Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WalMart to be Walkable

WalMart has submitted a parking plan to the City of Encinitas for its review. As blogged here, WalMart is planning on establishing a store in the El Camino Real smart growth walkable zone. It is rumored that Walmart is asking for a parking requirement waiver in anticipation of the adoption of a more healthy and friendly lifestyle associated with the cultural shift to walking and riding bicycles. The rumor can not be substantiated until the City releases the parking study.


  1. You think those city worker pensions are going to fund themselves without Walmart sales tax revenue?

  2. Even if you don't shop at Walmart or Whole Foods, because of them Seaside Market and Target are going to have some serious competition. They will have to respond by diversifying their selection of goods and lowering prices. That is GOOD for consumers and we should all be happy!

  3. What kinda payout do you think walmart will make to break through and own our City leaders?

    The unions did it, so could walmart. I think the bar is pretty low.

    I agree with W.C.

    There is nothing happy about Walmart. Its were the devil shops.

  4. WalMart is bad just about everywhere they go. Local governments subsidize them thinking they are a benefit to the community when they end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from employees making so little they rely on taxpayer funded social services and emergency rooms. Being one of the largest corporate business enterprises on earth they usually get what they want from local city staff bumpkins. Promises of more tax dollars come at the expense of other businesses losing sales and eventually closing causing ripple effects of vacant retail space and entire shopping centers becoming ghost towns. Or 99 Cent Stores. WalMart is ChinaMart and will soon be getting their prescription drugs from China also.
    Putting a WalMart in Encinitas will make us more like Oceanside, Escondido or Chula Vista.
    Stop WalMart in Encinitas, they are not good neighbors.

  5. I feel the same way as Area Man.
    No WallMart

  6. The traffic will be horrible as that center was not meant to be a WalMart. We taxpayers of Encinitas will be saddled with improvements to the intersections going into and out of WalMart. It will be an area to be avoided due to traffic jambs. Ain't WalMart great!

  7. I have never shopped at a Walmart and never will. That empire was created on the backs of underpaid abused workers, both here and in China. We have diversity with local shops, keep it that way.

  8. I don't like Walmart. If they put it in, I'm going to keep shopping at Target. If the same roll of toilet paper costs 20 cents more at Target, I don't care. I will pay it. My ass can tell.

  9. Oh my goodness! I can't believe it; there is an issue that Anon, W.C. and I all agree on. Walmart is the home of Satan, and a frequent hangout of Beelzebub.

  10. I have to agree with Huntington on all counts. WalMart will be good for consumers. I hate them as a store and will never shop there. However, I respect them as a company.

    WalMart should not get parking waiver, but neither should they be outlawed as a company just because they do it better than everyone else.

    If you think you are not buying from China because you are buying at Target, think again. I read labels and buy American when I can. Lately even my fish from SeaSide has been Chinese.

  11. WalMart sells guns that kill people.
    WalMart makes billions every year and spends hundreds of millions on lobbyists to keep the politicians on their side.
    WalMart is number 1 with employees on public assistance.(EBT, food stamps)
    WalMart is number 1 with employees who have to use public funded health care.
    California taxpayers pay $86 million annually for public programs such as health care and subsidized housing for low-wage WalMart workers.
    Every WalMart is subsidised by its local community.
    WalMart makes us more Third World with every new store.
    I have never shopped at WalMart nor will I.
    Boycott WalMart! Bad for everybody.

  12. Spot on Area Man! Corporate welfare at it worst! I will never buy anything in their stores. A movie theater would serve the community so much more in that location.

  13. Is someone talking about putting in a movie theater? Because that would be great. If we are just dreaming about the best thing to go there though, I would choose a Dave & Busters. Video games and beer - good times.

  14. People kill people. Guns protect those that can't protect themselves against someone who is physically stronger.

    Without guns, a strong person could go in and devastate, rape, chop up and eat an entire family. Cooked or uncooked.

    With Guns, granny can stop the murdering child rapist at the front door death as a door nail.

    Its that simple. Appreciate your constitutional rights. Without them, we will live like Mexico.

    My house is heavily armed. Is yours?

  15. Guns protect those that can't protect themselves against someone who is physically stronger.


    Without guns, a strong person could go in and devastate, rape, chop up and eat an entire family. Cooked or uncooked.

    WTF is wrong with you?

    With Guns, granny can stop the murdering child rapist at the front door death as a door nail.

    Or she could use pepper spray & a baseball bat and not worry about gun accidents.


  16. WalMart is so devoid of compassion they would sell euthanasia drugs to their own families if it meant making a buck.
    Whether they were terminal or not.

    People who shop WalMart are greedy misers only thinking of themselves and not their fellow man. Maybe they can take their savings with them.

  17. Rob-

    WTF is wrong with you?

    Granny is not going to stop someone at the door with pepper stray and a bat, that is unless its to laugh at her, before they slice her throat and make her watch them rape her entire family.

    Sorry to hear your family is vulnerable. My house is safe. Don't tread on me.

  18. I am no fan of big business, but can't you people think beyond what you hear on NPR? For those that are willing to shop at Target and not Walmart, you might be surprised to know that employee compensation is essentially the same. Clearly, Walmart is bad for competing local businesses and good for the consumer (and taxpayers in the city). For those who say that they are not willing to shop at Walmart, have you ever shopped online? If so, my assumption is that you would rather have that Walmart greeter replaced by technology and on the unemployment rolls. How many employees per $ of sales do you think that Amazon has? Also, did you remit the sales tax due on your purchase to the State of California? Bottom line is that you can't stop globalism or consumer choice. I will still shop at Seaside Market and pay their ridiculous prices because I think that they have a superior product offering than Target or Walmart. It's all about consumer choice, folks.

  19. I believe in the right to bear arms but Geez Anon, you have some sick and twisted thoughts. Are you saying anyone should be allowed to buy 30 round clips at Walmart too? I think gun laws should be looked at in the way people are allowed to buy and sell certain types of weapons. I do have a small caliber weapon, It has been locked up and I have never felt the need to unlock the box. My dogs to a fine job protecting my property. Walmart is bad for America!

  20. Loser- Your right. I have thoughts about reality that sound sick. All you need to do is read the headlines to have similiar thoughts. Jeffery dommer, holocost implementers and human and animal "experients" done thoughtout human history. The endless supply of human murder and rape. All Pulp fiction copy cats out there....

    The reality is really bad people exist and prey on innocent victims. Sure most humans are kind caring folks but don't forget about the rotten apples. Ask the King Family how they feel about evil people and if they would have wanted to protect their daughter. There is an endless list of similar events.

    If a rotten apple ever comes to my house to do my family harm, that will be one less rotten apple for society to worry about.

    Guns are good for America. If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns- just like Mexico. Walmart is bad for America.

  21. I thought the City of Encinitas was looking to Laguna for inspiration, not Compton or Watts.
    What are they thinking?

    Read this link.
    This can not happen to us.

  22. Here it is,

    copy & paste it.

  23. I shop at Seaside Market for produce, meats and deli because its worth it. But I also buy from Ralphs and the rest because these companies pay their employees a good wage with medical benefits and retirement. WalMart's top wages are the same as MacDonalds but with no medical.
    These are all rumors about WalMart moving to the old Expo site, has anyone substantiated them being interested? I thought Expo was only allowed as they would not bring the traffic other businesses do.
    WalMart employees without direct deposit now get gift cards that their pay is deposited automatically onto each payday. One free ATM transaction per pay period, the rest $2 or more. Lose the card, guess what, WalMart keeps the money. Sounds like script at the company mine to me.

  24. We have a copy of correspondence from City Planner Tom Curriden that states that Walmart has not submitted permit applications but has submitted a parking plan to the City of Encinitas for review. You can email him at

  25. Do sick things happen. You decide.

    Authorities: Body found in freezer at Maywood home

    Authorities: Body found in freezer at Maywood home

    Associated Press | Posted: Saturday, February 5, 2011 3:33 am

    A suburban Los Angeles man is in custody after authorities say he told police he killed his mother and then led them to her remains.

    Investigators say the man walked into a Huntington Park police station Friday and told authorities he murdered his mother and put her body in a freezer at their Maywood apartment. They say he then led them to the body.

    City News Service reports the 20-year-old man was arrested. His name was not released.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Detective Kathy Gallagher with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Homicide Bureau says investigators have not confirmed that the body is the man's mother, but they've been led to believe so.

    She says the investigation is ongoing.

  26. "I hate them as a store and will never shop there. However, I respect them as a company."


    That is one of the dumbest statements i have ever heard (sorry but it is)

    i know a lot about walmart (and i don't listen to NPR)
    nothing good can come from putting a walmart in encinitas
    there are 4 walmarts on the 15 corridor between escondido and oceanside. if you really need to save $0.35 i suggest going to one of those.

    support local businesses before we are all shopping at Dollar Tree (what will be left after walmart moves in)

  27. drwdwrd - I didn't think that concept was that difficult, but I would be happy to explain. I have shopped at WalMart and I hated the experience. The aisles were too narrow, the shelves were crammed and there seemed to be an inordinately large number of large, stupid and rude people shopping there. I would rather pay the 10 cents extra per item and shop at Target.

    That said, my business is supply chain management and WalMart is better than anyone else in the world at that. Every time they make an improvement everyone says "wow, I wish we could do that." Much of the savings they are able to pass on to their customers are created through those efficiencies. So I greatly respect their business.

    My comment stands. I hope that cleared it up a bit.

  28. For every 7 dollar a hour job WalMart creates (usually a career job that the employee has to use public assistance, food stamps, MediCal, housing) there are a corresponding 6 local jobs eliminated. Those jobs lost are by your friends and relatives who buy houses, cars and goods in your town. WalMart is bad everywhere they go.

  29. Area Man - CA Minimum wage is $8/ hour, so WalMart isn't creating any $7/hour jobs here.

    WalMart is very efficient, but even they can not replace 6 people with only 1. If they could, every company in the world would be trying to emulate them.

    I am sure that plenty of the bad things said about WalMart are true, but some don't even pass the common sense test.


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