Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Live Work Now, in Downtown Leucadia

One of the major selling points for higher density/mixed use is the live-work concept. Live where you work. Walk out your front door and into your place of business. The end of commuting.

The cheerleading for Moonlight Lofts had a lot of live/work pom-pom waving. After the project was built I couldn't find evidence that live/working was happening or that people living there were taking the bus or train.

I'm not saying the project was good or bad. I do conclude that the cheerleading was, just that.

What seems totally ignored is the special nature of the 101 corridor. The ability for 101 business owners to live and walk to work has always been an option.

I took these photos when doing the Bamboo 2 U post.

The top one is of the new buildings next to Caldwell's Antiques. The one on the bottom is where I took the top photo. There is tons of high density apartments, mobile homes, condos, and single family residences in walking distance of the 101.

Several prominent Leucadia blog participants live and work along the 101 corridor.

On the other hand, there are others who work on the 101 and rather live deeper in the pure residential neighborhoods of Leucadia.

Leucadians already have the choice of living within walking distance of their Lecuadia offices.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live music at Lou's on Wed.

Seth Petterson is playing at Lou's April 28 Wednesday at 5P.M.

... and then the ETA pension forum at 6pm.

Jawz: New Fish Taco place on Leucadia's 101 Corridor

Poor Auggie's House of Crab didn't survive and that location is now Jawz (with a Z). It's a fun little place decorated from artifacts from Bamboo and Tiki 2 U down the street (Leucadia loves it's funky spelling). Mindy is your host and she is super nice and has relocated to Leucadia from Maui. They have a good salsa bar.
It's a tough location so I encouraged all Leucadians to stop by and give them a try.
1468 N Coast Highway 101 (at Jupiter St)
Jawz on Yelp

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Encinitas Pension Forum

Encinitas Pension Forum
Expect to hear good news and about future challenges at this Wednesday's forum.

We are hoping to have a diverse set of perspectives in the discussion that is to follow the pension presentation. We want to know where people differ in their assessment of the situation and suggested responses. We would also like to establish common ground. Everyone's participation will be valuable.

Forum Details
ETA & San Diego County Taxpayers Association to hold joint forum on public employee pensions.

Event will be held at the Encinitas library on April 28 at 6:00 PM

The Encinitas Taxpayers Association will host the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) as the SDCTA presents the findings of its watershed report on public employee pensions in San Diego County cities. Residents of Encinitas and other North County cities are encouraged to attend and learn more about their city’s employee pension obligations.

The presentation will include updated information concerning the state of city pensions gathered since the analysis was first released in the fall of 2009.

Presentation of SDCTA’s “San Diego Pension Plans Phase I: CalPERS-Contracted Municipalities,” the first part of a two-part study analyzing 17 city governments in San Diego County that participate in the California Public Employee Retirement System, including Encinitas.

Wednesday, April 28
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Encinitas Library
Community Room
540 Cornish Drive
Encinitas, CA

JoAnne Golden, Policy Manager for SDCTA. Ms. Golden has a Master of Public Policy from Pepperdine University with a specialization in economics and state and local policy. Prior to working at the SDCTA she worked for Schmitz & Associates, a Malibu-based land use consulting firm, and the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission.

For more info:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art of Health Gallery in the Derby House

This weekend when you are in downtown Encinitas after enjoying the streetfair walk over to the Derby House on Saturday evening and check out the cool little Art of Health Gallery.
Sat artist lineup: Julie Rais, Maggie Marsek, Skye Walker, Grant Ellis, Joel Tudor, Codrin Blosiu, Andrew Barry, and Katy Grant. The musicians are Will Hren, Ashley Betts, and Patrick Dale.

Saturday April 24th 6-9 pm 649 S. Vulcan Ave, Encinitas, CA 92034

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leucadia Nights May 1st

click poster to view map full size
Come down to Leucadia's coast highway the evening of Saturday May 1st and enjoy food and drink specials and outdoor musicians and other groovy fun special stuff. Don't be a hermit, get out for the evening and breathe the free air!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Encinitas to Hold Womens Surf Festival

Encinitas Surf Festival presents "The Girls Surf Game" Scholastic Team Surf Competition
April 19, 2010

Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010
Location: D Street south of Moonlight Beach, Encinitas
Time: 9AM-3:30PM
Competing High School Teams: Carlsbad High, San Diegito Academy, Torrey Pines High, & Vista High
Schedule: Game 1: 9AM (S.D 1 seed vs Vista 4 seed) Game 2: 11AM (Carlsbad 2 seed vs Torrey Pines 3 seed) Championship Round: (winner 1 vs winner 2) at 1PM

About the competition:
"The Game" a competitive surfing format developed by local retired ASP surfing tour and big wave pro rider, Brad Gerlach. "The Game" for girls will feature this team format. The scheduled teams will compete for scores judged on various maneuvers. Judges score the rides & referrees on the beach manage the time. Each team is allowed coaches to be positioned in the surf line up as well as on the beach. Play by play substitutions can be called. The format follows a three period time frame of non stop surfing action!

This surf competition will be the first time "The Game" format is run strictly for these talented young women to showcase their skills! The level of competition will feature the top four qualifying high school's & their all women surf teams from San Diego, North County area high schools. The featured teams participating are local standouts Carlsbad High School, San Dieguito High School, Torrey Pines High School and Vista High School.

Some of the featured surfers to watch for will be Maddy Lion and Hanna Vanveen (SDA), Kyla Peterson and Bryn Lutz (CHS), Lauren Humann and Siena Buccigrossi (TP) and Jaycee McNally and Kiana Coyle (Vista) just to name a few.....

Brad Gerlach will be calling the action and Fuel T.V. will be covering the event!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leucadia Garden Tour: Part II

One of the biggest surprises for us was the camellia garden. A very shady garden with intriguing nooks and lush vegetation was reminiscent of a tropical forest understory, except it wasn't humid and the cool microclimate was a comfortable escape from the sun. It was a wild garden. The camellias are the real owners of the property and demanding to be recognized.

Much of the the shrubbery were camellias. Makes sense, because the owner is a noted camellia collector who is active in the camellia society (we were told).

The Treece house was another artist's home/studio/garden. Roderick Treece and Studio Zero are headquartered in the middle of a comfortable garden. Studio zero does killer art and signs.

One of our favorite yards was a musicians' (lost the name). Their front yard had an impressive collection of natives and cool art work and the backyard had a productive vegetable garden that was adjacent to working office space.

Included on the term was the Monarch Program and a local palm and cycad nursery. Both were hidden gems of Leucadia.

Christian Manion of the Monarch Program. Ready to make you happy.

Donna Loftin opened her studio and garden to the tour.

French drains are not enough in this territory. A Leucadia drain.

The Loftins offer pottery classes (couldn't find a website).

The last garden had a diversity of cool elements that tied together in fun ways. It was a precise garden. Everything was purposeful and thought out, with some clever use of space and materials.

Cobbles! (More on Leucadia Cobbles here)

Surfboards made at Moonlight glassing are the most function art created by Leucadians and worth displaying. Those boards make people happy.