Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Get a Parks and Rec Commission Appointment

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  1. This makes a mockery of the application process. It's totally inappropriate and like flipping the bird at all the other applicants, especially those for Parks and Rec.

    At least Bond recognized that Long had gone way over his allotted 3 minutes. Yet Stocks was giddy that they had been "serenaded."

    It all shows Doug Long's sense of entitlement and attitude that he is a city insider. Did you notice his Freudian slip? He said Parks and Rec "Department" instead of Parks and Rec "Commission." He quickly corrects himself.

  2. He must be really good at his job to make such a mockery of the reappointment process.

    What does he actually do? Make sure the Mexicans are mowing the right grass?

  3. Yech! I think Doug Long must have got knocked in the head with a pipe and thought he was on American Idol....what a creepy song and what a creep he was to insult the "ladies"....I would give him the big thumbs down.

  4. Me not hot on that tool. I'm glad I didn't go to that wedding. I would have left one minute into that crappy song.

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  6. Did someone knock me out and drag me to backwoods Arkansas?

    I feel like I'm in Deliverance.

    Who are these people?

  7. Wow.....That is strange, isn't it?

    I have to say, I don't see how that really explains why he should be reappointed. Nor does it make me ever want to hear him sing again.

    As far as the 'distinguished ladies' comment. I think this is just Teresa wanting to hear her title told back to her again. I guarantee that if there were a female mayor/deputy mayor team, and the other three council members were all male and someone used the term 'distinguished gentleman' nobody would would bat an eye. He used the term in a respectful and polite manner that meant no insult.

  8. Baloo,

    I agree. It reminded me of the Ma'am Boxer Incident (though Doug Long is no Gen. Walsh).

  9. Thanks "Distinguished child" for your oh so insightful comment.

    Me not think you hot. You more like little snot.

    Wow. Can you imagine how embraced that poor guys daughter is.

    I hope he is diagnosed with something that helps explains his behavior. It almost so bad, its something that Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler would do.

    Wow...... I'm going to put "I loved her first" on my Ipod....phfffff.

  10. Get real - toadying up to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and then acknowledging "Distinguished Ladies" was deliberate. This was a put down -- it is demeaning to their position as councilmembers, Barth is right to speak up, otherwise this type of behavior is seen as acceptable -- when will men learn that? And, had he addressed the men as Gentlemen, that would have been a far stretch from the truth.

  11. This show of entitlement is appalling. It is a slap in the face to all other applicants. He neither stated his accomplishment or goals. This gross lack of judgement should be more than ample reason to look elsewhere for leadership in this post. He has shown how little concern he has that the 3-2 majority would consider any other candidate for the post. They know he will do their bidding.
    It is an embarrassment.

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  13. Steven: "Yeah, man!"

    Jennifer: "That was so sweet...oh, yes!"

    Randy: "Right on, dawg...yes, yes, yes!"

    All three: "Doug Long! You're! Going! To!...HOLLYWOOD!!!"

  14. Pathetic. Both the singing and the mockery of the qualifications for Planning Commission members.

  15. Thumbs up to Mary Fleener. Your comment gave me a nice laugh.


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