Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pannikan vs Starbucks Death Match 2011

From the inbox:

part of what makes this place so great is that it's not totally overrun with big multinational chain stores like so much of the rest of san diego. the community has done such a great job of keeping this stuff to the el camino real corridor so it's convenient for people but not interfering with our local culture west of the 5.

well... i got a letter in my mailbox today about a newly proposed development at leucadia blvd and orpheus. the developer is proposing a drive-thru starbucks and 2 retail tenants (fast food restaurants?).

there's a meeting scheduled for 6:30pm, 2/15 at encinitas community and senior center, 1140 oakcrest park drive, 92024.

LB: Drive-through Starbucks? Why not a bike-trough Starbucks?


  1. You can't fight Starbucks. We tried to fight them in OB and they came in anyway. If they can take OB, they can take Leucadia.

  2. I don't understand the attraction to starbux. If you're at the airport and need a coffee... ok, I understand that, but to go into a starbux just to hangout? Their baked goods are nasty. They are this generation's McDonalds I guess.

  3. Starbutts is overated, overpriced, celluloid pretentious, and has all the atmosphere of a McDonald's. What is up with the mashed frapped mucho mocha slimmed lite fraps....didn't that go out with the end of Fraiser? I would love to see a coffee shop named Joe's Juice with parking for all types of bikes outside. BTW, Starbucks got hit big for screwing their employees out of overtime wages. Another landowner trying to maximize profit at the expense of culture.

  4. they're already on leucadia blvd in one location... isn't that enough? uggh, just what we need on the morning commute here, a bunch of jacked-up drivers drinking 40's of coffee. maybe we'll luck out and caltrans will bulldoze it when they widen the freeway.

  5. I love that the pictures have the dirty hippie at Corporate Starbucks and the Yuppie couple at Leucadia Pannikin. Isn't that reversed?

    When I am in my front yard I look at the vacant patch of land in question. If it has to be fast-food I don't mind the idea of Starbucks going there because they are generally not an eyesore. Brick building, small sign, not the end of the world. Please don't make it a McDonalds with a 50' Golden Arches.

    If they are going to build there (and I can't give a valid reason not to), how can we encourage a more local business?

  6. Just say No! to Starbucks. They are just as evil as Walmart.

  7. > there's a meeting scheduled for 6:30pm, 2/15 at encinitas community and senior center, 1140 oakcrest park drive, 92024.

    Do you have a link for this meeting? I can't track down anything else about it.

  8. I completely forgot about the meeting. Can anyone tell me what happened?

  9. Mmmmm burger... In and Out on 101! Brilliant idea J.P. It may be the first one on Hwy 101 in Cali. I love it.

  10. What's wrong with someone developing their property?

    What do you want him to do?


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