bother to campaign. Now we will have the Ken and Barbie tag team. Sorry, but Gaspar hasn't shown any class as yet, and if she thinks she is entitled to a mayor or deputy mayor position without any previous experience on the council, her head is swollen bigger than those other things.

  28. Houlihan needs to go too. She is no longer effective (if she was ever). Will Gaspar bring her poodle in a purse to the council meetings? O My Gud!!

  29. Government has morphed into a tool for the mega-wealthy to stay in order and further their business interests. As a reward, thsoe in government are given free reign to assign themselves lavish salaries and retirement benefits. As the masses struggle, these two classes of citizens live comfortably and refuse to alter the systems' operation. It is greed and exclusive power - unbridled and leading to eventual collapse of the current American lifestyle model.

  30. Remember the good old days of 2005when Jerome Stocks and the rest of our council forced a 35% pension increase for Encinitas city workers? Thanks again Mr. Stocks!

  31. 0744;

    Why do you only state part of the pension story.

    Facts you missed:
    Bond voted against it
    Houlihan voted for it
    Stocks stated that he liked employees paying for part of it
    In comparison Encinitas is much lower then the rest in the county.

    You lose creditibility when you select and spin the article.

    Please be honest and don't mislead us.

  32. 9:22- They posted the link to the whole story.

    The employees pay a tiny fraction of the costs of the pension. The taxpayer pays over 90%.

    Stocks gave away our future and now he should be made to pay.

    Throw Stocks in Jail.

    Home / News / Local News
    Encinitas officials say city can afford 35 percent bump in employee retirement package
    Story Discussion Encinitas officials say city can afford 35 percent bump in employee retirement package
    By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer North County Times - Californian | Posted: Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:00 am | Loading… | Print

    Font Size: Default font size Larger font size
    ENCINITAS —— Retirement pensions at City Hall, for everyone from clerks to supervisors to computer technicians, will be vastly improved after a City Council action last week.

    The council Wednesday approved what appears to be a modest adjustment to the formula used to compute yearly pensions for workers who retire at age 55 or thereafter.

    The increase, however, translates into a 35-percent bump in annual pensions that city employees can collect from the California Public Employee Retirement System.

    The pensions, which keep pace with inflation, are good for an employee's lifetime —— state law prohibits revoking the benefit.

    City Manager Kerry Miller has defended the pension increases and says the city can afford to pay for them.

    "We're going into this fully aware of what the cost increases will be," Miller said last week.

    Recently, city councils in Escondido, Carlsbad and Vista have approved up to 50 percent hikes in pension benefits for city workers.

    Competition cited

    Encinitas needs to sweeten its pay and perks so that it doesn't lose good workers to other municipalities, as it has already, Miller said. He cited two Encinitas planners who left to take jobs in Carlsbad, and a housing administrator who now works for San Diego County. He said they left to earn better pay and benefits.

    In addition to the enhanced retirement benefits, 230 employees last week also received 3.2 percent raises and added city contributions of $75 per month to their health plans.

    Officials say the city can afford these costs even though the state raided $1.1 million from Encinitas this fiscal year and is expected to do the same in fiscal year 2005-06.

    Also, big-ticket items on the city's list of projects —— a new library and 43-acre park are among them —— can proceed uninterrupted, and over the next 10 years, the city can leave its $6.2 million in reserves untouched, Miller said.

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  35. Jerome Stocks’s legacy to Encinitas-- Sink the City's financial health by approving 35% increase in pension costs for himself and every City Employee at City hall in AND a 14% raise over 4 years.

    Year legacy established: 2005

    ….All at a time when the rest of the region's residents are losing revenue and assets in historic proportions.

    Jerome Stocks- Encinitas's Nightmare.

  36. Don't be a Encinitas Employee HATER! They provide great service.

  37. Encinitas Employee HATER? What the hell are you talking about.

    No Hate. They have a cake job. They don't do much. There is not an developement and there is no money for City projects. what do they do all day?

    Now what I do hate is politicians that sell out their City and Country, and I know many others like me. We call ourselves active citizens and patriots. Jerome Stocks and Maggie Hooligan are sell outs and Need to GO!!!

  38. citizen 4:51: You're a legend in your own sad, pathetic mind. What's your definition of a patriot? Who made you the expert on what the staff at the city does each and every day? Have you done the type of work that every city employee does? Admit it, you couldn't pass the drug test and you're bitter. You're just a hater because your life sucks and you have nothing better to do with your days.

  39. You gotta admit that when visiting the City most employees are idle. And how is it that they get the best benefits this side of Wall Street for free for LIFE! We've been had and shame on them and those responsible.

  40. Man's worst failure is government.
    Look who is governing and who elected them. We now have a moron running the country and in most all our state and local officies.
    The common man who votes is stupid and can only think of feathering his bed with someone else's money.

  41. Man's worst failure was creating you. The man went to Havard you fool! He's booksmart not stupid. The American people are the ignorant one's. How do you govern a bunch of idiots?

  42. Ouch City Slacker. You really nailed it on the head. Wow you really are smart. I am just a hater because my life sucks and I have nothing better to do with your days....

    Geeze- Gov loser. Listen to yourself. your mind is gone.

    Thank god you are in government were intelligent thought is not desired or encouraged. Your rewarded by passing the days until you retire. Nothing more.

    One thing that was said is right. The voters are fools. Because they voted in loser incumbents like Jerome Stocks and Mag Hooligan who complete sold out encinitas all for union love and payouts in pensions of their own. Pathetic. How much did Maggies pension payments go up by her approving the 35% increase in pension benefits. I know, her pension was increased 35%!!!

    Pathetic. Throw Jerome Stocks and Maggie Houlihan in jail for treason against the citizens of Encinitas.

    Cut all City pensions down 50% immediately, or make them pay 50% of the City Liabilities for pensions. Its that simple.

  43. Rumor has it that Teresa will be passed over for Mayor or Dep. Mayor. This could only be if three of the councilpersons have gotten their heads together ahead of time. I am so sick and tired of the political vendetta of Jerome Stocks and his little group. if Kristen Gaspar votes against Teresa Barth who should have one of these positions we will know where her loyalties lie and we will know from the start she is not above political backroom deals. She has not even been to one council meeting since her election how could she possibly be considered qualified for one of these posts.

  44. It is indeed Teresa Barth's turn for one of these posts.
    Jerome Stocks went against tradition last time in his vendetta against Teresa. If Stocks. Bond and Gaspar get their heads together and deny Teresa it only justifies her campaigning on a platform of transparency. Stocks, Bond and Dallager are the poster boys for the backroom deal. It remains to be seen if Gaspar can be independent or has joined the backroom boys. Here is going to be her first test.

    I think that after this nasty election, the citizens of Encinitas are going to be a less tolerant with the
    hanky panky at city hall.

  45. Help help I've got cancer and I'm dying in a fire. I know I pretended to be someone I am not while making false promises to the citizens and swearing to uphold the oath of office, but, honestly, I never, ever, posted a comment as Lynn. Well, maybes nots thats I cans member.

    BTW please come to the council meeting tomorrow to watch Barth be disgraced again.

  46. 7:44 Typical Miller stuff. Screw a city up then leave town.

  47. Jerome better be planning on moving on because I know a lot of people who are willing to make it their personal task to see that he does not sit on the Encinitas City Council again.

  48. Teresa Barth has worked hard for this city and does not deserve to be subjected to the spite of Jerome Stocks. He is arrogant and condecending and a bully to boot. He has make a mockery of the idea of transparency in government. I hate to see him in California government but at least we would be rid of him.

  49. I heard that rumor too. How can this be all over town if the voting has not taken place. It only means another backroom deal has been made and we know who is making them...Jerome and his buddies. Tomorrow night we shall see if Kristin Gaspar shows her true colors and joins the good old boys.

  50. Houlihan, Dalager, Stocks, and Christy (now working for Bilbray) all voted for the pension spike. Even I am over all the Pension Spike intrusions and it is lame to only name Stocks as the solo maker of that bad deal.

    Please don't paste entire articles from the NCTimes. They paid a journalist to collect that info we should visit their site to see the whole thing in return. (Thus, i've deleted it, but the link remains)

  51. Again a link to a news article about Jerome Stocks, Maggie Houligan, and Christi Guiho selling out their City.

    Its a must read for all Citizens and the reason, the City is broke now and will be for the next 20 years.

  52. Of the orgininal four losers- Jerome Stocks, Maggie Houligan, Christy Guiho, and Dalager only Jerome Stocks and Maggie Houligan remain. Both better not be running next time or they will reap the whirlwind of a pissed of public for selling out the future of their City and giving all the tax money to the City Employees and Themselves in the form of Gigantic Pensions and health care benefits!

  53. Of the orgininal four losers- Jerome Stocks, Maggie Houligan, Christy Guiho, and Dalager only Jerome Stocks and Maggie Houligan remain. Both better not be running next time or they will reap the whirlwind of a pissed of public for selling out the future of their City and giving all the tax money to the City Employees and Themselves in the form of Gigantic Pensions and health care benefits!

  54. You have lost the plot. You assume all city employee's will work for 30 years in Encinitas. Most will not. People do move around and change jobs you know. As in every profession and business in the US, there are a few crooked,lazy and overpaid workers who get away shit and make it hard for the rest of the work force. It's just wrong to lump all city staff as a monolithic block of lazy, crooked slackers with too much time on their hands hoping to get their 30 years in at 55. The next union contract is comming soon. 50% from employee contribution seems fair.

  55. When does Dumanis rule on Dalager's actions while in office? I smell a cover-up. Pro$ecution depends upon who you know - Danny will get a pass.

  56. Are they changing the council chambers to a runway for Gaspar?

  57. Don't worry 4:51, if you can't pass a drug test to be a city employee, you can still teach at one of our fine public schools, no problem!

  58. Most City Workers are lazy. That’s were the stereo type comes from.

    "50% from employee contribution seems fair."- No

    50% of the total City's contribution needs to come from the employees. If they don't like it, let them leave. Its equivelant to 30% of their salary.

    I say eliminate the pensions all together like San Diego is doing. Let them pay Social Security tax, and contribute their own money to a 401k program. Pensions are a waste of tax payers money. Afterall- Most tax payers don't get pensions, do we?

    If pensions are such a great idea, everyone in private sector should quite their job and work for the government. Oh yeah, its called communism. Let’s see how that works out. No business tax at all.

    End the pensions. Vote out Stocks and Hooligan in 2012.

  59. I just heard that Teresa will be passed over again for Dep. Mayor or Mayor. Is that a done deal? Is that another one of Jerome's backroom deals. I hope that they don't consider Kristin Gaspar for one of those positions. She has not even had the interest to attend council meetings since she was elected. She will probably be the swing vote....lets see if she can keep her campaign promises or join the Jerome Stocks backroom boys.


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