Saturday, January 29, 2011

Encinitas Now More Sustainable

Developers of the mixed-use redevelopment project Pacific Station in downtown Encinitas, John Dewald & Associates create innovative and distinctive projects that address sustainability on multiple levels. Source

“Pacific Station reflects the look, feel and sensibilities of the unique Encinitas beach community,” DeWald said, “and contributes to a walkable community that brings life back to our downtown.”

On Thursday, county Supervisor Pam Slater-Price and the Encinitas City Council presided at a groundbreaking ceremony attended by more than 100 people. Pacific Station was hailed as a “poster child for transit-oriented design.”
Mayor Jerome Stocks said the project represents “a re-investment in our ability to sustain a living, breathing, working downtown Encinitas.”
There will be less cars on the road too!


  1. If I bought one of those condos that is literally (and I mean literally in the sense that I'm not exaggerating) 6' away from the railroad track, would I get in trouble if I pressed my butt cheeks up against the glass when the train went by? Or, since I'm in my own living room, I'm allowed to go naked and press my butt cheeks up against anything I want?

  2. Such a bargain, at almost $1,000 a square foot. These are going to be vacation rentals, how else can the prices be justified in this market. I don't care for the uninspired architecture and the sixties "Park" sign is silly. As for coordinating the F street light with the E street light, that is not happening....more pollution, should have put a roundabout there.

  3. agree about all the comments above.

    But then again. I am just Anon.

    An the answer is yes. You can press your butt cheeks anywhere you want in your house. Just make sure the blinds are closed and remember to wipe well. Stinky.

  4. Two other thoughts.


    No gathering place. They maxed out the condos and left no gathering space.

    As a result, it will never be a desirable place to live or go.

  5. Why is it that environmental wackos are always crying for someone else to live in high density housing, use public transportation, ditch their auto, reduce their carbon footprint and then when we get some decent condos they just bitch? I'd bet these cry baby whining algore loving liberal enviro-statist pinko commies all own cars, live in a house, use electricity and gas, own plenty of products made of plastic or any of the multitude of products mankind produces and think its perfectly fine for them but not others. Only those living in a tepee or cave farming for subsidence can bitch about this project. And the Amish.

  6. And they probably are on some type of welfare, food stamps, EBT, mommie's trust, disability, government retirement, but no way they work. Just slackers like most of Leucadia and the rest of the Left Coast. Jerry Brown is their hero. GET A JOB!

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  8. zero lot line, metal fake facade, obviously built to maximize volume on the space....kinda like a doghouse

  9. How is that like a dog house?

    Dogs like small warm and safe feeling cave like houses from what I have read and seen.

    please enlighten me.

  10. It seems overbuilt to me. Not gathering space. Lets see how they sell and who occupies the spaces. My prediction is vacation rentals at a pretty affordable rate. That does not seem like a place that many encinitas residents would want to live. time will tell.

  11. did you see the fake plants on vacant balconies?
    it says a lot about the project and how off base it is with the community.
    i'm sure though over time people will grow to accept it.
    who's gonna be the head of the "bring back they grey warehouse" commitee.
    (also think its funny that nixon prided themselves in being hidden until whole foods moved in next door... now big sign)

  12. Congrats John. Great design.
    This certainly is a massive improvement and a positive addition to our downtown.
    I do not understand those that feel an ugly falling down aluminum shell is better than this well thought out development.
    Oh, yea.........change.

  13. They don't seem like good vacation rentals to me. Too noisy and industrial.

    I would guess they'll end up renting them like the Moonlight lofts.

  14. The development might be well thought out. It is also the biggest greenwash in Encinitas.

    I do not understand why John should be congratulated? Did he do something exceptional? It is his job to make a profit for his investors by constructing buildings. That is his job. He did his job just like 85% of us. Do you congratulate Calaway Golf every time they finish a golf club?

    It is not John's job or duty to make Encinitas a better place with "positive additions". He just needs to make money for his investors. It is not his job to be honest with the community.

    I do not understand why people think there were only two options for that site. Aluminum building, or Pacific Station? Don't forget they also took out the old E-street Cafe building which was a great asset to downtown. It had way more coastal charm character than Pacific Station.

    Thus, you’ve fallen to a false choice. They could have build two story that fit in with the neighboring buildings. They could have build single story store fronts. They could have. They didn’t.

    Don't confuse concern over change with a desire to avoid bad change and a desire to improve the community. I've never heard someone fall to the "afraid of change" retort when they knew the change was for the good of the public.

    I’d like to see a change and I hope you are not afraid. I’d like to see the city change course from turning Encinitas into an overly congested and overtaxed city and instead try to build a city that has a small coastal city culture. Afraid?

  15. Is there a parking plan?

    Dalager and his colleagues agreed that DeWald should tailor a parking management plan to the needs of tenants and their customers once the project is finished.

    DeWald must provide the city with operational and management plans for the residential and commercial components of the project and update those plans annually for five years.

  16. You can sit on your patio overlooking the railroad tracks while inhaling the soot from the engines because you can't get your car out of the underground parking due to the street fair.

  17. Word of caution: if you pee off your deck onto the tracks - mind the 3rd rail.

  18. Agree...agree... agree... with Lee / Anon / Violet. I expressed my dismay earlier that a. it's ugly and b. it's a lie. Look at the original artists renderings... I don't see a gathering place... just another fake facade shoved right up against the sidewalk...


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