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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Complaints Filed

The Leucadia Blog has learned that complaints have been filed with the FPPC and the district attorney over Dalager's scrap metal appliances.

The FPPC might look into it. Don't bet on the DA doing much. The DA is not a crime fighter. She is a politician with strong political connections to the San Diego power structure.

BD DA Mash-up
VoSD How she came to power
BD doesn't like watchdogs

CIty Attorney to Investigate His Boss

This morning on 10news, Dalager was quoted as saying the whole thing will be cleared up after City Attorney Glen Sabine investigates.

Problems with that:
Danny is Glen's boss.
Glen issues his legal reviews secretly.
Glen does whatever his bosses tell him to do regardless of the legality.

Danny also said, "We're going to put everything out there: any documents, anything they want to see."

The LB would like a tour of his kitchen.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumor Makes it to the UT

Two stories about Dalager have been floating for some time.

Rumor 1. Dalager got a bro deal for a new kitchen in return for a vote. Turns out that was false and that Aztec Appliances is the place to go for killer deals on damaged goods, according to the UT.

The Leucadia blog is offering $50 bucks to anyone who can produce usable photos of Dalager's new $150 scrap metal kitchen.

Rumor 2. Dalager tries to twist bank account commissions out of people doing business at City Hall. Now if that were true someone would have stepped forward to say they got help in return for putting some flesh on Danny's paycheck.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Get Things Done

Danny will be happy to open an account for you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Fun on the 101

Happening now!

Encinitas Locals Want to Send Cars Back to 101

Over 300 people were there to hear from health and transportation experts in a Solana Beach Town Hall meeting this week. Many in attendance were from Encinitas, including Teresa Barth.

There is a growing movement to resist SANDAG's plans to add up to 10 additional lanes.

At the 8-18 council meeting members of the public asked the council to agendize the issue of the I5 expansion. People also presented a petition with additional signatures in support of a public discussion.  The council majority of Stocks, Bond & Dalager said it wasn't necessary. There will be a presentation from CALTRANS at the Sept. 15 meeting but it will not be an open discussion with an opportunity for public questions.

The council recently changed the rules on how things can be added to an agenda. You now have to have a majority of the council to have it heard. Hum...  

It would be cool to hear what the public and council think about increasing the congestion on the I5  and how that won't pour more rushed commuters on our surface streets/arteries (101 & vulcan) and side streets as they try to bypass the stop and go freeway traffic.

Authentic Mainstreet Remenant

Part 2 in a 4 part series on Cool Mainstreets

What is in the picture is pretty much it.

Within a block there is also a market, school and a new post office. The mainstreet is just a few blocks, then low density ag lots. The mainstreet was once was the center of daily commerce for the rural area. The hub is situated at a crossroads and rail line (uh oh).

As built, the infrastructure has worked as a real mainstreet. It wasn't built as a restaurant row or a street designed to catch discretionary spenders with the attempted facade allure of a street that services the general needs of a rural small town. 

People like small towns and cool mainstreets remind them of a small town atmosphere. Everyone knows each other in a small town and each individual has a bigger footprint on the town's demeanor. Anonymity is related to the size of a town's population, not the walkability of its mainstreet. 

Now in Penngrove, there are a few restaurants and bars. There are malls just outside of town and a freeway to Santa Rosa if you want to go to Home Depot  or Target.

I doubt few people ever elected walking to Penngrove's mainstreet back before people had cars. Walking to mainstreet from where we stayed in Penngrove is pleasant but takes a chunk of the day. That's no good when you have a working farm to tend. People had horses for mobility.

Along the walk you can encounter a local flavor of coastal Nor Cal. One restaurant was serving blackberry pies.

Does Leucadia have a local flavor and where can you go to enjoy it?

The authenticity of Penngroove's mainstreet  is framed by the "neighborhoods" surrounding it.

See also: Pleasanton

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leucadia Art History


This is the twelfth LeucadiART, although it is the sixth year revival having been adopted by L101 Mainstreet. It was started by the Leucadia Art Association, an association of Leucadia Galleries in 1987, and was a two day weekend event. It has always been an art show only, showcasing our local talent and visiting artists.
There were six large pine trees, a water fountain, a picnic bench and less traffic

This year L101 is producing an all juried fine art show with art demonstrations, live music, a beer and wine garden, kids area and 101 artist displaying their talents.




You all are invited to share the artistic talents of our community and have fun.

Special thanks to L101 and the 2010 LeucadiART committee and Fred Caldwell for all the hard work to get ready for this years art walk. Special thanks to Paula Kirpalani for leading this effort.

Thanks to all our sponsors , art patrons and business sponsors, too.
Support our local businesses

Come on down and enjoy our community
Support the artists

Monday, August 16, 2010


Mark Your Calendar


The Flea Market @ The DUCK Special Edition Leucadia Art Walk
FLEA MARKET @ The DUCK returns Sunday, August 29th, 10:00-4:00 in the parking lot of Ducky Waddle's Emporium, 414 N. Coast Hwy. 101 in Leucadia.
This event is a SPECIAL EDITION to coincide with the LEUCADIA ART WALK. In the spirit of the Old Leucadia Flea Market, several vendors will 
offer a selection of vintage goods covering a wide range of interest to discriminating buyers and collectors. This event is ongoing on the 
Second Sunday of every month. 

For additional information on FLEA MARKET @ The DUCK, contact 
Jerry 760-632-0488 or visit 

Ducky Waddle's Emporium, North Coast San Diego Art Gallery, Book Store 
and Center for Cultural Studies.
Concert for Candidate
On August 21, 2010, from 5-7 p.m., there will be a House Concert
featuring famed Encinitas guitarist Peter Sprague and his brother
Tripp, an accomplished saxophonist, as they play Jazz, Brazilian and
Beatles music. They will be joined by singer Sylvia Lange for a special
performance of the song "Leucadia", among other tunes. Light snacks and
beverages will be served.

Tickets are limited and are obtained by making a contribution of $25 or
more to the Tony Kranz for Encinitas City Council campaign. For more
information, browse to: 
To all candidates, send us your stuff! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cool Mainstreets: Pleasanton

I recently got back from visiting family in Nor Cal. On the way we enjoyed a few California mainstreets.

One of the themes for mainstreets is the historic flavor. Mainstreets have been multifunctional for their towns over many generations.

Pleasanton's mainstreet is fairly authentic. There is only a hint that the nature of the space and its use is contrived to a certain feel, as opposed to the aesthetics and function developing totally organically. What is lost in the effort to be authentic is well balanced by geography and key elements of the neighborhood.

You can go a block off the main drag and find cool historic homes. Look close to see the apple pie cooling off on the windowsill.

Lame infrastructure elements are mostly hidden or screened.

 You can go a block off the main drag and there is still cool stuff to discover. There are also nice restaurants on the sidewalk where the foot and car traffic volume is mellow.

There are just a few blocks of storefronts. You can park at one end and comfortably walk the whole stretch even in 30 minutes, even with midday heat. The trees help.

The variation in the store front designs is an asset. American mainstreets that I like reflect the American spirit of can-do entrepuneral spirit and individualism. I've not figured out why a mainstreet group would want to have all their storefronts conform to the same color or canopy designs.

 Storefronts are nice, but the people, the products, and the doings inside should be interesting and unique.

There is a museum at the end of that sidestreet.

Good eats in a local cafe is requisite for mainstreet. Dean's cafe was super friendly and there was a good balance of locals and tourist types, all striking up conversations with the staff about local stuff.

Pedestrian reminder in a crosswalk. People driving in cars and pedestrians cohabit the mainstreet.

Most of the people walking on the mainstreet appear to have driven to the mainstreet as a destination. Pleasanton had stop lights and popouts. 

The cool old gas station is a Pleasanton landmark. Not long ago the City of Encinitas dozed the city's historic gas station and built a parking lot caddy-corner to  Pacific Station. Maybe that was highest and best use of the location. Maybe.

The decision making was not the best. First the council decided if they wanted to spend money on repairing the building. They decided they didn't want to spend money on the building (at the same time there was strong lobbying behind the scenes for more parking spaces in that zone) and the City turned around and  spent money to build a parking lot. It all smelled like it was orchestrated to allow the council to give up on the historic building and give them cover for trading it for a parking lot.

It would have been better if the decision had been made by putting out all the alternatives with their costs/benefits and then selecting the best.

We do need parking because Downtown Mainstreet is a drive-to destination.  What would happen if the city held no-drive saturday(s) and made all parking anywhere near downtown illegal? Bus, bike or walk to downtown ONLY! Now that would put Encinitas on the map. Other events that shut down streets to autos make the walking/biking a recreational element of the event. This could be an event that challenges the "sustainable" movement to consider utility mobility (U-mobile).

I'm an experimentalist and like empirical data.  We should try it out a few times, just for fun.

I think we would find that the merchants like their customers who don't have excess time or physical capacity to walk or ride long distances. So we have to park them.  In Pleasanton they had small, clean, treed lots on the mainstreet AND the merchants provided parking on their properties.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to do with empty ag land?

From: Bob
Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 10:35 AM
Subject: [vgsd] Land available to lease/farm in Bonsall

Here's a note from a landowner up in Bonsall who wants to lease some of his land for farming. I met Frank. He's a good guy and has a nice piece of property. If interested, please contact Frank directly via email. Thanks. I'll try to post a picture in the pix section. Here's his note.

Let me know if you know of anyone that may be interested in our land in Bonsall. We have approx 2.5-3 acres of land that would be suited for gardens, flowers, vegetables, orchards, vineyards, etc. I'm looking for someone who may be interested in a crop sharing or lease arrangement on the land. Water is available through the irrigation system and could be used as part of the arrangement. I think this would be a perfect piece of land for an entrepreneur farmer or someone looking to expand their operations.


Frank Price


Sunday, August 08, 2010

14 People Care

North County Times reported on the salaries of the top city employees around north county. Encinitas was the only city the NCT could find/get information from.

Encinitasyouneedus responded:

Of course Encinitas information was not available. There are those in control of Encinitas city government -staff, manager, attorney and council boys who live by and loves their secrets. Whatever they can't keep behind closed doors and closed files - they will happily stall bringing to the light of day. They may not be totally dark, but they are dim. The website being unavailable this weekend is typical when there is scrutiny.

In a recent random poll of likely Encinitas voters (+/-3% margin of error), 87% said they couldn't name a council member, 13% regularly read a local news source  (>1x/week), 89% said they they were happy with the level of city hall transparency, 2% said they have ever tried to access city financial information, none had ever tried to acquire potentially controversial documents, and 97% said they would rather watch TMZ than read the city's fiscal statement,

DATA on Cal Water

Cal res levels

Click to enlarge. Hat tip C.M.

Friday, August 06, 2010

PC Likes Rezone Idea, Wants Beach Cottages

From the North County Times:

Shannon and fellow commissioners Virginia Felker and Michael O'Grady said Thursday night that they didn't oppose the concept of rezoning the large downtown lot, but wanted to make certain that any housing project on that land would fit with the surrounding neighborhood's eclectic, beach-cottage feel.
They asked city staffers to add new wording to the proposed city planning document amendments, spelling out their concerns related to building heights, land topography and architectural styling.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Seawalls

From the In Box:

Massive Seawall on Encinitas Planning Commission agenda


Beautiful Leucadian Tourist Destination

Questions of the day:
Should the City deny people trying to protect their property?  
Should the City allow private parties to use public property or public resources when building private seawalls?

See Also: City pays seawall lobbyist to represent private interests