Monday, January 31, 2011

City Manger Bru HA HA Extended

With one day's notice,

The city council will be doing a city manager evaluation, tomorrow.

Is Cotton a contractor or an employee? It gets confusing.

The council agenda says the council will REPORT out on consideration of extending the current contract. Does that mean they will decide behind closed doors?

Thanks to Teresa Barth and a couple Leucadia Loonies you can speak before the closed session and hear the report out afterwards.


  1. Nice little storm. 3 or 4 more spaced out with these mild Santa Ana's in between would be very nice this winter. What a week of great beach weather and surf too!

  2. Sorry wrong thread. My bad. Should of posted in the winter thread. Tired from packing, house in disaray. Moving this week back to Leucadia! Should be an interesting City Manager discusion tomorrow. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

  3. Where are all the haters? No comments on the City manager? I am shocked that no one is willing to comment on this subject, as it was such a heated issue with the angry anon attackers. Nobody wants to throw the rock when you know who's throwing it or is there only 10 of us that comment on this blog?


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