Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter sand, reef, surf, sun.

Leucadia beaches still walkable during the winter despite what the fear mongers tell you.


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! Did you catch Sheila Cameron giving Bond a tongue lashing last night -- pay attention during oral communications (after the most boring SDWD meeting). Of course, there had to be some Encinitan humor....Bond tries to cut her off when the time buzzer twirps and she keeps talking, then when she finishes Bond croaks out in a funerial monotone " time ...limits" while Sheila flips him the finger. This is classic stuff.

  2. My take on the council meeting.

    I salute all the pubic speakers on this Wednesday meeting. All should watch the video they are all heroes.

    Just click on public comment for the regular council meeting. Go to the web site or maybe to this link.

    Bob Bonde is a founder of Encinitas. A hero for our youth and a hero for all of Encinitas. A hero with pure integrity. May we all have your integrity and sleep at night with your peace of mind.

    Diane Bond- thanks for your legal expertise to Keep these crooks lead by Duke Stocks in there place.

    Andrew Audet - Thank You for pointing out all these criminals who were elected by special interests. Thanks for point out fiscal conservatives which is the opposite of the RINO Jerome Stocks who gives all our tax money and our kids money to City Slacker huge compensation packages. They are criminal. Thank you for calling this criminal action to the forefront of the Encinitas tax payers.

    Sheila Cameron- You are a Saint of Encinitas. Thanks for fighting for our Cities future. Thanks for flipping off the crooks of Encinitas. Unfortunately they are the idiots that the citizens elected. Hopefully the votes will not vote for the same crooks like Jerome Stocks in the future

    Jim Bond is a retard or seriously losing it- Alzheimer’s is an ugly disease. Please Bond step down. Its embarrassing for everyone. If you don’t believe it watch the video yourself. Its not pretty. You can’t even barely get through a meeting.

    Wow. Jerome comments finally show that he is starting to get it. I hope he keeps up his studies. Hes heading in the right direction. Now if he would only undo his 2005 mistake of golden pensions. He might be on his way to further future political opportunities. Lets see.

    Teresa- She just get it. Anyone opposed to her is just clueless. She is golden.

    Kristen- Ah Ok. Nice morning reticule. You forget about your CFO responsibilities. I guess just keep up supporting Jerome. Let us know when you are officially a pair. That will be cute.

    Maggie- semi good information, but you talk to much.

    On Teresa’s debriefing, why can’t Leucadia have the same level of safe route to schools improvements that Cardiff had. Again- is leucadia always going to be the step child of Encinitas. If so, lets get our own City and take Encinitas Ranch with us for revenue.

    Jerome- condescending again.

    Jim was just plain boring.

    City Manager just wanted to get out of there and continue to enjoy his huge retirement pay.


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