Saturday, January 08, 2011

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Exclusively From The Coast News,

In 2004 and 2006, Ross watched as the water bubbled up from the newly installed valve and rushed into her home. She estimates the damage from both floods at $100,000. “I’ve talked to city staff on several occasions, I’ve presented drainage questions to the council in private and public,” she said, but to no avail. “I’ve gotten nothing, no tangible response.”

“There really isn’t any need to pump over the bluff at Beacon’s Beach,” Calver maintained. “It feels like their Leucadia has always been treated second best.” However he said he holds out hope that the problems will be fixed. “I know our engineers can figure this out. They can fix this issue once and for all.” A call to the city’s engineering department was not returned

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The interim city manager was absent for three weeks over two months in November and December despite the fact that his contract does not allow for paid vacation time.

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  1. City officials AWOL - just like Congress!

  2. Bang your pots!!January 08, 2011 8:40 AM

    All city officials have a fiduciary responsibility to control costs for the city. Mr. Cotton should be fired at the next council meeting and the city should sue him to recover all costs involved in his "vacation".
    Furthermore, voters should begin a recall of ALL council members for failure to due their duty as expected by reasonable citizens.

  3. Regarding the flooding. If the City is liable sue the City and get to the bottom of the issue. Otherwise your complaining is doing nothing.

  4. If the city is liable, why hasn't the city residents of San Diego sue their city? Their problems are huge.

  5. We are the city. Everybody can't sue everybody.

    Grow up and stop whining. It's not us vs. them. It's us vs. us.

    Sue your parents for raising such a whiner.

  6. A property at the bottom of a bowl is going to flood no matter what the city will do or not do. PROPERTY OWNERS SHOULD INVEST IN SOLUTIONS TO THEIR OWN DRAINAGE ISSUES AND NOT WAIT FOR THE CITY TO SOLVE THEM.

  7. Cotton can't stop the rain from falling.

  8. Sue. Its the only thing the City understands.

  9. It gives Sue City Sue a new meaning.

  10. when the city's practices make the flooding WORSE then there is grounds to sue.

    Notice that the city staff did not comment. Want to bet Jerome doesn't write an editorial defending the city?

  11. I vote sue. Its the only thing that makes them listen to common sense. The courts.

  12. Paint Stocks white and black and put him in the flooded area - call it Leucadia's Sea World!

  13. Talk of suing - School Superintendent Tim Baird is threatening to sue the city to force a high-density rezone of the Pacific View School site. Who'd pay for that? -the taxpayers! Baird needs to be recalled or muzzled - he is an idiot that can't see the benefits of turning the Pacific View property into a permananet community resource. An initiative should be placed on the 2012 ballot to authorize the city to purchase that property; Proposition P passed - will there be accountability on those expenditures? Don't count on it.

  14. I agree. That last bond was a huge waste of future borrowed money. Baird could go...

    Love the Stockmu suggestion.

    The only problem is Stocks can't swim. BS sinks.


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