Sunday, January 23, 2011

Local Garden Art on Display

Art is on display in the gardens of many Leucadians. The inclusion of art in daily life is something that distinguishes much of Leucadia. So, you all might want to check out the sculptures that are on display at Quail Botanic Gardens (aka SD Botanic Gardens).

 The sculptures in the garden program is a great idea.  Great for the gardens and great for our local artists.


  1. Ahh! It's so quite. No more white noise. All you can hear is the crickets. That's some interesting shrubbery you got there. leucadia has the best backyards!

  2. Great. Now all the comments are from clueless folks like Loser and Baloo. Please don't shut down the blog and make it totally boring by making it more difficult to post comments. Why make someone get a google account to post Anon or Loser?

  3. Anon, I don't care what you want. I don't blog for your entertainment either. What do you bring to the discussion besides tearing down those who you don't aggree with. Why don't you start your own blog for all the haters out there? If you are so enlightened why don't you run for Council and save us from ourselves?

  4. The fact that all the Anons disappeared makes me think they were just one or two people posting over and over.

    There can't be that many people out there who are so burdened by a 10-second login that they all decide to simultaneously stop participating.

  5. some people don't want a google account and don't like to log in.

    I find its a pain in the butt.

  6. I agree even though I have been accused of being cluless and having nothing to contribute so you may not care. Is there that many paranoid people out there thinking someone is going to find out who they are? Geez, I'm trying to be a good informed citizen but watching this goal setting meeting is like watching paint dry. Goal- Side walk on the East side of Vulcan and cross walks where they build at grade crossings with wayside horns!


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