Sunday, January 09, 2011

Local Water Suppy Update

Leucadia gets a substantial amount of its water supply from a local source. Lake Hodges. The lake is almost full.

(photo from A.H.RSF)

Regional suppliers have also been promised greater deliveries in 2011. The NCTimes reports:

In November, Southern California water officials said an increased allocation from the state will allow them to stash away more water next year. The California Department of Water Resources officials said the agency can send cities and farms about 25 percent of the water they've requested for 2011.
That conservative first estimate was raised in December to 50 percent, with an additional increase likely. A year earlier, the department estimated it could supply just 5 percent, but increased that to 50 percent of the requested water.
Water rates increased in Leucadia on Jan 1 and we remain on Level 2 drought status, with increased rates.


  1. Leucadia residents should ask for and receive a reduction from Phase 2 to Phase 1; immediately.

    The drought is over; the snow pack is tremendous.

  2. The drought is not over! Mother nature has help us restore our local water levels to a sustainable level for a few short years at best. Under ground aquafers need to be refilled as well as the Colorado watershed. Lake Mead will take years to fill. We will need several successive years of rainfall before we can say the drought is over.

  3. That looks healthy for human consumption. Now I know why my tap water tastes like crap.

  4. There is no shortage of water.
    There is only a shortage of political will to desalinate water as needed.
    A phase 2 drought alert is designed to keep water rates high so that politicians can control your life and pay giant salaries and pensions.
    Say NO!!!

  5. No wonder the water has a minty green flavor!

  6. Logan Jenkins gave Gaspar a soft brick in his column today! Now she'll have something to talk about when she gets her nails done.

  7. Login Jenkins went too soft on her and thinks she is merely "naive". He also cut Dalager slack when he was caught up in the "quid pro quo" votes for kickbacks.
    Gaspar is not "naive" in the sense Jenkins implied - she is a planted stooge who will do what she is told.
    A brick to Jenkins for not seeing the obvious.

  8. There is a shortage of potable water. We import most of ours from Colorado and Northern CA, which deprives all the habitats that evolved due to a natural presence in those areas. Desalination can provide some. Dew harvesting can provide some, with less impact. But the most important thing is to reduce our usage.

    Some ideas: Take shorter showers, install low flow and dual flush toilets, flush less often, install low flow shower heads, run dishwashers and washing machines only when full, replace washers with front loading ones, turn off the tap when not needed, install tankless water heaters, wash produce in a bowl instead of under running water, sweep instead of hosing down pavement, repair leaks, replace thirsty landscaping with native species, adjust sprinkler timers, etc. Every little bit helps. We could also try to discourage people from moving to SoCal since that will only exacerbate the situation.

  9. Great! We can all go back to hosing off our driveways.

  10. 11:30- I have a better idea. Don't approve more development, and jack up the water rates. Let people use water if they are willing to pay, but the farmers should pay the same as the homeowner in the same area.

  11. As long as we're talking resources, now that the City has successfully installed a PV solar system on the roof of City Hall, maybe we don't have that urgent need to save on our power. Maybe they can now be open on alternate Fridays.

    The reasoning has always been that our power consumption would be reduced, now it's free. Serve the citizens first.


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