Friday, January 14, 2011

Can you close what doesn't exist?


  1. It's either a slap in the face, an unintended oxymoron, or a riddle inside a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.

  2. Two years ago this photo could of been even more hilarious than it already is, at least we have a sidewalk now. Progress is a little slow in this town but by 2017 we should have the bike lane.

  3. What, you expect the government to actually work and correct problems. Those days are gone.

  4. 5:41- Try 2025.

    6:45pm- Its all about the gov sloughs keeping their huge pensions.

  5. I like it the way it is. Always. Change = bad. Stay the same Leucadia. We love you and accept you as you are... the BEST.

  6. I hate Leucadia and wished I lived somewhere else!

  7. 7:03
    you're an enabler

    what's your rent like?
    can i have your place when you move out?

  8. 7:57

    And call me when you have your moving sale....

  9. Thank God... your smell was killing me.

  10. Why waste money on bike lanes? Everyone just rides 2 or 3 abreast taking up regular traffic lanes anyway. If we had bike lanes with Jersey Barriers separating them from regular traffic lanes, I guarantee half of the bikers would choose to ride in the regular lanes. Inconsiderate pricks. Hold your line.

  11. Here is one for you 9:49 or Asshole-

    Try giving some people trying to exercise and not die from a heart attach, stroke, cancer or some complacent disease a break.

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Are you so pissed off that they are riding bikes when you have to go to work in some meaningless job pushing meaningless paper.

    Don't get me wrong... I do the same job as you. I just ask. I personally rather be on that bike enjoying our world.

    Why do you hate someone just trying to better their life and that of the world?

  12. 12:20 you are an idiot. 9:49 is right on the money. So take your vitriol somewhere else.

  13. I like Leucadia and I especially like all the whining malcontents that inhabit our town.

    The only problem I have with biking is those damn thorns! Cars are no problem.

  14. 812,

    You sound like you whining about thorns.

  15. 1220,

    take a Blood Pressure Pill.

  16. Anon 12:20 - I gather by your response that you are one of those bikers who is all over the road. I do ride and it is people like you who give people in cars a legitimate reason to hate bikers. So do us all a favor: before you get out on the road again, spend some time on rollers learning how to ride in a straight line. Then check your holier-than-thou attitude at the door. Stay in your lane, stop at red lights and stop signs and generally obey the rules of the road. Hopefully it will make my next ride that much better.


    Input on the end of the 3 vote rule

  18. Jerome Stalks, Jim Bombed and Kristin Gasbag will fix everything!

  19. Responses to Baloo,

    Correct, the rules were made so a majority would already have to decide they wanted to hear something. No minority sponsored discussion under this rule.

    Incorrect, it was not used to place something on the agenda for the next week.

    Incorrect, the city clerk does not put things on the agenda.

    Quibble, 3 vote rule was not a Huge step as a majority also elects the Mayor.

    Note, Gaspar made the motion to change the rule, not Barth.

    Question, what was evidence of Barth’s twisting?

    Question, if it was just about campaigning why did people still care after the election?

    Questions, if the city council members are not held to workplace ethics rules why was Shelia Cameron’s “harassment” messages grounds for former employees to use? Why do council members have to take sexual harassment trainings like employees?

    Question, on what page does the council majority’s attorney declare there was a full investigation and there were no grounds for the complaint?

    Correct, the attorney said no investigation was warranted because councilmen are not held to the workplace rules. So the public got a non-investigation and non-ruling.

    Maybe correct, who authorized the waste of the $15,000 and why? Why didn’t Jerome object before the money was spent?

    Correct, the Brown Act does not apply to the 3 vote rule.

    Not completely correct, the practice had changed to become more restrictive.

    Weird, you think the situation is much better now, but don’t seem to recognize that the majority would have never changed the practice without the vocal crazies bringing it up.

  20. Perhaps a new subject should be started on how items were placed on the agenda before the year
    Two council members, the city manager, and department heads were on the agenda item consideration committee. That wasn't its official name, but that was the purpose. Anyone could attend and listen to the discussion. Some requested items were from the public.

  21. Why would we want staff setting agenda items? Staff works for us and takes our direction. Not vise versa. That is except in Encinitas.

  22. Staff didn't set the agenda. Talk with the City Clerk and get the history.

  23. Go to Americans for Tax Reform, for a list of tax hikes coming from Obamacare.

    Taxation without representation is tyranny.


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