Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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KPBS.org Encinitas Evolves Without A Redevelopment Agency

"Cities around San Diego County face losing their dream projects if the Governor eliminates redevelopment agencies to help balance the state budget. But the city of Encinitas is one city in the region that has never had a redevelopment agency."

*the Leucadia Blog was founded in 2005 to defeat the proposed Redevelopment Agency and protect your private property from the government using eminent domain and selling your seized property to developers.

And it worked!


  1. Does Jerry Brown get it or is he just out of money?

  2. Jerry Moonbeam Brown, Gavin San Franscisco Newsom, Kamala Sanctuary City Harris, etc.
    Either the election of all these corrupt idiots was rigged or the voters of California are among the most stupid, lazy, greedy, burden the next generation dopes ever.
    But, Redevelopment Agencies are a taxpayer rip off. Get rid of them.

  3. Area Man Right!

    Me love u long time!

  4. Thanks again for saving Leucadia.
    You are a hero.

  5. In reality, having a redevelopment district can strengthen citizens rights to not have property seized by emminent domain. That was the case in Leucadia. In Solana Beach their redevelopment in Solana Beach they had, on the opening page in large bold type: There will be no emminent domain in the project area. This gave the subject area more protection from emminent domain than the rest of the city. This was addressed in the redevelopment plans in Leucadia,too.

  6. Chris,

    That statement has no influence on any other entity other than the RDA. It does not increase protection.

    Do you really think that Solana Beach development needed a special government subsidies? Really? I don't recall seeing land selling for cheap in Sol Beach. I must have missed that opportunity of a lifetime.


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