Sunday, March 20, 2011

Issues Not Important?

Encinitas Citizens Initiative Project

March 21, 2011
San Diego Credit Union Meeting Room
501 North El Camino Real

Presentations start at 5 pm


  1. Of course nobody comments about pension reform when it is relevant.

  2. Yea, where are Annon, Bob and Lee's pension rants?
    I am confident they were no shows last night when they could have contributed.
    If this is not true, please offer your reviews of this meeting.

  3. Thanks for taking the lead Schimitty and Chris on the most important issue facing our City and State. I could not make the make the meeting, I am holding down two jobs to try and pay my taxes so the elite government class can continue with their Million Dollar Pensions. Did you go or where you too busy watching your pension retirement clock?

    Read more about the coming events.


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