Friday, January 21, 2011

Anon Commenters Have Left the Building


  1. I hope all the anons will take the few minutes it takes to get a Google or other OpenID account.

    The effort really is trivial.

  2. I am Proud papa, Mycah is my son. some history. i chose this handle durring the last election because of all the hate and negitive comments by the haters and nimbies on this blog. I was rained down on with false and vulgar attacks at times, even threats on my family. Now my son has been used as a political pawn and in some mean spirited way he is being attacked by anon haters. J.P. set the record strait. We did not post that photo for the way you used it. I love Leucadia and have lived here for 30 years with a few stops in other places in the country over the years. Where ever I go in this world and meet someone and they say where are you from? I say Leucadia.. and their face lights up...and they say.. I love Leucadia! So do I! Keep it funky people.

  3. hey loser!
    your kid rips!

    i stopped reading the comments when i got to the guy that wants to tear an awesome kid down but can't spell the word "vegetable."

    i'm sure mycah can spell vegetable.

    it's funny to me that people still consider skateboarding such a crime! (especially in Encinitas)
    yes... he's bending the rules in the photo.
    but Encinitas can't buy advertising like that.

    so instead of all the idiotic hate from adults who can't take the time to check their own spelling, maybe we should all be thanking mycah for putting Encinitas (& Vulcan Ave.) in the spotlight.

    and yeah...
    it probably should have been it's own post...
    i know that it's the current agenda, but so much is happening in leucadia other than the city council.
    not every story has to be attached to the mess that goes on in our local government.

  4. I have a good Kiwi friend "the pommie bastard" he was a local fixture in the hood. Many of you know him. Back in the day when we were just surf bums all day with no real job because of the economy, we realized how lucky we still were. We would often call each other "hey loser" as a way to remember how blessed we still were during tough times. Thanks for calling me "hey loser" I miss my friend Pom. Kia Ora!

  5. New law!
    SB 1411 makes it a misdemeanor to maliciously impersonate someone via a social media outlet or through e-mails.

  6. I go to SDA and know Mycah. I wouldn't necessarily say that we are friends, but we know each other and are friendly, and I would always say he is a good guy.

    Today's a great day because we can no longer have the anon attackers tear us down anymore. I've heard rumor that most of those anon attackers were actually just a few people commenting multiple times posing as other people.

    I know one of the main reasons I created my own blog that hasn't allowed anon commenters since the beginning is because I wouldn't stand for the anon personal attacks that have nothing to do with the political issues.

    The funny thing is that I think Mycah and I are now in competition for the award of "Most hated young person in Encinitas by the lame hater anon personal-attackers"

    I got mine for my support of the council majority and my strong rhetoric on building the park; Mycah got his for being a skateboarder..........It all makes sense now, the haters are just looking for anything to hate on whether it's political or not. There lives must be pretty terrible.


  7. Don't build the damn park if you have to borrow MORE money from my kids.

    We have plenty of parks.

  8. All the above comments are anon. this sign in stuff is for the birds.

    Now the blog is just more cumbersome and wastes time.

    Loser- Your posts are always weak. Your a Dalager lover and a government slacker. I don't agree with your socialistic viewpoint.

    Baloo- Why are you posting? Don't you remember you were not going to post here anymore. Get some integrity and lose the over inflated ego. It will not serve you well in life.

  9. the only effect of the sign in will be less posts and weakening the blog.

    Hopefully the blog promotes free speech and welcomes comments.

    the sign in is going in the wrong direction. we have been through this before. Remember.

    I guess its good to mix it up once in a while. I gets people to other things that look at this blog which gets boring really fast without open Anon comments.

  10. Huntington Hartford is my real name. My friends call me "cheese puff."

  11. Anon- Free speech? As long as we agree with you. I do not care for your intolerant views and dictorial rants. You're a cyber bully. Yes , it is true I like Dan and have known him for quite some time. I did not vote for him in the last election. I am for the Hall Park. I can agree to disagree...Can you? I am like most Americans somewhere in the middle. Center right, Center left depending on the issue.

  12. Seriously, do we really need another park? If it was "spend it or lose it," then I'd say fine but they're borrowing through the nose to build this turd.

    Would people go there? Would it pay? We already have lots of little parks and Quail Gardens, other gardens, etc. They're NOT overcrowded even on the weekend.

    It's us vs. them. Politicians just want to get their silly names immortalized on a little 6"x8" bronze placard. Big developers just want to take money from taxpayers. Bond salesmen want to loan us money. I'm tired of it. Somebody needs to stop the stupidity and be responsible.

  13. HH, you make valid points. I was for this park 10 years ago. My kids are now almost grown and out of the house. The park may never be built before they have a chance to use it. Many will use it if it ever gets built. The issue and many others has divided this City to the point where it takes too long to get anything done. Too many lawsuits. Not enough sunshine from the City. Too much outside money in the last election. Hate mailers. They all contribute to the annomosity of those who drive the debate of our City projects. We all lose if we don't pull together.

  14. Sell the hall property and pay back the bonds. The project should never be built.

  15. I posted this on the previous thread. It seems appropriate to repeat it.

    "Selling the property would not be easy. The bonds would need to be paid off and a buyer found. The property still has all the problems it had at the beginning -- the adjacent freeway, poor access, and contaminated soil. Additionally there is a depressed market to sell into.

    There is a way out. The council majority is still in the driver's seat, as it always has been. I think people attribute too much power to the NIMBYS. Seriously, how could such a small group have so much power? The council majority would have to think the unthinkable, that is, a compromise. At this time it seems very unlikely."

  16. anon "he only effect of the sign in will be less posts and weakening the blog"

    ...and more posts with you crying about signing in.
    "i had to take an extra 10 seconds and i just don't have that kind of time"

    the only reason my profile is hidden is because of people like you that would use said information to make me feel bad about myself even though it is you that is the sad one.

    you're miserable and the only thing that makes you happy is tearing people down to your "level"

  17. Anon loser- the only reason I keep my profile closed is because..... wa wa waaaa. your weak. but you got me pegged I am miserable and only feel good when I attach worthless no goods. That really makes me feel great. Geeze- you need help. What a victim.


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