Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buyer's Delight: 1920 Paxton

Special location west of I-5 in Olde Leucadia, end of cul-de-sac in Nantucket neighborhood. Large, semi custom 2 story home with numerous upgrades, meticulous in details and adaptable to many lifestyles. 5 bedrooms with bathrooms en suite. True gourmet kitchen with stainless KitchenAid appliances and granite island open to Family room and breakfast nook. Artfully designed courtyard with water feature, fire pit, solar heated pool, built in BBQ and dining bar. Click to View Virtual Tour

Current Sticker Price $1.7 Million.

As of yesterday, the selling agent has no idea if anyone ever did the second set of surface soils tests that the city's own consultant recommended

The first buyers must have asked for the testing. They must have. You would think that before buying a home for over $2 million dollars they would make sure the soils were clean. The buyers might not have known of the soil problems, but all the local RE agents who do their homework should have known. It would not have been difficult to identify the problem and a remedy to the concern before closing the deal. The only time you don't collect the data is when you don't want to know the answer.

The tough problem now is, what to do if the soils are still contaminated. You can't do what the city is making developers do,  now that the public knows they can't trust the city to do the right thing.

Here is the Zillow history for 1920 Paxton.


  1. Wow... it doesn't even look like a short sale or REO.

    Somebody is eager to eat a half-million=dollar loss just to get away from that place.

    Makes you wonder.

  2. Judging from the hedious "decor", I would say significant amounts of some chemical cocktail not only affected the taste and judgment of the interior designer, but that this compound acted like PCP on the nervous system of everyone who worked on this home. You could give a monkey a dartboard with colors and swatches of fabric and come up with a better arrangement of furniture and floor coverings than was done here.


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