Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leucadia Blog Victory #14

The Leucadia Blog continues to generate great ideas that are being put into action: Streetscape, Redevelopment Agency Free Leucadia, No Contests at Swamis and now Easter Island Heads in the city's cultural center.

The Leucadia Blog has been lobbying for Easter Island Head art for years.

During the Cardiff Kook Statue blogathon we suggested the city learn from their mistakes and put all prominent long-term public art on display for the public to review prior to installation. If the public doesn't like it, it doesn't represent the city and that's not good public art.

Because the Leucadia Blog represents the public and we like Easter Island Heads its a-okay that the city approved the art concept without giving the lay-public a chance to check out the concept before final approval.

After hybrid cars became commonplace, environmentalists turned to displaying their dedication to the movement with tattoos. Easter Island heads are the symbol for the true-green movement.

Easter Island was once home to a successful civilization. The Bible of the Environmental Movement is Jared Diamond's Collapse. Here's Diamond at TED. In his book Diamond explains how the Eastern Island civilization blew it.

The people of Easter Island overpopulated and overused their resources. Then their society collapsed. If the public had the time to reflect on the symbolism of the Easter Island Monuments it might have sparked a public conversation. It would have gotten all ugly about how we are so much wiser than Polynesians. It was better that they checked with the LB and then slipped this art concept through quickly.

Here's a whole series on one of the most extrodinary socieities the world has ever seen:


  1. great post thanks.

    Major factor in Americas collapse. Leaders indebting our future.

    Pensions and other intitlements are the major issue.

    Jerome Stocks needs to go to "boot camp"

  2. I almost wish there HAD been an RDA formed in Leucadia. It would be amusing to see the scrambling and transferring of funds by the cast of clowns who supported it. You know who you are.

  3. Agree with most of Jared's points, except he should be careful throwing the term "idiot" at anyone with a hair-cut like that.


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