Sunday, January 02, 2011

Leucadia Scavenger Hunt V1

This comes from a family who stays in Leucadia every year during the holidays.

The Rules
This scavenger hunt has four parts
Word Search
Where In Leucadia Am I?
Who’s That Lady?
Tic Tac Toe

Working as a team, follow the instructions for each part, solving puzzles, gathering items, and taking lots of photos. All of the clues will lead you to places between La Costa Ave. and Leucadia Boulevard on North Coast Highway 101 on our side of the railroad tracks.

DO NOT CROSS THE RAILROAD TRACKS!  (because there are no safe and legal places to cross).

You’ll need the help of strangers, so don’t be shy.

Read carefully – some photos must have one teammate in them. Some must have all. Be sure that any required item is visible in the photo. You’re on the honor system here…don’t use your phones for an Internet search.

THE WINNERS Teams will earn 100 points for successful completion of all four parts. The first team back will be awarded 25 bonus points. Teams will lose 10 points for each missing or incorrect item, answer or photo. Extra credit items are worth 5 points each.

The team with the most points wins!


  1. I don't understand?

    I cross the tracks all the time. It is safe and the guy in the white truck doesn't care anymore.

  2. Is it against the law to cross?

  3. #1 - Flower Lady

  4. #1 - The Plant Lady

  5. This game is silly. Who has the time to form a team? One is obvious... The Plant lady for sure.

  6. I formed a team. We were ready to play. But ... we were too afraid to cross the railroad tracks. We retreated to the vacant lot on Hygia. We picked firm avocados. Hopefully they soften up.

  7. We have completed our team's assignment.
    What do we win?

  8. Can we have a new post, please?

  9. Who won the treasure hunt? I found a treasure in my cereal box and was content to just stay at home.


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