Friday, December 03, 2010

The Yurt don't Hurt

Saw this petition on my Facebook wall feed:

Save the Yurt @ Yoga Swami's @ 912 S. Coast Hwy 101

I've never actually been there. Is it cool? It sounds cool.


  1. Looks like a cool shade structure. Why should they have to take it down. Seems more like big brother City Government again. Against the people instead of for the people. Just like removing that nice landscaped area just south of Beacons beach.

    Who was the bozo that supported that action. Now we have dirt, pavement, cones and plastic flagging that will eventually find its way to the ocean and kill fish and other gods creatures. What the hell is wrong with our City Staff anyway?

    When did they get direction to be like dictators who command the residents instead of looking out for the general public and citizens well being. WTH?

  2. The building department doesn't have a whole lot to do right now so they send out the code gestapo to shut you down and put a lein on you. The photo showa a well built and safe structure.. so whats the issue with it?

  3. Don't hurt the yurtDecember 03, 2010 8:22 PM

    Tranquility now... Tranquility now.

  4. Yurts make the girls armpit hair grow

  5. Have a petition that can be signed without having to use FaceBook. I don't have a FaceBook account and do not intend to open one, but support the right to maintain the Yurt. The city allowed the hideous monstrosity called Pacific Station and will not allow a mellow structure dedicated to calm meditation and healthful yoga exercise!? What is wrong with the city droids??? The people need to take the situation back to the decisions of the community, not a handful of power drunk civil servants. This is government out of control and must be corrected.

  6. I thought this site was going to be developed into another moonlight lofts anyways? Is the issue now, that the yurt is out of code? Are Yurts permanent structures?

  7. Yurts are modeled after nomadic structures - light weight and not meant to last years. But in a mild California climate, they could last indefinitely, given that they are maintained properly. If permanence is the issue, then the eyesore that is Pacific Station will blight the landscape for too many years to come. Encinitas will become another concrete jungle and lose all sense of uniqueness or historical character.

  8. That Yurt has been there for years - why now has it become an issue? The Code Enforcement Department seems to reflect more of a personal attitude, than any of common sense. You can't see this structure from the highway, so it should be allowed to remain. The city is getting too overbearing on the rights of the citizens - incorporation was the worst thing that ever happened to Encinitas.

  9. Free Gert WildersDecember 04, 2010 9:58 AM

    Anon8:26- flaming torches and pitch forks are all they understand. Fight back. Get in their faces and say NOOOOOO!!!!

  10. Wrong about that incorporation statement. We would never be better off under the County (many of us have lived it), but we 'could' be much better off right now if the residents would pay attention to whats going on around them, and get involved. That dosent appear to be happening based on the last election (it was a 'trade off' and really got us nowhere). Also realize, that to newer residents, this is a pit stop in their quest 'to the top' (whatever/wherever that is) and they only care about themselves and the profits to be made. They'll s*%t on anything to further their own end.

  11. Birds, bees, and trees could sue in court?

    Why not Yurts?

  12. Take a deep cleansing breath.

    The yurt is not the problem, it's the fact that the yurt is being used as a building for human occupancy (an assembly activity at that),that rings the bells for the Building Dept., the Fire Dept., Engineering Dept. and Planning (additional square footage, no additional parking, etc.

    Yeh, it's cute, but you just can't put up a tent in the city and have yoga classes in it legally.

  13. Get them caterwalling kirtaners to drive away the evil spirits of the city!

  14. People are gathering today at the yurt at 5 and walking together to City Hall to speak at the meeting tonight. And "white" is the color of the shirt to wear to show city hall you are in solidarity with the cause of keeping the yurt, if you choose to join....

    Encinitas has a rich cultural history of yoga, as many of the most respected yoga gurus from India make Encinitas their FIRST stop when they come West, as a nod to Paramahansa Yogananda and the Ashram we have here at Swamis. Encinitas is known AROUND THE WORLD for yoga... A yoga museum would be appropriate here. People travel here from all over the world to train with instructors from our little town.

    For our dumbass hick city council to attack something so special to so many of us is sort of embarrassing. It's a variance we need. Those seem to be handed out so easily.

    Yes there are a lot of hairy armpits in the yurt, probably bc it is the grooviest possible place to take a yoga class here in yoga Mecca. It is the only DONATION yoga in town.... and some of the area's most talented yoga instructors teach there. It is a gem in our community.

    It is such a happy place for so many Encinitas citizens, a sweet little treasure in the middle of a garden right on hwy 101. With all of the Starbucks and fake boobs in town, it is nice to have to sanctuary of the circular yurt to retreat to - to practice the ancient postures of yoga with groovy people. The slice of our community that uses the yurt has to be one of the most down-to-earth, good old neighborly Encinitas groups around.

    It just makes me sad, our little town has been destroyed in so many ways, good bye flower fields, good bye groovy yurt, hello big box stores and ball fields.... makes me sad.

  15. There are 3 yurts, and probably more, in Encinitas. 2 are being used for commercial type uses. The one we are discussing is on Hwy. 101, the other is at Lemongrass Spa on Second Street, property is owned by Dan Dalager, he should know better.

    The third is a residential structure in Leucadia behind the Panikin.

    None are probably legal, but provide that coolness factor we all want.

    Need to find a way to get them legal.


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