Monday, January 17, 2011

The king malcontent-activist-obstructionist


  1. I marched with him in Atlanta. He was one of the most inspirational men I ever had the privilege of meeting.

  2. Dr. Lorri-

    Nice comment. Hope things are well for you. Are you able to work on the term limits to help get the existing problems out of office and make our City a better place?

    Without term limits are City is screwed for years.

  3. Anon9:49- Perhaps. Keeping a low profile these days. But you never know what might happen in the months to come. If you are interested, e-mail me.

  4. Good for you Doc! My Uncle Gaylord Noyce (RIP), a preacher, went to jail with him in the 60's for marching for civil rights. Incidentally, his brother Robert Noyce invented the microchip in the 1950's, so I probably wouldn't be sharing this trivia if not for him.

  5. Dr Lori- why you lay'n low? Let's talk about it.


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