Thursday, January 27, 2011

SDWD Water Level Status

Short-term drought status to remain in effect in the SDWD. See Patch.

Official California Drought Status for Jan 24, 2011

Are there any long-term water policies in the SDWD that address affordability & economic imacts, long-term supply, and long-term demand? Did anyone mention water policy at the goal setting meetings?


  1. The majority's current policy is build more homes with more water meters to use as much water possible and make fees off the meters to support the huge pensions for the employees.

    PS- You should converse and plant cactus so that the developer can build 20,000 more homes with golfcourses in Encinitas. And we are raising your water rates again. Well blame it on our state supply, but as we all know its our huge pension liability that needs to be fed.

  2. The vote split on the substitute motion made by Gaspar and seconded by Stocks to maintain the present drought level, but reduce rates. This is having your cake and eating it too, while appearing to support water conservation. Bond abstained on this, so the motion failed.

    Bond has been our water expert and normally speaks very well on water issues. Last night he spoke briefly and said he was waiting to be convinced by the others. He ended up voting with Houlihan and Barth on the first motion to maintain both the drought level and rates with a revisit in March or April when the state water situation becomes clearer. January has been very dry with long range forecast still calling for drier La Niña conditions.


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