Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speculation Saturday

Danny knew he was going to be sentenced and his campaign slate probably knew he would have to step down after being elected, had he been. There must have been a plan.

The city has no specific rules for succession. Good chance the council would have simply appointed a replacement council member.

Who would have Gaspar, Bond, Houlihnan and Stocks appointed?

Alan Proctor wants to move to Leucadia. Maybe him?

How would that appointment have played out in terms of changes to public policy and city administration?


  1. How would that appointment have played out in terms of changes to public policy and city administration?

    It wouldn't have made any difference at all. What's the difference, 3-2, 4-1, or 5-0?

    Name one thing the minority council members have accomplished. What's the point of them even being there?

  2. What has not happened because of their presence might be a good compliment to your question.

  3. Hard to imagine what the majority might have wanted that they didn't get.

    Phil Cotton wanted a salary boost to spike his pension. He got it.

    The majority wanted to change the Hall Park from a community park to a regional sports park. They got it.

    The majority wanted to block pension reform. They have.

    The majority wants to appoint an insider who will play ball as city manager. They'll do it.

    By the way, with the 3-vote rule gone, why is there not a single council member proposing to put pension reform on the agenda? Wasn't there at least one council member who made that a campaign promise, and isn't there another council member who voted against the pension boost in the first place, and isn't there another council member who spoke at the Olivenhain forum about moving to a 401k-style plan? Were these all just empty campaign promises?

  4. The next highest vote getter would replace him, I believe.
    If that were to happen before the election, it would have been our favorite crooner, Long. They probably thought Dan could still win.

  5. There are no rules according to the city. The council gets to decide how to replace someone who steps down.

    My money would have been on Long. With a super majority you can upzone and there is one less person in authority who can blow the whistle on shenanigans. The council has a lot of power to shine light. The tip of the iceberg wouldn't even be visible.

  6. Sometimes Bond sees the light and changes his mind, case in point, the speed cushions on Devonshire. That was an epic 11 year effort, with the majority poo-pooing traffic control a decade ago and due to the persistence of the neighbors and the support of Houlihan and Barth, and excellent work by Nestor in Traffic, we were able to present a case to the council that Bond and Dalalger had to vote in favor of....Stocks voted no based on principle (he hates us). The minority may not get what they want, but they force the issues into the public arena and demand discussion....and, sometimes, we get what we need. Don't sign off on a community park just yet, things change, people leave, and being an optimist, I believe if we all keep interested and vocal, logic and reason, seasonsed with kindness, will prevail.


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